Card of the Day: July 27, 2015

Today’s Card is XVI – Temperance reversed!

xvi temperance reversed

XVI – Temperance reversed

This card represents balance and serenity, and in the reversed position suggests a need to figure out what’s throwing you off and work it out, allowing yourself to get back to the calm and peace of your happy place. When you’re constantly trying to rearrange the elements of your reality to make them match your inner ideals, sometimes what seems like a good arrangement can prove to be draining instead of enforcing. Find the leak, patch it, and notice the way your energy reroutes back on the path towards oneness, motivation, and clear thinking!

Temperance is one of my favourite cards. This card appearing today tells me I’m on the right track with the personal outlook adjustments I’ve been making, with a little ways and a little more tedious work to be done to get there. It’s not easy to open your mind to new ideas, or to find common ground on issues that are close to your heart. Finding balance between family, work, and school requires constant effort, constant planing, and ultimately, constant patience. Staying focused on the task at hand and finding a rhythm that works are so necessary to going with the flow, not to mention keeping the flow going! Harmony is the result of patience combined with purpose. Look for the rainbow after every storm!

On an interesting cosmological note, I associate Temperance with my daughter Iris, primarily because The Mythic Tarot represents Temperance with Iris, Greek goddess of the Rainbow, and because my Iris is a constant reminder that I need to be patient, connected to the family whole, and mindful of inner balance! When I was drawing this card Iris woke up crying, and she’s having a “reversed” day in the potty department too! Talk about Temperance reversed. Iris is also exactly 21 months old today, interesting that I would draw “her” card on a monthiversary! Neato. I love the Tarot for the interesting symbolic connections that can be made between the endless messages to be found in and between not only the cards themselves, but also every part of daily life. SO COOL jkdnfvzkjbdeaber



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