Card of the Day: July 10, 2015

Today’s Card is The Empress reversed!

the empress reversed

III-The Empress reversed

This card represents nurturing and creativity, and in the reversed position can indicate dependence on others and creative block. Caring and creativity are beautiful and rewarding, but when too much is taken on all that love can feel heavy. Part of caring is sharing, and depending on others for help can have hidden benefits. Giving yourself the space to recharge your creative and loving energy will have the fountains of bounty flowing again in no time!

Today, I needed a reminder to breathe a few times before reacting. Parenting can feel like an endless, fruitless task when you allow yourself to forget the fun parts. I was at a loss for fun and creative parenting after finding a human turd on the desk chair and experimental waterplay being done with the litterbox, the pantry door discreetly closed to hide the activity. A voice in my head told me to tap Daddy in before I snapped. I took a Mama Time-Out, basking in the knowledge than I can rely on my partner when I need to gain headspace in times of frustration as a parent, and this was the key to unlocking the creative block I’d been feeling all day. A few tears helped clean it all out too!

Toddlers are challenging, and life can be as well. To remember your priorities and regain your balance, sometimes it can help to wash your face, sit down, and breathe. You are somebody’s source of beauty and love!



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