Card of the Day: July 27, 2015

Today’s Card is XVI – Temperance reversed!

xvi temperance reversed

XVI – Temperance reversed

This card represents balance and serenity, and in the reversed position suggests a need to figure out what’s throwing you off and work it out, allowing yourself to get back to the calm and peace of your happy place. When you’re constantly trying to rearrange the elements of your reality to make them match your inner ideals, sometimes what seems like a good arrangement can prove to be draining instead of enforcing. Find the leak, patch it, and notice the way your energy reroutes back on the path towards oneness, motivation, and clear thinking!

Temperance is one of my favourite cards. This card appearing today tells me I’m on the right track with the personal outlook adjustments I’ve been making, with a little ways and a little more tedious work to be done to get there. It’s not easy to open your mind to new ideas, or to find common ground on issues that are close to your heart. Finding balance between family, work, and school requires constant effort, constant planing, and ultimately, constant patience. Staying focused on the task at hand and finding a rhythm that works are so necessary to going with the flow, not to mention keeping the flow going! Harmony is the result of patience combined with purpose. Look for the rainbow after every storm!

On an interesting cosmological note, I associate Temperance with my daughter Iris, primarily because The Mythic Tarot represents Temperance with Iris, Greek goddess of the Rainbow, and because my Iris is a constant reminder that I need to be patient, connected to the family whole, and mindful of inner balance! When I was drawing this card Iris woke up crying, and she’s having a “reversed” day in the potty department too! Talk about Temperance reversed. Iris is also exactly 21 months old today, interesting that I would draw “her” card on a monthiversary! Neato. I love the Tarot for the interesting symbolic connections that can be made between the endless messages to be found in and between not only the cards themselves, but also every part of daily life. SO COOL jkdnfvzkjbdeaber



Card of the Day: July 26, 2015

Today’s card if the 4 of Cups!

4 of cups

4 of Cups

This card represents taking a close look at what you have, especially when you’re feeling bored, disillusioned, even a bit ungrateful. Hidden opportunities are waiting around every corner, and you’ll miss them if you’re too busy taking stock and comparing what you have to what others do! On the other hand, counting your blessings is always a good thing, especially if you’re feeling down. If you’re soaked in boredom, get up and go for a walk! Rain or shine. You never know what could happen!

It’s been so grey and dreary for the past while, and it’s hard not to get cabin fever. Routines are hard to establish and even harder to maintain, and it’s easy to start to resent hem and feel like your life is just a boring blob of the same thing, day after day, all the time. And it is! That’s true, but really thinking about what you’re doing and trying to find the joy in it is the key to living happily, and in coming across little surprises that you may not have noticed if you were lost in a dark cloud of grumpy thoughts. This morning I thought about rolling over and going back to sleep, unable to believe that another grey, drizzly day loomed ahead. Then I hear a clear little “mew” and looked out the window to see my big yellow cat, Ra, gazing up and asking to be let in. Instantly I was reminded of everything good in my life, and I made a conscious decision to be my own sunshine today! And this afternoon, the sun came out for real!


Ra, the Wild Boy



Card of the Day: July 25, 2015

Today’s card is the 2 of Swords!

2 of swords

2 of Swords

This card represents contemplating actions, meditation, and cutting out negativity. Sometimes you need to stop and think about what’s going on in your life and figure out how to deal with the parts that bother you. Acting blindly can cause more pain than it’s worth! Try taking a few seconds before reacting, listening for where the reaction is coming from, so you can respond to the situation with your mind checking your emotions. Taking care of yourself sometimes means stepping aside to really think about the direction you’re headed in, to a place where your frustration can’t boil over and scald the people you love. A bit of “me” time can be just what you need to get back on track!

This is my first card repeat! This card is sending me a strong message today: cut out behaviours that hold me back, and think hard to figure out how to do it so they’re done with forever. The last time I drew this card I didn’t write a full blog post for it, and blamed that on not being able to upload the picture. Let’s be honest! I was grumpy and didn’t feel like doing it, and ended up leaving the whole Tantramar Tarotscopes blog project alone for over a week. I have a horrible tendency not to finish what I’ve started, and also to let my darker moods totally overshadow everything in my life. Hello again, 2 of Swords. I hear you! Time for some self-reflection and some overhauling of the ol’ outlook!



Card of the Day: July 24, 2015

Today’s Card is the 6 of Cups reversed!

6 of cups reversed

6 of Cups reversed

This card represents nostalgia and celebrating memories of the past, and in the reversed position having a hard time facing reality, being naive, and feeling stuck in the past. The present can be so overwhelming that we forget to step back and appreciate everything that we have. Letting memories or mindsets from the past cloud the beauty of the present is no way to live! Hold happy memories close, and let them guide your present towards more joys and celebrations.

After a long break from the blog (longer than I planned, talk about trying to hold onto the past!), I’m back with a new approach to the picture! The night before I left for camping I was trying to upload the picture of the card and the memory card just wouldn’t read! Aughhh! So I decided to leave it alone before I lost my mind, go enjoy my little trip (Card theme: 3 of Cups! Enjoy the present!), and I’d pick up when I got back. The result: a new photo layout! I’ve had a printer all this time but technology kind of freaks me out, so I hadn’t thought to use it. However, I was fixed on using the leather book I’d been using in the photos before, and started to get frustrated and discouraged again. Then I decided to try something new, and I’m happy with the result! Moral of the story: try something new, you’ll like it!



Card of the Day: July 14, 2015

Today’s Card is the 10 of Swords reversed!

10 of swords reversed

10 of Swords reversed

This card represents endings, and in the reversed position signifies that the fight is over, and need for rest and recovery to heal and move on. Some of the decisions we make in life are more impactful than others, and sometimes the repercussions can be painful. What’s done is done, and the only thing left in your control now is how to proceed. The situation is over, but your life is not. Acknowledge what’s happened, make peace with it, and keep going!

I’ve had several wires crossed in my life this week, and have been able to single out a few things that need to be left behind. Above all this card is telling me to act on my need for more personal scheduling, as I’ve missed an appointment and had a double-booking that I gave more stressful energy and rumination than was necessary. I also tend to clam up when confronted, but am slowly learning to open my mouth and speak my mind constructively instead of defensively. As a result, I feel like I’m able to be more true to myself, and everything else is falling into place as a result, slowly but surely!

Certain tarot cards have more ominous imagery than others, the 10 of Swords’ disturbing tableau of a warrior preparing to stab an already-dead foe a prime example. When I draw cards like this I get a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach, but it’s a reminder to look even more deeply to find the positive spin on the message. A gentler interpretation is that it’s time to let go of practices that no longer serve a purpose, and not to invest energy unnecessarily. There’s nothing more to be done!



Card of the Day: July 13, 2015

Today’s Card is The Wheel of Fortune!

the wheel of fortune

X-The Wheel of Fortune

This card represents change, the passage of time, facing reality, and luck. Everything changes, and the key to accepting that is finding as much pure joy in the present that it becomes yours to keep as a memory. Nothing lasts forever! Instead of longing for the past, savour every happiness and know that new joys will come in time. Facing reality allows recognition of the good fortune and luck that cross your path constantly. If you’re looking backwards you might miss them! You can’t stop time, and your fortune lies in enjoying the ride.

This card really resonated with me today, as that midsummer contented feeling washed over me. Wildflowers are blooming everywhere, the grass and trees are lush and green, and the air hums with life, heat, and activity. We have sweet little strawberries growing wild in our garden, and as I was picking some today the deeper personal meaning of this card struck me: instead of stressing about picking the strawberries or beating myself up for taking a break from my studies, I should sit down, eat as many berries as I can hold, and feel good for a few minutes before heading back to a crummy, boring task. Even that crummy, boring task meant being able to feel good about finishing something once I pulled up my pants and did it, mindful of confronting the voice that complained about it the whole time. Counting your blessings can be done any time, but time lost to regret can’t be gotten back. Stop and smell the roses!



Card of the Day: July 12, 2015

Today’s Card is The World reversed!

the world reversed

XXI-The World reversed

This card symbolizes the end of old cycles and the beginning of new ones, wholeness, and a stepping forward into the future. In the reversed position, it represents feeling a lack of closure or completion. Something from the past is holding you back, and figuring out what it is will realign the elements and allow you to get back on track. The World is yours, it only feels like it’s upside down!

Not being able to interpret yesterday’s card was nagging at me, so this card rings very true! This is my favourite Major Arcana card, so pulling it reversed when I was feeling a lack of closure and mental cohesion is very interesting to me. It’s as if the card is telling me that once I figure out what’s turned The World on its head, I’ll be back on the path to balance and wholeness. Nice!

I had a great, very insightful reading this afternoon. I love reading for new people because it reminds me how deeply the symbols and messages in each card can resonate with anyone. The World, and every other card on some level, remind you to think about keeping a balanced perspective in all areas, and each presents a different area to focus on. The World is a loud reminder that all parts of life need equal attention, and finding that balance allows the cosmic doors to open up to unimaginable possibilities!



Card of the Day: July 11, 2015

Today’s Card is the Page of Cups!

page of cups

Page of Cups

This card represents creative energy and the arrival of an unexpected message. Your emotional responses are strong now, and the way the message appears may be confusing at first, but will prove to be the piece that completes the puzzle. Now is the time to listen to your intuition and expect the unexpected! Tap into your sense of youthful silliness for new opportunities to learn, experience, and create.

I’ve been trying to make a connection between my own day and this card, but it won’t click–maybe the message has been delivered and it just hasn’t been made clear!

Happy Saturday <3<3


Card of the Day: July 10, 2015

Today’s Card is The Empress reversed!

the empress reversed

III-The Empress reversed

This card represents nurturing and creativity, and in the reversed position can indicate dependence on others and creative block. Caring and creativity are beautiful and rewarding, but when too much is taken on all that love can feel heavy. Part of caring is sharing, and depending on others for help can have hidden benefits. Giving yourself the space to recharge your creative and loving energy will have the fountains of bounty flowing again in no time!

Today, I needed a reminder to breathe a few times before reacting. Parenting can feel like an endless, fruitless task when you allow yourself to forget the fun parts. I was at a loss for fun and creative parenting after finding a human turd on the desk chair and experimental waterplay being done with the litterbox, the pantry door discreetly closed to hide the activity. A voice in my head told me to tap Daddy in before I snapped. I took a Mama Time-Out, basking in the knowledge than I can rely on my partner when I need to gain headspace in times of frustration as a parent, and this was the key to unlocking the creative block I’d been feeling all day. A few tears helped clean it all out too!

Toddlers are challenging, and life can be as well. To remember your priorities and regain your balance, sometimes it can help to wash your face, sit down, and breathe. You are somebody’s source of beauty and love!



Card of the Day: July 9, 2015

Today’s Card is The Hanged Man!

the hanged man

XII-The Hanged Man

This card represents voluntary suspension of the self in order to gain new perspective. Each of us can be so set in our ways that it is hard to find common ground. There comes a time when it’s worthwhile to get off the ground completely for a while, to try something different. New answers are provided when you examine a problem or situation from a different angle. It’s time to let go of attitudes and perspectives that are holding you back. A little playful rearranging of the mind is a good thing!

I am generally super easygoing, but there are some hard control-freak tendencies underlying. It’s a conscious task to work through my urges to pick at and rearrange, and sometimes it even seeps out in the form of resentment and passive-aggression. Trying so hard to rewire automatic tendencies is as silly as hanging upside down from a tree! It’s true that opening the mind is necessary to form new perspectives, but maybe a total physical upheaval is the only thing that will truly shake up those responses for the better.

Get out of the house and do something new today!