Card of the Day: July 13, 2015

Today’s Card is The Wheel of Fortune!

the wheel of fortune

X-The Wheel of Fortune

This card represents change, the passage of time, facing reality, and luck. Everything changes, and the key to accepting that is finding as much pure joy in the present that it becomes yours to keep as a memory. Nothing lasts forever! Instead of longing for the past, savour every happiness and know that new joys will come in time. Facing reality allows recognition of the good fortune and luck that cross your path constantly. If you’re looking backwards you might miss them! You can’t stop time, and your fortune lies in enjoying the ride.

This card really resonated with me today, as that midsummer contented feeling washed over me. Wildflowers are blooming everywhere, the grass and trees are lush and green, and the air hums with life, heat, and activity. We have sweet little strawberries growing wild in our garden, and as I was picking some today the deeper personal meaning of this card struck me: instead of stressing about picking the strawberries or beating myself up for taking a break from my studies, I should sit down, eat as many berries as I can hold, and feel good for a few minutes before heading back to a crummy, boring task. Even that crummy, boring task meant being able to feel good about finishing something once I pulled up my pants and did it, mindful of confronting the voice that complained about it the whole time. Counting your blessings can be done any time, but time lost to regret can’t be gotten back. Stop and smell the roses!



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