Mercury Retrograde re-enters Leo: August 31, 2017

On August 31, Mercury Retrograde makes its way back into Leo! This will represent a big opportunity for a “do-over” where it comes to something you feel like you should have done, wish you’d done, a few weeks ago — retrogrades are all about time-warped thinking, and sometimes opportunities to “go back” and readdress something you didn’t think you’d have the chance to. Mercury’s slow crawl back into Leo will allow you to make an important change, something that gets the “sun shining” back on every corner of your new endeavour. This will allow a puff of bright new energy and sunny self-confidence — the tarot cards for Mercury and Leo are I – The Magician and VIII – Strength, offering empowerment to our ideas and knowing that our “team” is there to support us as we start to make things work. There are just a few details left to sort out before this is brought into reality, put everything “necessary” to completion is in place — it’s time to get ready to stand up and really put things in motion, after gathering your energy and resting a bit to build up your literal “strength” to get the work done.

 I The MagicianVIII Strength

The following reading is drawn from Crystal Reading Cards, Connected and Free: The Alchemist’s Oracle, and the Revelations Tarot, and focuses on how to make the best use of this “chance for a re-do” energy surrounding Mercury Retrograde re-entering Leo! This is an example of what’s included with the $45 Planetary Transit Readings tier on my Patreon page, the tarotscope subscription option which includes a “one-card”* reading like the following every time a planet changes signs (~4/month), a 3-card reading for the New and Full Moons (2x/month), a 5-card reading when the Sun changes signs (once a month) and a one-card monthly kick-off reading! For this reading, I laid out a crystal grid with rose quartz for compassion for your self and others as you get ready to start this intense leg of your journey (the first card I saw from Crystal Reading Cards when shuffling was Rose Quartz | Inner Child <3<3), sodalite for powerful and clear self-expression, three large carnelian for boundless creativity, black tourmaline for protection from past issues, snow quartz for clear thinking and protection from mental obstacles, smoky quartz for energetic clearing, two yellow jasper for protection of personal power and energy, and clear quartz for continued higher self connection and further mental clarity.

*this is actually a two-card reading because Retrogrades need “extra help,” haha!


For this reading, I acted on an urge I’ve had for a while now and included the pictures of the Shadow cards/ Higher Self cards — it’s always so amazing to see the way the imagery and colours across decks “work together!”


Squeeeal!!! These Shadow cards’ “communication” stunned me. Look at the similarities in colours between Pyromorphite | Patience and the 2 of Pentacles — all those light greens and yellows! And then Loudspeaker‘s sacred geometry within a circle echoes the pentacles in the 2 of Pents and the sort of “multiplying” effect of the crystal in Pyromorphite… I can’t get over it! And the Higher Self cards — Clear Quartz | Purification and Receiving Frequency are very similar messages — that’s pretty much what clear quartz is used (“receiving frequency” from your Higher Self), and then the red of the Buddha robes completely echo all the reds and oranges in the Knight of Pentacles card! And the lotus and the KNight’s pentacle echo all the disk-y-ness in the Shadow cards! And the Clear Quartz pillar echoes the two stacked pentacles! And the lines emanating from the Buddha and the sort of brickwork pattern in the back of the 2 of Pents… okay.. I need to calm down.

But these are very clear messages as well — This reading is very much about trusting that you have found the balance you need to “grow” on. Your message is being heard, received, and worked with in your favour! This is the “waiting period” before all the real action happens, before you find yourself in the middle of it, with all hands on deck and far beyond the biggest luxury you have right now: time. You still have time to think and plan, and now is the time to maximize on that! Take as much time as you can to tweak your actual “plan,” to meditate, to relax, to take care of yourself and prepare yourself to work, work, work and flap your wings when it’s time to take that “leap of faith” out of the nest that is your comfort-zone. Savour these last moments of cocoon-time and cleanse your soul — your perspective is what’s needed in the world, and you are almost ready to share it.

Oracle Cards: Brazilianite | Flexibility + Transition

Yes, you are moving towards the point where you open up like a butterfly and share the wonderful thing you’ve been developing! But right now, really really, it’s just time to roll with it all in the meantime, keeping your little heart safe, resting up and opening your mind to the many challenges that will come with meeting your plan with reality. Never fear, because as you know even deeper in that heart, this vision is protected — you have taken down so many old “structures,” rebuilding in such a way that this is something new and good, that will inspire a new way of thinking for other people too. You know you’re ready for this, so allow the last bit of your metamorphosis to take place — hold tight! — and trust your plan to carry through the “behind-the-scenes” action taking place now.

Tarot Cards

Card 1: What theme will be revisited when Mercury Retrograde re-enters Leo? Knight of Swords

You may be nagged by the feeling that part of what’s being put in action wasn’t “thought through” well enough — put your finger on it and correct it now!! You feeling that way is your intuition speaking, and it is able to be “heard” louder and clearer during retrogrades. No need to let loose ends dangle — snip them up, sew them up, and don’t let them prickle at you any more. You are preparing to fly, make sure all the screws are tightened!

Card 2: Advice/Focus for Mercury Retrograde re-entering Leo? XVIII – The Moon

No doubt, it’s hard to see what’s “ahead” at this point — you are entering this new landscape somewhat blind, guided by a different way of thinking about things, necessitating learning to think on your feet and navigate totally unfamiliar surroundings. Take a page from the Flying Fish and flow with it all — if the waves throw you out of the water, flap your wings, and when you plunge back in, swim with all your might! Remember, you are protected on this journey, and you have “help” surrounding you on every plane! Your support network of people is tight, your spiritual team is cheering, and even you have been feeling darn okay with yourself in spite of the minute challenges stubbing your every metaphorical toe as you wade through this retrograde season and wait, wait, wait for your dawning excitement!

Yes, right now you’re being provided with time to act on any corrections you want to make to your plan. Remain balanced knowing that things are “cycling” exactly as they should — a reoccurring card when I was shuffling was Moonstone | Cycles, then The Moon is the main card! The Moon has been stalking me lately, both in tarot decks, out the window, in images I see… people, we are growing and getting ready to “catch the light!” Your vision is getting “full” in such a way that you’re ready to let it shine. Just a few more sleeps!

Connected and Free: The Alchemist’s Oracle. Lauren Aletta. Illustrated by Tegan Swyny. First Edition. Inner Hue, 2014. (link is for 2nd Edition)

Crystal Reading Cards. Rachelle Charman. Sterling Ethos, 2016.

Revelations Tarot. Zach Wong. Llewellyn Publications, 2005.

Tarot Mucha. LWB: Lunaea Weatherstone. Artwork: Giulia F. Massaglia. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2014. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

Doreen Virtue

Recently, right around the Solar Eclipse in Leo, Doreen Virtue published a video on YouTube elucidating her recent decision to denounce mediumship and divination, and more specifically tarot cards, and even more *quite* specifically, her own previous depictions of Jesus as an Ascended Master as opposed to the actual Son of God. It took me a while to get around to watching the video, because I have become very fond of Doreen Virtue and wasn’t sure what I personally would “hear” — I know myself as a rather mutable Pisces Sun/Gemini Moon, and was quite interested to hear what Doreen would have to say to explain all this.

When I first returned to tarot reading, I’d see Doreen Virtue decks around on Instagram, and I wasn’t really “into” her style of gentler messages, at first glance I didn’t like the art, and I didn’t like all the “words” all over her cards — I like reading intuitively based on card images and figured all that extra noise would dilute the intuitive process. Then I was drawn to get the Ascended Masters Oracle (it has very few extra words, haha) to use with the Cosmic Tarot, and I LOVED it! I was still still skeptical of the Angel Tarot Card and Fairy Tarot Cards, but then I received both as a gift from my mother-in-law for Christmas, and let me tell you, looking through those decks for the first time was magical. The art is gorgeous and I fully “don’t disagree” with the wordy prompts on the cards, and find different parts of the sentence will “light up” for me to steer me in the right reading direction. I find these decks so powerful that I’ll often combine them into a “superdeck,” or I’ll use them as oracle cards with other tarot cards so they can speak more clearly. It does get muddlesome doing big readings with all those keywords on the cards! But I digress. I later bought the Goddess Guidance Oracel to go with my Mythic Tarot, and no surprise, I adore that one too.

So, long story short, Doreen Virtue’s decks are awesome, surprisingly well-thought-out for their fluffy reputation, and I love them and recommend them. Now, this Doreen Virtue news was a toughie for me before checking out her video because I feel quite “connected” to the woman — I like watching YouTube videos with my babies, and Ori and I watch Gregory Scott every morning and Iris and I watch Doreen Virtue every week. Iris thinks Doreen is just the best, and puts on long dresses to arrange herself to play with her mini tarot cards “just like Doreen Virtue!” I myself appreciate her thoughtful and bubbly presentation, although I’d noticed in her videos that she seemed to be going through a tough time lately — having watched the video explaining her new direction, I fully appreciate her position, support her in her decision, and hope that we can all be similarly supported should we decide to make changes in our own personal spiritual viewpoints. Doreen Virtue is legitimately trying to live her faith from a point that feels more authentic to *her,” and is taking what she feels is the appropriate action to feel good about herself and the message she is delivering. You go girl!

All that being said, I am still going to use my decks, including the Ascended Masters and both tarot decks! You may have noticed that I even used them in my two most recent posts, on Jupiter sextile Saturn and Venus in Leo. These lovely decks have so much personality and have such clear, chatty personalities! I was inspired by Instagram’s @intothemoonhouse to ask my decks how they feel about their “creator”‘s decision — what a fun exercise! Surprisingly, the Ascended Masters Oracle is pretty unbothered since that one’s the one she has the biggest problem with now, going so far as to ask them to be pulled from stores and to no longer be printed. Ascended Masters gave a big shrug  and offered up Vishnu | Trust. Just stick with what *you* believe and stay on the track that calls you! The Goddess Guidance Oracle was equally unbothered, offering Kuan Yin | Compassion, suggesting allowing others to make their own choices, staying centred in your own, and keeping an open heart all the while. The tarot decks were a different story — Doreen Virtue is going to “phase out” her name on them so they’re only by Radleigh Valentine, and all her royalties will now go to Hay House’s charity. Well, these decks are devastated! Angel Tarot cards are fully heartbroken and feel destroyed (I kept seeing the 3 of Swords and XVI – The Tower while shuffling), but they very much still want to be used and still have lots to say. They offered XVII – The Star, asking me to “maintain hope” for them and absolutely still use them when I need  a bit of gentle “light in the darkness.” Fairy Tarot Cards are more anxious, feeling “in the dark,” and in spiritual crisis (I kept seeing the 9 of Swords, XVIII – The Moon, the 5 of Pentacles while shuffling) — while Angel Tarot Cards are still a bit linked to their “mother’s” spirituality, the Fairies are kind of in total limbo! Anyway, this deck offered up the 4 of Wands, suggesting that it, too, still wants to play and be celebrated, it loves our relationship and wants it to keep blossoming and “falling in love” with me. Absolutely, baby cards! This was such a cool exercise because it renewed my love for these decks (it never left, but it was lovely to visit with them so closely together) and it was such a joy to look at all the art and to receive such clear communication from them. I was trying to think of a metaphor for this situation, and I think a good one is that if I had a pair of shoes I loved and then the designed made a public announcement that they didn’t think that was a good expression of their designer-vision and would no longer be making those shoes, I’d still wear them! It’s my style and that particular pair has become “my” shoes and I love them!


TL;DR: Doreen Virtue has renounced tarot/mediumship/divination as well as some of her oracle decks. She’s awesome and is progressing on her own spiritual journey, and on mine, I’ll continue to use her lovely decks!

Angel Tarot Cards. Doreen Virtue and Radeigh Valentine. Artwork by Steve A. Roberts. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2012.

Ascended Masters Oracle Cards. Doreen Virtue. Various artists. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2007.

Fairy Tarot Cards. Doreen Virtue and Radeigh Valentine. Artwork by Howard David Johnson. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2015.

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Doreen Virtue. Various artists. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2004.

Jupiter sextile Saturn: August 27, 2017

On August 27, Jupiter in Pisces forms a sextile aspect with Saturn in Sagittarius! Both planets will be at 21’11, suggesting that you will find balance through separating the tasks at hand to be tackled independently of each other, thus helping you move forward in your career goals with greater confidence in your personal abilities to “achieve your dreams!” Wow! A sextile is formed when two planets are 60 degrees apart, and creates a harmonious energy, one of “coming together,” of an opportunity being presented. The tarot cards for Jupiter and Saturn are X – The Wheel of Fortune and XXI – The World, suggesting one season coming to an end and you stepping forth into a new cycle, finding a new balance, and with a refreshed perspective on just how “time” works — not to mention how to more effectively use it in your favour. Yes, what you started at the beginning of the summer has come full circle, and you are ready to claim your reward! At this point it may be more “spiritual” than material, but it’s built on a strong enough foundation that in Time (!) you will be roaring your success, wiser and clearer on how to present your thoughts to be well-received, and to earn the recognition you deserve. But at this point, that is not what it’s about for you: you’re loving watching just how far You can take this, allowing yourself to blossom, putting yourself “out there” with nothing to hide — it feels great! More opportunities to act on this are here and ready to be found!

X The Wheel of FortuneXXI The World

The following reading is drawn from the Art of Life Tarot, Astrological Oracle Cards, and the Impressionist Tarot, and looks at how to make the best use of the energies surrounding Jupiter sextile Saturn. This one-card reading is an example of what’s included with the $65 Angular Aspect Effect Readings tier, one of the monthly tarotscope subscription packages available on my Patreon page. This includes one-card readings like the one below when two planets form an aspect to each other, 3-card readings when planets go retrograde or direct, one-card readings when planets change signs, 3-card readings at the New and Full Moons, a 5-card reading when the Sun sign changes, and a one-card monthly kick-off reading! For this reading, I laid out citrine for increased abundance, aventurine for heart-centredness, carnelian for creativity, amethyst for connection with your intuition, snowflake obsidian for protection of your new patterns, blue lace agate for clear self-expression, and tree/dendritic agate for positive growth of your new personal structures.


Jupiter sextile Saturn finds you really willing to do the necessary work to release yourself from the past issues still causing you pain — you are finally ready to let go, and you are ready to use the inspiration you received at the bottom of that past “pit of despair” to your advantage, to create beauty out of ugliness. You have learned to see positives for what they’re worth, able to stand tall and manage your responsibilities even during the off-times when it feels like your “team” has deserted you — you have found your personal balance and are ready to step forth to create more from the depths of your passionate heart.

Page of Cups | “There is no instinct like that of the heart.” -Lord (George Gordon) Byron + Jupiter + 7 of Cups

Well, hello there Jupiter, front and centre! The “opportunity” to be had in Jupiter sextile Saturn clearly leans further into Jupiter/Pisces territory — you’ve been acting on pure intuition, and truly, it is guiding you to your Fortune. Keep thinking wisely, because you also know that there is a lot more “thinking” to do before your process reaches completion — no fortunes can come to the idle! You are still receiving messages galore, so take the time to “hear” them and keep resting up so you don’t give in to the swelling sense of overwhelm that comes with excitement — your ship is coming in and you’re at the point where you can see it offshore, you can almost taste the object of your fantasies and daydreams! Calm yourself knowing it’s happening, and for now let yourself rest, relax, and mentally prepare for the influx of passion-work approaching your door.

You have decisions to make, and you have the information you need: it’s about deciding who you’re going to “be” in your next chapter, choosing how to make it clear that your vision is all-encompassing, is new and necessary, will nurture a need and will represent a bit of warmth in the world. Know that there shouldn’t be any “major” hiccups at this particular juncture — any additional “pain” you experience at this point is nothing new, and you know how to deal with it. It’s what you’ve been reflecting on the past few months, and the revelations you’ve had have helped immensely, especially in the self-love department: part of your “opportunity” involves simply trusting in your own value, knowing no one can poke holes in your armour unless you let them. Harsh? Maybe so, but you have earned your warrior-badge for the challenges you’ve overcome, and you can welcome in the good new things that “releasing” those old hurts now allows!

Decks used:

Art of Life Tarot. Charlene Livingstone. Stamford, CT: U. S. Games Systems, Inc., 2012.

Astrological Oracle Cards. LWB: Lunaea Weatherstone. Artwork: Antonella Castelli. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2012. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

Impressionist Tarot. Corrine Kenner. Artwork by Arturo Picca. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2015.

Venus enters Leo: August 26, 2017

On August 26, Venus enters Leo! Venus will stay in Leo’s strong, sunny energy until September 19, when it moves into Virgo. Occurring at approximately 1:30 am ADT, this placement will play out harmoniously, finding structure in the ways that you nurturing your inner strength and come together with others to share and create. The tarot cards for Venus and Leo are III – The Empress and VIII – Strength, indicating finding creative, heart-centred solutions towards overcoming your baser instincts, learning to stand your ground long enough to get the “full picture,” softening where you once were hard, thus letting in the energy required for the big push you’re about to make. What you are doing now is truly a Labour of Love, and is an honest, authentic projection of You.

III The EmpressVIII Strength

The following one-card reading is drawn from the Isis Oracle, the Goddess Guidance Oracle, and Tarot of Mystical Cats. This is an example of what’s included with the $45 Planetary Transit tier, one of the monthly subscription packages available on my Patreon page. The Planetary Transit tier includes personalized one-card readings like the one below whenever a planet changes signs (~4/month), as well as 3-card readings for the New and Full Moons, a 5-card reading when the Sun Sign changes once a month, and a one-card Monthly Kick-Off Reading at the beginning of each month! This reading focuses on how to make the best use of the energy of Venus in Leo. For this reading, I lay out a crystal grid centred around a fossil jasper for clear, grounded thinking and protection of your creative ideas, with clear quartz for higher self connection, tiger’s eye for creativity and inner strength, aventurine for heart-centredness, magnesite for innovative thinking, and leopardskin jasper for a level head as you wait for the moment to “strike” like lightning, bringing what you’ve been working on forward at last!

2017-08-25 15.50.03

Yes, Venus’s time in Leo will involve much time spent alone, finding your personal balance, disconnecting from people in favour of connecting with your Craft, so that you can develop it to personal perfection. You will be listening to your soul and in turn bringing forth the final product, the Fruit of the Labour mentioned above, honing your vision and “purifying” it, in such a way that your love for what you’re doing only grows deeper. This is a time to pull back to take care of yourself, because things are going to pick up again very quickly: take advantage of this brief reprieve before the work you’ve wanted and have wished for comes rushing in!

Ancient Power Mysteries | Hear the Rattle of Isis Playing + Nemetona | Sacred Space + IX – The Hermit

You’re getting ready to put yourself “out there” in a big way, but that time is not just yet — take advantage of this quiet time! I feel like I’ve been writing this for all the recent readings, but now it’s getting a bit louder and more urgent: soak, soak, soak up this last chance to really relax, to pamper yourself, to do whatever you want! Whatever you touch now is blessed, in a way, and so doing what you love in your downtime may even find you coming up with new ideas to add to your plan for the “big reveal” of the light that’s been shining in your heart, that you’ve kept secret to keep it “undiluted,” that it’s almost time to bring out and share. You’ve learned so much about yourself through this process, and you can honour that by getting your personal “sacred space” in order, so that you can recreate this feeling of “getting away from it all” to recharge in the seasons to come, as people are drawn top your light and come to you for the work you do. Don’t let the immanence of “summer’s end” get you down — get up! And once more, enjoy it!

Venus in Leo is a time charged with powerful healing energy, especially where it comes to the way we think about ourselves and the ways we practice self-love. Take advantage of that and spend time alone when you can over the next month or so, being still with yourself and “listening” for whatever comes forward. Your Inner Voice has a lot to say to help you on your way, and you’re open to all the help you can get at this point — not that you need it, but it can only be a bonus! Your “fence” is nearly complete and you feel prepared for the future, having learned from your mistakes long the way and made some necessary changes. You’re thinking in the right direction and taking action accordingly, gathering your energy for that “final push!”

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Doreen Virtue. Various artists. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2004.

Isis Oracle. Alana Fairchild. Illustrated by Jimmy Manton. Victoria, Australia: Blue Angel Publishing, 2013.

Tarot of Mystical Cats. Lunaea Weatherstone. Illustrated by Mickie Mueller. Llewellyn Publications, 2014.

Saturn Direct: August 25, 2017

Early in the morning on August 25, Saturn stationed Direct at 21’11 Sagittarius. The planet of challenge, of order, of “fatherly” influence has been Retrograde since April 6, during which time we all worked on our internal notions of what it means to feel “free,” “independent,” “unfettered,” and we came to several realizations about what needs to be done in order to bring those feelings into our lives. Now that Saturn is Direct, we are ready to start finding that balance, bringing it into our lives on the grand scale, in order to come to a new level of “peace” not only with the people in our lives, but ultimately with ourselves. The tarot cards for Saturn and Sagittarius are XXI – The World and XIV – Temperance, suggesting that we are stepping into new, much calmer territory, where we can trust things to be more readily “in place” than ever before! This next phase requires a leap of faith to be sure, and it will have its share of conflicts, but you have “heard” your core truth in some form or another and now you are following it — nothing can sway you from starting this new chapter. You are ready to put in the Saturnian hard work required of you in order to implement your Sagittarian fiery passion! Get ready to run with it!XXI The WorldXIV Temperance

The following reading, drawn from the Thoth Tarot, Ascended Masters Oracle, and the Cosmic Tarot, looks at how to make the best use of the energies surrounding Saturn going Direct. This is an example of what’s included with the $50 Planetary Retrograde/Direct Readings tier on my Patreon page! For this reading I laid out a crystal grid with clear quartz for higher self connection, yellow calcite for personal power, dumortierite for Saturnian clarity of communication and grounded purpose, two citrine to allow your light to shine really bright, two tree/dendritic agates to help protect and grow what you’re working on now, crazy lace agate to remind you to laugh off heaviness like a Sagittarius, amazonite for heart-balance, tourmalinated quartz for ancestral spiritual guidance, and falcon’s eye for far-sighted perception and further protection on your exciting new journey!

2017-08-25 15.52.57

Now that Saturn is Direct, there is no excuse not to focus on your responsibilities. You can feel the weight of all you’re taking on, but my oh my, it doesn’t feel that heavy! You are so excited that you are taking on this new level of Everything with an unseen strength, seeing it as a chance to make an Impression rather than a new source of Oppression. Coming through the Retrograde cycle, you are dancing forth fresh, set on your journey but free of expectations, ready to work towards ensuring it unfolds with a spring in your step and a trust in the Universe to guide you on your Way — you are following your heart and taking a leap of faith with what’s been set in motion, but you Know you are doing the right thing, and you are fueled by your pure ambition!

Oracle Cards: 9 of Wands |  Strength + Fertility | Pan

You are standing in your power, and you are ready to “light up” your dream! Your creative juices are flowing, if you will, and everyone is dancing to your new “tune.” Saturn’s time Retrograding in Sagittarius was valuable for you, as you were really able to identify and get a hold of the ways you were “spending” your energy, which you now feel much more in control of. You’re getting closer and closer to your goal! This is the point on the path where you need to take care not to get “lazy” — full steam ahead is the only option, there’s really not time to stop and rest! Keep creating your vision, and prepare to be amazed at what you’ve borne by the time the Sun enters Sagittarius in late November!

Tarot Cards

Card 1: What challenges were reflected on during Saturn Retrograde that you can work towards freeing yourself from now that Saturn is Direct? XX – Judgement reversed

You’ve heard your “calling” and now it’s sweeping you along, and where you were once filled with negativity and outward criticism, you now feel a sense of contentment and gratitude, such that you appreciate other people in a whole new way. You are open, you’ve busted through a glass ceiling and there’s no going back now that you’ve seen things in this new way. You’re ready to connect, re-connect, network and Make It Work: where the path ahead once looked like a desert wasteland, now it looks like a road paved with goodness and absolute hope.

Card 2: What new structures will increase your independence of those past obstacles? 9 of Pentacles reversed

Just keep working at it! You’ve seen where your comfort zone was holding you back so you turned it upside down, accepting an influx of tasks and responsibilities that you know you are totally prepared to handle. I heard the lyrics to Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice:” “Got my mind on my money, and my money on my mind!” You’re making it happen, and you are okay with giving up some of your present “luxuries” in order to continue to make it happen, and then some. You’ve realized that the true reward is getting to do what you love, and you can’t put a price tag on that!

Card 3: What goal will you now begin to chase at full speed? Page of Cups

With all this career activity, you’ve finally found time to focus on emotional You, and your personal relationship with yourself is flourishing. You’re understanding your personal triggers and are examining what gets you feeling raw so that you can keep a lid on it when you need to — your relationships with others are in a fantastic place too, and you’re determined not to rock the boat. Keep listening to your intuition, because all this soul-work has you very much in touch there — ask for the answers you need in the moment, and trust that you will receive them! You’ve made a new start, and you can feel just how much more good is flowing in.

Saturn Direct finds you ready to hit the ground running, your new vision clear in your mind, your relationships in harmony, and the unshakeable drive to create an awesome future. This urge comes from a place of love, as you are striving to pave the way for others too: you are “parting the waters,” finding passages you hadn’t noticed or assumed weren’t there, finding that not much can hold you back now, unless you let it! Your personal power meter is full and ready to sweep you off on a journey of self-discovery through realization of your dreams. If this sounds grandiose, that’s because what’s happening to you — and everyone else right now! — truly is HUGE. Channel your tiger-spirit and trust that with love in your heart, nothing is impossible! Don’t do it because you’re “supposed” to or because someone wants you to — do it because you need to!

Yes yes yes, you’ve heard “the Call:” now follow it with a light, happy heart! This is a time full of new ideas and learning new things, including about yourself and what you are capable of! You’re “bubbling up” to the surface, ready to fill your cup with fire — you are going to take this new thing by storm with your fresh attitude and newly cool head. You’ve worked for this, now you have it, and you’re more than ready to work some more! Keep working your magic, maintain your new balance, and get excited for the next chapter to begin — you really are “almost there.”

Decks used:

Ascended Masters Oracle. Doreen Virtue. Various artists. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2007.

Cosmic Tarot. Norbert Lösche. Neuhausen, Switzerland: AGMueller, 1998.

Thoth Tarot Deck. Aleister Crowley. Illustrated by Lady Frieda Harris. Stamford, CT: US Game Systems, Inc., 1983.

Sun in Virgo: August 22, 2017

On August 22 at 6:20 pm ADT, the Sun moves into Virgo, where it will remain until moving into Libra on September 22. The sign of Virgo is characterized as quite reserved, meticulous and perfectionistic, with a “deeper” side that takes work to get to know but reveals a tender and attractive groundedness. Virgo is very concerned with positive self-presentation, and often chooses to keep their “problems” to themselves to solve alone, lest their weakness be discovered — Virgo is independent and just fine with solitude. Virgos are much more easygoing than their love of rigid structure may let on, and their sound wit is revealed through surprising jokes and well-thought-out fun. Because Virgo thinks things through so thoroughly, they are excellent at coming up with and implementing successful ideas. The tarot cards for the Sun in Virgo are XIX – The Sun and IX – The Hermit, and Virgo is ruled by Mercury (I – The Magician), suggesting that Virgo season is about bringing forth your inner vision, sharing the ideas and using the resources you have been gathering all summer, and “shining the light” that you lit when the Sun was in Leo. This Virgo season will be about moving on the changes you’re making in your work life, bringing your new reality out of the shadows, and getting everything in order to the greatest degree possible!

XIX The SunIX The HermitI The Magician

The following reading from The Wild Wood Tarot, the Druid Animal Oracle, and the Druid Plant Oracle looks at how to make the best use of the energy of the Sun in Virgo. This is an example of what’s included with the $15 Sun Sign Change Reading tier on my Patreon page, which also includes a One-Card Monthly Kick-Off reading on the first of the month! For this reading, I laid out a crystal grid with “Virgo-y” crystals: amegreen for trust in your own process and heart-centred decision-making, labradorite to encourage “going with the flow,” howlite (with a little heart!) for connection with the higher self and the finding of solid solutions, falcon’s eye for protection and clear, far-sighted perception, lapis lazuli for clear communication, vulcanite for implementing new patterns, and Apache Tear for grounding and further protection as you enter new, unfamiliar territory.

2017-08-22 13.44.09

This Virgo season finds you quite keyed up (hello, Mercury Retrograde!), and very much needing to calm down, to trust that things are in better order than you may perceive them to be. It’s possible that you’re majorly butting heads with your partner, but know that allowing them to help in their own way will get things done much faster! It’s time to release your grip on needing to control absolutely everything. You’re feeling held back by your environment, so it’s time to do some “clearing,” and to clean your past wounds, re-envisioning them as motivating factors as opposed to brakes on your forward momentum. You are full of clever ideas and now is the time to start acting on them — just don’t forget to include the other people who very much want to be involved. Remember to share!

Oracle Cards: Swan + Ivy

This is a time of flourishing for you, as you respond to what you’ve been inspired to pursue and really start to see the “magic” happen. You’re ready to present your best self and start to “grow” on people, spreading your beautiful vision but also finding it received and supported harmoniously by the people closest to you. You have experienced a transformation and things are falling into place, as the clouds of confusion dissipate and your personal light shines through. You are also being guided from “beyond the veil,” be it by a spirit guide, ancestral spirit, or other divine force — this comes in the form of dreams, synchronicities, and sudden moments of further inspiration that keep you on your dedicated path! This Virgo season finds you making awesome progress on making it up that hill, climbing that tree, breaking down the final barriers between you and your current goal’s realization.

Tarot Cards

Card 1: Where to focus your energy this Virgo season? Ace of Bows | Spark of Life

Truly, know that you are creating something amazing, and all you need to worry about now is protecting that little flame, keeping it alive, trusting that your idea is good and it is ready to “catch on.” You’ve found your niche and now it’s just about getting started and then getting noticed, which you already know won’t be difficult. You have also built a solid network from previous experience, and now your way is clear. Maintain your inspiration by picturing yourself at the height of your journey, enjoying it as much as you knew you would, leaving no room for doubt that this is your best course of action!

Card 2: How can you best get organized and keep things in order without hinging on perfection? VI – The Forest Lovers

Aww <3<3 “Togetherness” is a happy theme in your life at present, so your challenge is not to judge yourself by your own standards, but rather to try to see yourself through the eyes of the people who love you: the ones who forgive your “shortcomings,” seemingly not noticing them at all, brushing off your insecurities with kind words and fun distractions. In fact, this is a good time to solidify and make time for your personal relationships, as you will soon so busy with new responsibilities that your life won’t know what hit it! But that’s exciting, especially knowing the people you’ve chosen to surround yourself with will be there for the ride.

Card 3: How to embrace and make the best use of your independence and convey your personal authenticity most clearly? I – The Shaman

You’ve learned to maximize your “alone” time, which has resulted in a huge boost to your skill levels — you have made serious improvements and you know exactly what you’re doing. Thus, you are ready to create, to bring your resources together into their end result! Virgo season finds you putting the finishing touches on your work, bringing this last “beginning” phase to a close, ready to ease into the part where you experience and learn from your little creation. Now is a time to focus on your positive end result and familiarize yourself with “speaking it into reality” using ultra-positive language, and watching it really take form.

Card 4: A deep-seated anxiety that can be released now? 2 of Bows | Decision

Somewhere in your life, you made a choice that you can never help but wonder if it was the “right” one: allow yourself to know that it was. The direction you took then is what opened you up to all that you have now — of course it would have been a totally different tale if you’d taken the other path! You are always in control of your journey, and you can be proud of both your mistakes and your achievements, because every one of them served as a stepping stone to the gilded gates that you are now approaching. As fate would have it, the direction you chose turns out to be the correct key!

Card 5: How to ground yourself to maximize enjoyment of the abundant harvest you’re earning now? XIV – Balance

Hello again, Temperance card! A theme over all this past Retrograde activity (5 planets are currently in retrograde) has been staying calm — going with the flow when the current gets choppy, being understanding when life’s dragons snap and blow fire in your face. You’ve been keeping your cool, continuing up your personal ladder, striking the balance you need to seek and create what you want to see in the world! Keep up the good work in rising above the conflict and staying true to your vision. There are more challenges ahead, to be sure, but by keeping a level head you’re already ahead of the game! Roll with whatever comes at you with a smile. You no longer need to prove yourself: laugh with life! And drink more water!

Jumper: 8 of Vessels | Rebirth

Yes, know that Virgo season represents you being “reborn,” starting fresh far away from what used to overwhelm you so much emotionally. That past difficulty showed you where your cup was empty, and you have found new ways to fill it up again, so much so that it’s overflowing and you’ve been finding new cups to catch it all! You are growing and expanding just as you were meant to, and while it took a long time to relax into your progress, it’s now more apparent than ever that you are safe and supported and will continue to be.

Higher Self Cards: Salmon + Poppy + Ace of Arrows | Breath of Life

You are aware of how much “wiser” you feel after all the necessary introspection inspired by the currently crazy cosmos — and others have noticed too, opening up the opportunity for a “redemption” of sorts, that allows you to seal off that door to the nasty past for good. Yes, you know for certain you are thinking in the right direction, and that your aim is true. You are doing an amazing job taking care of everything, and your results will continue to be beautiful by nature on the resilient foundation you have laid! Take a deep breath and exhale a sigh of relief, as you relax into knowing just how very far you’ve come. And this is only the beginning!

Your long, drawn-out “gestational period” is drawing to a close, and you are ready to bear your little bud into the world! Everything is coming together now, truly as if by magic, and your keen instincts and clever ideas will continue to keep things in motion. There are only a few more “responses” needed to confirm how it will all take place, but there is no doubt that it is happening, and darn soon! Stay focused and take care of yourself through this final push: here comes your treasure, your sunny new dawn, and you are so very, very ready for it!

Decks used:

The Druid Animal Oracle. Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Illustrated by Bill Worthington. New York: Fireside/Simon & Schuster, 1994.

The Druid Plant Oracle. Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm. Illustrated by Will Worthington. London: Connections Book Publishing, 2007.

The Wild Wood Tarot. Mark Ryan and John Matthews. Illustrated by Will Worthington. New York: Sterling Ethos/Sterling Publishing, 2011.

New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in Leo: August 21, 2017

On August 21, we have an incredibly powerful New Moon at 28’53 Leo, which also happens to be a Solar Eclipse! The Moon will be passing directly in front of the Sun around 3:30 pm ADT. This is the last eclipse of the recent cycle, closing it out with a big burst of sunny Leo energy to propel you towards achieving your greatest personal heights! Truly, everything that’s been stirred up between the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and now has only been for your benefit, showing you where you can truly improve and laying before you the golden path to What’s Next. The cards for The Moon, The Sun, and Leo are II – The High Priestess, XIX – The Sun, and VIII – Strengthsuggesting that this New Moon will allow you to bring the intuitive messages you’ve been accumulating into the light, and in doing so you will find yourself feeling hopeful and empowered to connect with others to transcend what once held you back. You have come to a new understanding of your situation and are prepared to seek the balance that benefits everyone involved. You are opening your heart and you are ready to share what you’ve been developing in secret! New Moons are about intention-setting, and in the case of the Solar Eclipse, what we start manifesting now will play out and come into its full form in about 6 months’ time. Intend for your vision to shine and be received warmly by everyone it meets!

II The High PriestessXIX The SunVIII Strength

The following reading, drawn from the Thoth Tarot, Connected and Free: The Alchemist’s Oracle, and The Wild Unknown tarot, looks at how to make the best use of this New Moon Solar Eclipse’s energy. This reading is an example of what’s included with the $25 New/Full Moon Readings tier on my Patreon page, which also includes a one-card Monthly Kick-Off reading on the 1st of each month and a 5-card reading when the Sun sign changes. Normally New/Full Moon readings are 3 cards, but I had to throw in an extra card for the Solar Eclipse! If you’re interested in a 4-card reading like this to maximize your use of this New Moon Solar Eclipse energy, you can order one from my Etsy shop 😀 For this reading, I laid out a crystal grid for chakra alignment, with red jasper and black obsidian for the Root/Muladhara, carnelian and my sunstone-y astrological wheel for the Sacral /Svadisthana, citrine for the Solar Plexus/Manipura, aventurine for the Heart/Anahata, blue lace agate for the Throat/Vishuddha, sodalite for the Third Eye/Ajna, and amethyst and moonstone for the Crown/Sahasrara.


This New Moon Solar Eclipse, above all, will represent finding personal balance in its entirety — the kind that finds you glowing because you know exactly what you have and how to best work with it, not against it. It’s a time to rest and recuperate, to let go of past struggles that you carry with you in your heart and mind, even though you know they have no place in the present. It’s time for a truce, mainly between your past and future selves, as you decide to move forward once you’ve recharged a bit after this eclipse season’s many mini-upheavals. Indeed, the Solar Eclipse will have this New Moon feeling very much like a Full one with all the upstarts and excitements — keep in mind that since this is a New Moon, anything uncomfortable can be worked into your intentions for what to release in harnessing this Solar Eclipse Leo energy, and you can trust that 6 months from now it will noticeably be “history!”

Oracle Cards: 4 of Cups | Luxury + Throat Chakra

This New Moon Solar Eclipse will represent an opportunity to realize and face your disappointments once and for all, giving “voice” to them, and as a result watching them become resolved. Speak your dreams and watch them become reality, and let yourself relax into all that you have recently attained — you’ve reached new levels that even a year ago you weren’t sure were possible, but here you are, with your cup running over and the future looking bright. That being said, you can only “see” that bright future if you look forward to it: examine what’s keeping you from quite literally Enjoying your Life, and take this opportunity to look for new ways to express yourself in order to make that happen!

Tarot Cards

Card 1: What Shadow will be cast by this New Moon Solar Eclipse? 9 of Pentacles

This Solar Eclipse will represent realizing where your “comfort zone” is actually holding you back, and about allowing yourself to progress to the next level, in particular by accepting that you deserve it! You have already reached incredible heights, why not rise to your full potential? You have been doing a great job grounding yourself to prepare for future success, which is rolling towards you now — take the opportunity when it arrives even if you feel slightly underqualified. You will not regret it!

Card 2: What challenge will the New Moon Solar Eclipse help you to overcome? XIV – Temperance

All these recent eclipse energies have tensions high, and tempers too — your challenge is to STAY CALM and be the wise one. All this urgency everyone has been pushing is unnecessary, but also forgivable, because you know this eclipse cycle has been about making yourself “stand in the flames,” feeling your discomforts through so that they can truly heal. Let yourself cry if you need to, picturing your tears cleaning off the soot of the past, leaving you fresh and free to fly on once the sky settles and the stardust clears, finding you prepared to make use of what you’ve learned about yourself through all this!

Card 3: What can setting a New Moon intention this powerful Solar Eclipse help you release for good over the next 6 months? 8 of Swords

Intend to identify and release yourself from all the little traps you set to convince yourself you don’t deserve better (and better!!) than what you have now. It’s one thing to be grateful, but it’s another to realize wasted potential, and this New Moon Solar Eclipse finds you preparing to “cut loose,” emerging from your cocoon an amazing butterfly. Intend to be honest with yourself about what works for you and what doesn’t, what you continue to refuse to examine for fear that you’ll lose everything if you admit this one last thing to yourself: you won’t lose anything important. Unfurl: the world is waiting!

Card 4: How will this New Moon Solar Eclipse help you increase your “shine”? XV – The Devil

Truly, MASSIVE change is underway in your career, and also the way you project your personal power — let your realizations in the “Temperance” department be your wings as you cooly soar above your past transgressions and approach the summit of your personal mountain. Your goal is in sight: keep going! If anything, you are now more aware than ever of the kind of person you do not want to be, and so you have an example to work against. Strive to be your best self in all that you do and watch yourself take off — you now know how much control you really have in spite of all the recent fires and flipoffs!

You are nurturing something new into existence, and the energy of this New Moon Solar Eclipse is exactly the boost that will carry you towards territory where you have a better grip on protecting what you have earned, not to mention the people you are earning it for. As everything gets tossed around and shaken up when the Moon brings nighttime darkness to cover the Sun, just keep in mind “doing what’s right” to get you through. Stay calm, knowing that all this intensity will soon be replaced with much more soothing, healing energy, and that persevering with your end-goal in mind will find you with exactly what you hoped to “get” out of your situation and more. Six months from now you’ll look back on this time and find your worries cut in half, replaced by a restful contentment achieved through trusting things to work out in your favour, remaining open to new opportunities, and staying grounded through your every “trial by fire.”

The first steps have been taken towards your new endeavour, and there’s no going back! I squealed when I noticed that there are 3 “4s” again in this reading — 444! You are very much protected by your higher guidance now, and can trust yourself to stay on track towards implementing the structures that you know will serve you better. At present, conflicts are past and being re-integrated; allow yourself to forgive and move on. There is a slight warning to this reading, which is to KEEP WORKING at this, as you’ve reached the comfortable point where you could easily “drop the ball” and backslide, having settled into the flow of your new responsibilities. Know that you are ready for more! In the meantime, self-care, self-care, self-care: take care of yourself and get ready for another influx of “wishes granted” and dreams you’ve made real!

Connected and Free: The Alchemist’s Oracle. Lauren Aletta. Illustrated by Tegan Swyny. First Edition. Inner Hue, 2014. (link is to second edition)

Thoth Tarot Deck. Aleister Crowley. Illustrated by Lady Frieda Harris. Stamford, CT: US Game Systems, Inc., 1983.

The Wild Unknown. Kim Krans. Philadelphia, CA: The Wild Unknown, 2012. (link is to Amazon/2016 edition)

Jupiter BiQuintile Neptune – August 16, 2017

On August 16, Jupiter in Libra forms a biquintile aspect with Neptune in Pisces. This is a very minor aspect, one that is not usually paid much attention to, but it is of interest because it represents a new shot of inspiration towards achieving a goal, a theme we have all very much been working with lately, as Mercury and all the other planets currently in retrograde make everything feel like it’s ground to a complete halt! This biquintile occurs with Jupiter at 19’22 Libra and Neptune at 13’22 Pisces, suggesting that it will set in motion a happy breakthrough allowing a transformative change in the structure of what you’ve been working on. Changing the way you’ve been approaching this and finding a new way to do it (that you love!) will help create a more balanced flow in the process of the beautiful thing you’re creating now. The tarot cards for Jupiter and Neptune are X – The Wheel of Fortune and XII – The Hanged Man. With Neptune in Retrograde, this is actually more a story of The Wheel of Fortune and The Hanged Man Upright — this transit will find you springing forward with an idea, setting The Ball rolling again, effecting the changes you want to see!

X The Wheel of FortuneXII The Hanged Man R

The following reading is an example of what’s included with the $50 Angular Aspect Effect tier on my Patreon page. This reading looks at how to make the best use of the energies surrounding Jupiter biquintile Neptune, with cards drawn from The Mother Mary Oracle, the Art of Life Tarot, and the Feng Shui Tarot. I laid out a crystal grid with citrine for powerful attraction of good fortune, ocean jasper for protection to “go with the flow,” fluorite for connection between the heart and intuitive mind, yellow calcite for trust in your personal power, and amazonite for balance between your personal dualities and understanding of others,’ rounded out with another citrine. The reading couldn’t agree more with the above Wheel/Hanged Man upright energies: happiness is ready to flow in for all that you’re working on, have faith and keep at it!

2017-08-16 11.23.05

Shadow Cards: 17. Our Lady of Truth + 4 of Cups | “When the music changes, so should the dance” -African proverb + 4 of Wands

Yes, at this point in your process, you know exactly what you’re doing and what you’re working towards. This is what keeps you on track, what grounds you as you wade through the mud that’s come up to try and stop you recently — but now you know better than ever that nothing can stop you now! In fact, you’re already able to taste the good things coming of all this — more motivation to learn where gaps need to be filled now, to see where new opportunities are arising, new doorways being opened to support you and your new direction. What you know best of all now is how very much everyone is “embracing” you in this endeavour — lean on this support, bask in it, because you’ve earned it!

7. Our Lady of Answered Prayers + 3 of Cups | “Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” – Sir J.M. Barrie + 9 of Pentacles

Truly, if you take anything from this Jupiter/Neptune transit, it will be a thorough knowledge of the “team” you have behind you — both your higher guidance and the real friends in your life. You have so much wanted this idea to take off, and now it is, with the help of the people who love you, with the help of your own positive intentions, with the help of your faith in things to work out in whatever way is best. And here you are, already having achieved so much, and poised to welcome in even more! You are shining because you’ve allowed yourself to, and as a result, you are sharing your inspiration with others and they are soaring to greater heights as well. Keep up the good work, because this is no time to stop, but do allow yourself to relax a bit in the self-criticism department — zoom in and check out the treasures you’ve brought into your own life, fill yourself up with satisfaction, and push on — your potential is growing and you are keeping up magnificently!

Higher Self Cards: 36. Our Lady with the Moon at Her Feet + King of Wands | “Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” -Samuel Johnson + King of Cups

At this time, what you can know for sure is that you are in control — especially of your emotions and the way you relate to others, and also of your passion and the way it is being directed on the grand scale right now. You’re about to step off into the stars, to take a huge leap, the chance of a lifetime! Right now you must trust that you have set everything up as it should be, that your pot is almost at a boil. If you needed permission to throw yourself in completely, here it is — but you were already ready to go, weren’t you?

Right now, you know that what’s on your agenda is nothing you can’t handle! You made huge strides and are in “completion” mode. Your team is present and also in action, the proper seeds have been planted, and the right questions are being asked to get productive decisions made. You can relax a little, knowing that you’re really doing it — just remember to keep your “head” present, as all of this is very exciting and has your passions and emotions firing on all cylinders. Take the time to think everything through, but trust your plan and your progress, and let your Jupiter biquintile Neptune breakthrough be one of leaning in to all this with renewed self-confidence!

Art of Life Tarot. Charlene Livingstone. Stamford, CT: U. S. Games Systems, Inc., 2012.

Feng Shui Tarot. Eileen Connolly and Peter Paul Connolly. Published by U.S. Game Systems. Scans via, August 27, 2015. Illustrations from Feng Shui Tarot used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. c. 2001 by U.S. Games Systems.  All rights reserved.

Mother Mary Oracle. Alana Fairchild. Artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud. Victoria, Australia: Blue Angel Publishing, 2014.

Mercury Retrograde – August 12, 2017

On August 12, Mercury goes Retrograde at 11’38 Virgo. It stays retrograde for about three weeks, until September 5, and I think we’ve all been feeling the “shadow” period that starts a couple of weeks before the full retrograde — in my area there was a problem where cell phone service was disrupted for almost an entire day! That’s the kind of thing we usually expect from Mercury Retrograde: communication breakdown, technological glitches, seemingly endless little challenges where the only explanation is that a “trickster” is at work. Retrograding in earthy, organized Virgo, one of its power placements, this Retrograde’s obstacles should be seen as springboards: you are being challenged to rethink your plans, to know them like the back of your hand, so that nothing can stop you once things feel “back to normal” and it’s time to go full steam ahead. The tarot cards for Mercury and Virgo are I – The Magician and IX – The Hermit, and in reverse, together these cards suggest trusting yourself to find new approaches when you’re feeling stuck, and banking on your inner strength to see you through this retrograde. You’ve been building it up all summer, and you’ll surely be put to the test, but remember that any setbacks to come are only temporary — momentary — and are helping you know what to do when even bigger challenges arise much further down the line, and ensuring you come out on top when you get there. Mercury Retrograde is less about actual setbacks and more about learning ways to think through them!

I The MagicianIX The Hermit

The following 3-card reading is an example of what’s included in the $45 Planetary Retrograde/Direct Readings tier on my Patreon page. This reading is drawn from Crystal Reading Cards, the Thoth Tarot, and Revelations Tarot — I’ve been loving using my “bigger” tarot decks as oracle decks lately! I laid out a crystal grid centred around a stone astro-chart wheel, with sunstone for brilliant expression of your ideas, angelite for protection and connection with your higher guidance, aventurine for heart-centredness, magnesite for clear thinking, amazonite for understanding of both sides of situations, and labradorite to remind you to go with the flow and expect good surprises.

2017-08-11 19.19.10

Shadow Cards: Nuumite | Healer + XXI – The Universe + XIX – The Sun

No matter what comes your way this Mercury Retrograde, you can rest assured that everything is coming together! The Universe has stepped in to heal and protect what you’re working towards, and all you need to do is trust that and keep the positive outcome you envision at the forefront of your mind. Your structures are in place and they will sustain you — keep pushing forward, knowing you’ve come too far for any real setbacks anyway!

Oracle Cards: Chrysotile | Animals + 3 of Wands | Virtue

This is a time to trust in the direction your heart has carried you in, and to know that the calls you sent out for your dreams to be made reality have been heard — it’s all on its way to you, and now you have to trust the parts of the process that lie in others’ domains. Keep your heart open, and try to be understanding when other people act in ways that are just beyond anything you’d ever imagine doing — you’re in the “eye of the storm” where it comes to your passion-project, leaving you just idle enough to fixate on what everybody else is doing. Express your interest, make your intentions clear, especially that you’re not trying to interfere because you very much have enough on your own plate! Take this time to rest and observe yourself, preparing to use your strength and inner fire again when Mercury goes Direct.

Tarot Cards

Card 1: Focus/Advice: Knight of Cups reversed

It’s true that this Mercury Retrograde may be full of little emotional “button-pushing” situations that make you feel like you’ve lost your grip on what you’ve worked so hard to attain. When your thoughts stop swirling, instead feeling like a big dark cloud, trust that this is temporary! You are being presented with an opportunity to identify and overcome your personal triggers, so that in the future you are better at managing your raw emotions and quicker to laugh at yourself when you find yourself in deeper than you’d calculated. Your dream is not over! It’s only beginning, and this is the part of the process where you stand by and wait for the tank to fill — stay cool in the meantime. Have faith in yourself!

Card 2: Release: 8 of Wands reversed

Just because things have slowed down doesn’t mean they’re not happening — resist the urge to “stop” and close off, even more so to get defensive about the speed (or lack thereof) at which things seem to be moving. Most of nature’s incubation processes are invisible, taking place away from the light of day. That is what’s happening now — the weird-looking growth process, which when the time is right, bursts forth with such beauty that no-one can believe something so perfect could be possible! But it is, it will be, and your only task now is to persevere, to find your way of speaking this thing into reality, to keep at your practice knowing that when things start moving again it will strike like lightening — trust that you’ll know what to do in the excitement, and hold on for the ride!

Card 3: Increase: III – The Empress

Again, your focus this Mercury Retrograde must be to trust the incubation process. Your creative seed has been planted, and it is sprouting deep down in the warm, fertile Earth! This is a time to take care of YourSelf, so that you are well-rested and full of more creative energy when your little bud blooms and blossoms. The stars are aligned for you, you know what you want for all this, and that is all you need to think about now. Continue to nurture yourself and your vision, and enjoy the magical stillness that comes with listening to your body, your heart, and your soul when you make your life decisions — that is what you have set in motion, and you will soon gather to you the earthly rewards for your hard and very much blessed work.

Higher Self Cards: Dioptase | Heart HealingAce of Swords + II – The High Priestess

You’ve been working so hard at this, tending to it so meticulously, that thank goodness things have slowed down a bit or you might have had a heart attack! Your direction is protected, and new ideas continue to come to you, but now you have a clear idea for how to combine them all to fit with your overall Vision. Your intuition is correct where it comes to knowing that this is exactly the direction you should be taking: be still with this thought, and beam with the knowledge that this is the perfect moment between the past and the future: you are being provided an opportunity to stop, reflect on that, and feel the balance that flows through you knowing that you are bringing everything together. You have learned to see in the dark, and soon your accomplishments will be ready to shine in the light!

Decks used:

Crystal Reading Cards. Rachelle Charman. Sterling Ethos, 2016.

Revelations Tarot. Zach Wong. Llewellyn Publications, 2005.

Thoth Tarot Deck. Aleister Crowley. Illustrated by Lady Frieda Harris. Stamford, CT: US Game Systems, Inc., 1983.

Uranus semi-square Neptune: August 11, 2017

On August 11, Uranus in Aries forms a semi-square with Neptune in Pisces! These planets are forming a 45′ angle to each other, indicating a “halfway” point towards their respective energetic goals — Uranus in Aries is about innovations that fuel personal drive, and Neptune in Pisces is about creating from the depths of emotional experience. This suggests that this semi-square will involve a breakthrough idea that helps you “push” through the challenge that will peak when the full square is formed! The numerology of this transit (Uranus at 28’30 Aries and Neptune at 13’30 Pisces) further indicate that this semi-square will invoke a transformation that allows your true will to take the lead as you make progress in overcoming any difficulties that have arisen with the huge project you’re gaining momentum with. Both planets are in retrograde, so we’re working much more on an “inner” level with this transit, on evolutionary growth across lifetimes rather than day-to-day stuff here! The tarot cards for Uranus and Neptune are 0 – The Fool and XII – The Hanged Man, suggesting a chance for feeling like nothing is happening, like the new start you’ve made is not taking off at the speed you expected — but take this as an opportunity to really notice what’s happening around you and to be inspired by it, knowing that truly, nothing can stop you at this point in your journey!

0 The FoolXII The Hanged Man

The following reading is an example of what’s included with the $50 Angular Aspect Effect Readings tier on my Patreon page. I chose to draw from Oracle of the Mermaids, Tarot of Mermaids, and Angel Tarot Cards. I laid out a crystal grid centred around a big piece of carnelian for creative thinking, with agatized coral for deep understanding of personal patterns, lilac lepidolite for calm thinking and foresight, a cube-shaped moonstone for understanding the structures of our personal cycles, and another peachy little carnelian to ground it all with more creativity!

2017-08-11 12.57.25

Shadow Cards: 10 – The Wheel + 2. Transparency reversed + 2 of Wands

You have very much started out towards something amazing in terms of getting the ball rolling, but for now it’s time to remain focused on your other work, where you’re still needed while you wait for your vision to come together. It’s not time to speak widely of this either — keep it to yourself for now, and let your excitement buoy you up, preparing you for the successes to come! Keep your head above the water as the many changes to come wash over you — some may crash! — and know that they are only strengthening you, charging you up for the Next Level.

4 of Earth + 31. Coral’s Wisdom reversed + IV – The Emperor

This is a powerful time, when you are being challenged to examine your whole life’s structures, in favour of taking them down to rearrange and rebuild! How scary, so if you feel like you’ve been turned upside down, you have — but it’s like a swimming lesson, and soon you’ll know how to swim deeper and stay under longer. You can rest assured that you have everything you need materially at present, having anticipated reaching this point and knowing to save a bit, to hold on to what you could. What you’ve invested in is picking up the pace, ready to start coming into reality! Trust that this will work out, and remember to “come up for air” every once in a while. What you’re doing is “protected” — all three cards are 4s, 444! And I’m typing this sentence at 4:16! 4:4×4! Angel numbers galore or what? It couldn’t be clearer that you are divinely supported to see this through!

Higher Self Cards: Knight of Earth + 45. Imramma + 9 of Wands

Yes, this endeavour will be a Journey to say the very least, and while you’d love to blast forward, full steam ahead, to get everything in place right away, at the moment that’s just not possible. Slow and steady wins the race: keep planning, keep examining the structures you’ve already redone and solidified, and bask in the positive energy surrounding what you’re creating. It will be a long road, but you know that you’re well-prepared, and you can rest assured that you are also divinely supported in your work on this.

Uranus semi-square Neptune will be a time of working through confusion towards fresh thinking, of “finding new structure” as you work towards being able to launch your idea into the public sphere. In the meantime, focus on staying calm, finding balance, and filling yourself spiritually, as this is a time for planning — conserve your energy and resources, as you’re about to make a gigantic leap in the energy that needs to be focused on your new endeavour. You’ve made great strides and will continue to! Keep thinking on how to build your inner defenses from where you are Now. The rest is being created in the way you are thinking about the future of all this — trust yourself to see this challenge through.

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