🧡Sacral Chakra🧡

The centre of creativity, pleasure, and emotional flow, in my experience this is one of the most difficult Chakras to balance!! It’s also been my greatest teacher in terms of realizing how much the chakras don’t *stay* balanced — they need constant attention, as indicated by Do the Work as the Shadow card for all of the Sacral prompts 😂🧡🤗

The first Sacral Chakra question for the #DecemberChakraBalance challenge asks “how to heal your emotional flow?” The NO! card alongside Manipura tells me that I need to set clear boundaries to protect my personal power. This will help demonstrate my openness to receive (6 of Pentacles) alongside helping me find more time and space to nurture my creativity and stay aligned with my Divine Feminine strengths (Omega dragon) 💗🥚🧡

The next Sacral prompt asks “what creative surge results?” The cards repeat the theme of boundaries in the Cut the Cords card — Satya reversed indicates letting go of anything that I no longer feel is aligned with my truth, meaning shining my hopeful light in these fascinating astrological times!! The Hermit and The Emperor kind of urge me to let go of my more unhealthy patterns in order to claim that creative surge that wants to come through 🥰🥰

The third Sacral prompt asks “how to prioritize Pleasure in your day-to-day life?” Ease and Grace alongside Sahasrara gently encourage to make the decision (2 of Swords) to get back to my spiritual practice 😂😂 The onset of Winter has hit me *hard* and I’ve been in full hibernation mode — but Orange Dragon reminds me of my lovely Cosmic Bliss Queen Life Purpose Activation Portal group on Facebook where on yesterday’s live we were all talking about dropping/needing to get back to our practices🧡 Right there with you everybody!! Let’s reignite our Inner Fires🔥

Back to the cut cards — Do the Work is a much needed stalker!! And Kali reversed even further affirms that my energetic boundaries could use strengthening — time to realign with my sense of Divine Feninine discernment, especially as I’m coming up on guiding others using the amazing spiritual technologies that have changed my life so significantly (Green-Gold Sirius Deagon)!! The 3 of Cups reads on several levels — I commit to my spiritual practice because it helps me stay as authentically bubbly and energetic as possible; it helps me be the most fun, playful Mama possible; and it helps me share the ways I’ve aligned with pleasure and joy with my lovely community 💗🥰💗

The Shadow cards encourage me to have Strength and Courage as I take a big leap of faith on myself (Rainbow Dragon) — Saraswati reversed emphasises how important it is for me to start focusing more on my creative work, which is not only one of my favourite ways to raise my vibration and activate Inner Child energy, I also learned from a recent visit to the Akashic Records that that activity is directly tied to abundance and manifestation (9 of Cups) for me 🧡👀💚

The Higher Self cards even further emphasise how setting the Intention to raise my vibration through my creativity (Queen of Wands/Orange-Gold Arcturus Dragon) alongside literally breathing through whatever comes my way (Pranayama) are the key to allowing me to use my power to be of greatest service to all⚡💕⚡

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❤How to Ground Yourself❤

So much is changing in the wake of the Solar Eclipse!! Things may actually feel very *ungrounded* as we all energetically adjust — so clearly reflected in the Muladhara reversed card. The key to maintaining and regaining balance as the dust settles. The Root Chakra rules the element of Earth, so when you’re noticing a significant shake to your foundation, the best thing you can do is *get outside!* And if that’s not an option, simple movement like just walking around or even dancing or doing yoga can help you get back into your body. Eating or drinking something (especially water) are also great ways to reground!

December 6’s prompt for the #DecemberChakraBalance challenge asks “how to ground yourself in your new reality?” Yoga is my favorite way of grounding into the day — the Ease and Grace card makes me think of how proud of myself I feel when I’m able to hold Eagle pose!! Inner Child Healing makes me smile thinking of how much drawing and reading I’ve been doing — your favourite things to do from when you were little still hold so much grounding, healing magic! Clearly the new reality I’m grounding myself into holds far more space to the things that actually speak to my soul and help my passion thrive. 

In the wake of that New Moon I’ve actually very much dropped the ball on my spiritual practice, so Black Dragon from Saturn is very welcome with his offer of the energy of self-discipline needed to reorient!! The clear reward for getting back into my own groove is the 9 of Pentacles — fully immersing myself in the beautiful success I’ve been nurturing as an independent businessperson. Next year’s astrology is filled with the exact energy we all need to keep stepping into the sense of purpose that *truly* works for us and our financial needs!!

The cut cards agree that this time of New Reality is a massive Opportunity for Change — it’s a giant wakeup call to stop sleeping on the growth that’s waiting to be tended and the new patterns waiting to be implemented. The stuck energy that has been preventing forward motion has been cleared, and it’s even further indicated that this is a time that call for al the self-discipline that can be mustered in order to keep blazing this trail of independent success! One by one we are all seeing ways to both break away from the institution*and* be able to thrive completely. Everything you’ve learned about what you want for yourself is assembling to inform the next steps you’re diving in to! 

The Shadow cards offer that grounding can be found in knowing that there is so much universal support surrounding as well — Mother Mary is one of my main Spirit Guides, and the Pleiades is my home star system <3<3 I love the Tantra card to complement the Magician reversed; while I have been feeling low-energy, there are signs everywhere of how much something new has begun not only through signs of support from the Universe, but also specifically from my partner, yet another amazing offshoot from consistent spiritual practice! Communication is easy and flowing.

The Higher Self cards have yet another challenge stalker — the NO! card! Clearly an important key to staying grounded is setting healthy boundaries, a powerful act that ensures obstacles are cleared from your path (Ganesha) and you’re able to actively release the patterns of thought and action that you know no longer serve (10 of Swords). This is not all — Silver Dragon promises that the changes flowing in have only just begin, and that so much more is being revealed about your highest potential and the ways it’s currently being activated.

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❤In with the Stability❤

❤What newfound sense of stability results from the Revolution in Freedom gifted by the New Moon Solar Eclipse?❤

This Eclipse in Sagittarius marked the last on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis until 2029!! The next series of eclipses will take place on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, making answering the collective need for Stability very much the theme of the next several years💕

I love seeing Earth and Ground as the answer to this prompt for the #DecemberChakraBalance challenge, especially alongside Vata reversed — I always love being reminded that the main reason I’m so committed to.my spiritual practice is because it gets me out of my head, and the yoga component especially helps me get into my body and energized for the day ahead instead of wearing myself out ruminating in bed before I even get up 😂😂

The 8 of Wands reversed and Golden Orange Dragon, which is about ascension (!! I have been talking about that so much recently!! The ascension symptoms have been real lol) tell me that I really can settle in to the passion-work I’ve been nurturing — those pages around the Dragon represent the goodies I’ve been writing out for the Bliss Queen Initiation group program and the free Chakra Bliss Activation masterclass I’m having on December 17!!

The cut cards reflect how much I’m focusing in raising my vibration by releasing old patterns — especially surrounding *non-harm* (Ahimsa), especially in my interactions with my babies. I tend to yell a lot more than I’d like to and these cards show how much my active focus on bringing in the Calm Voice is having a positive effect on our connection!! The 3 of Cups is often the card that represents my three babies☺️☺️

And there it is in the Shadow cards — Compassion, which I recently read is the most important spiritual trait. I love the definition “not contributing any further harm to others” — that Lilac Fore Dragon beautifully represents how I’ve been actively transmuting my less-loving feelings by calling in the Violet Flame!! It’s amazing how sensitively cards can pick up on what you’re working with 👀🔥💜

The Higher Self cards further affirm how strong my boundaries are becoming — and how much my focus is happily turning towards developing my role as an actual “High Priestess” alongside further developing my inner balance and intuition through my studies and my kundalini yoga teacher training 📖🥰🧘🏼‍♀️

Email me at mtlapp88@gmail.com for more info about the Bliss Queen Initiation group program of the free Chakra Bliss Activation Masterclass!!

♐🌑New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius🏹💜

The New Moon Solar Eclipse took place at 12’22 Sagittarius at 3:43 am AST, bringing in a wave of the exact energy of CHANGE we all needed to see.This one has been quite intense for me, happening directly opposite my natal Moon in Gemini!! So much is being illuminated 😂🤩

Today’s prompt for the #DecemberChakraBalance Challenge asks “What area of your life is receiving a Revolution in Freedom?” I’m thrilled to see Harmony and Resolution!! And Dharana reversed invites me to listen to the urge to *slow down* — the guidebook describes this orientation as being all work, no play, something I have been actively shifting! Fire Dragon and Archangel Gabriel’s Dragon offer that my path forward is being cleared in a huge way for me to share my passion and voice even more expansively🔥🐉💕

The Queen of Wands reversed tells me that I am being released from simply telling myself I am “nurturing” progress — I am ready to dive headfirst into the fresh surge of creative energy rushing in for me with this New Moon Solar Eclipse to flip that into actively progressing!!

My advent calendar crystals were orange calcite and clear calcite/Icelandic spar — talk about receiving clarity surrounding my creativity!! The Icelandic spar has amazing rainbow inclusions.

The cut cards show my readiness to set boundaries against all that blocks my voice — this New Moon’s energy is here to help me choose against anything that doesn’t align with what I’ve learned about myself . This particular Lovers card is fascinating, with the mermaid looking in the mirror — my guides have been loudly telling me to start doing mirrorwork and I have yet to act on that one!! Looks like it’s time *star eyes*

The Shadow cards are so reassuring, promising that my path and my contentment are doubly protected — Angelic Protection and Deep Blue Dragon of protection, hello!! I love the line of people on the Santosha/Contentment card — all my Bliss Queens lined up to rock the first 8 weeks of 2022 with kundalini yoga and weaving spiritual practice so beneficially into their lives 🥰🥰

The Higher Self cards invite me to always remember that it’s okay to slow down, step back, and breathe — expanding into your purpose is not a linear process, and when major shedding is being done (as naturally comes with eclipse energy) it’s okay to relax into the transformation!! That’s partly why I’m posting a day late, I was doing a ton of ascension-integration in the form of hearty crying, changing my altar, and a giant New Moon Solar Eclipse tarot reading for myself!

How did the New Moon Solar Eclipse affect you? If you’re inspired to start 2022 off expanding your energy, getting out of your head and back into your life, and transforming your reality, send me a message!! Let’s book you a Blissful Life Strategy call and set you up with the first steps to activating your bliss 👑🌈💕

❤How to heal your sense of safety/security❤

For Day 3 of the #DecemberChakraBalance challenge we’re looking at the Root Chakra, the energy center that rules your sense of feeling safe and secure in your  life. 

Trust the Universe has become an amazing stalker card for me so far in this challenge 🥰🥰 That is such key advice for me as a Pisces North Node — learning to trust that everything is working out for me at all times!! How aligned that the crystal from my calendar was a raw aquamarine, perfect for helping stay in flow💎☺️🌊

Prana and Black Dragon with its message of “cocoon so your divine potential grows” are such a lovely complement. Feeling safe and secure is literally a matter of breathing through whatever is happening and trusting my own rhythms when they tell me to slow down and relax 🥰🥰

I drew both the Ace of Cups reversed and the 6 of Swords, indicating again that feeling safe and secure are directly contingent on *holding the vision* especially when I’m feeling emotionally drained. The 6 of Swords is associated with Mercury in Aquarius, my natal placement, adding the deeper meaning that safety and security come with prioritizing my mental health and my healing journey, again especially when the ride feels the bumpiest!!

So many stalker cards already!! The cut card of Self-Acceptance reiterates how much my self-worth/self-acceptance are flourishing as a result of the ways I’m actively leveling up my life, and I am reminded to lean in to that energy when I’m not feeling my strongest to reactivate my sense of balance.

The Shadow cards reveal two more stalker cards — Do The Work and Golden Atlantean Dragon, which is the cad of reclaiming your mastery!! 😍😍 My spiritual practice has been such a key piece in my overcoming overwhelm, low self-worth, even addiction, providing me with the Strength I need to maximize my natural skills and abilities. 

I love that both the Pranayama and Prana cards appeared in this reading — before yoga came into my life I would actually forget to breathe!! Now I find deep breaths just naturally activate when the pressure is on 🌬☺️💕

The Higher Self cards even further affirm the value of my spiritual practice! It’s what provides me with the Ease and Grace that constantly have people asking me “how I do it” — the answer is by Going Within daily (Dhyana). Orange Dragon is yet another stalker, getting me so excited to help others find the same Bliss I’m rocking when my Bliss Queen Initiation group program launches on January 3!

I love being able to see how far I’ve come over the past three years, since I first started exploring yoga, meditation, and spiritual practice — I’ve transformed from an anxious, overwhelmed wreck into the most confident, empowered, and vibrant version of mySelf yet, all thanks to my commitment to taking time to connect and ground myself daily 🥰🥰

If you’re interested in starting 2022 on the best foot possible, the Bliss Queen Initiation Group program may be for you!! Email me at mtlapp88@gmail.com for more info! 👑🌈💕

🌈The Seven Chakras🌈

The Seven Main Chakras are the energy centres that determine your overall state of alignment — when in balance, you feel grounded, creative, focused, open, communicative, and able to trust yourself and your intuition. When out of balance, you feel insecure, overwhelmed, burnt out, closed off, and full of doubt and uncertainty. Thankfully it’s easy to check in with your Chakras, and tarot/oracle is an amazing tool for identifying what’s up with your energy.

My day 2 crystal from my advent calendar — Strawberry Quartz, which reminds you to nurture yourself.

For day 2 of the #DecemberChakraBalance challenge we’re drawing a card for each Chakra!

I drew:

Root: IX – The Hermit. My Root Chakra needs healing, but I can know that I have already been studying/researching exactly what will help me organize myself around deeper regrounding.

Sacral: 5 of Swords. Ew!! Lol — I have totally been “fighting myself” in this department — I know what helps my creative flow and continue to resist for whatever reason.

Solar Plexus: 4 of Wands reversed. The key to manifestation for me right now is *putting myself out there* with deep trust that I’ll soon be celebrating my efforts.

Heart: 7 of Swords reversed. Ooh I love it!! I have been doing some important honesty work with myself, which is effectively freeing me up to begin the next phase of my healing journey.

Throat: 9 of Wands reversed/Ace of Wands. What a combo! I am ready to “change my tune” and relax the boundaries I’ve been setting *against* myself — the Ace of Wands is a direct reference back to the Sacral Chakra. Stop blocking myself creatively!! Go draw!! lol

Third Eye: King of Swords. I am very much in control of my intuition and the patterns of thought and action that are allowing me to establish myself as a leader in my New Age field.

Crown: 6 of Wands/Temperance: Yes!! I am downloading the exact next steps that will lead to breakthrough and victory. “Temperance” is key — lean even further into spiritual balance and flow.

So much Upper Chakra activity!! Those tend to stay balanced for me — I am actively working on my Third Eye right now, so the King of Swords makes a lot of sense there. My lower Chakras clearly need some attention!! 

That’s exactly why my Bliss Queen Initiation group program starts right from the bottom and works up through each of the Chakras. In order to truly ditch overwhelm and activate the bliss that comes with energetic alignment, it’s important to give each centre the attention it needs. The rewards for working through your energetic knots are so worth it!!

This is another amazing benefit of yoga and meditation — your next steps become clear as day and all you need to do is take them🤸‍♂️🛣🤸‍♀️

I love the cut cards — yesss Do the Work!! Keep at it with what I know balanced me and keeps that Throat Chakra open and clear. I’ve learned so much about what blocks my sense of Mastery (5 of Pentacles) and the Golden Atlantean dragon affirms how ready I am to reclaim my mastery.

The Shadow cards show that my devotional practice really is effecting new heights of Transformation!! I’m ready to harness my power once more, and starting back at the Root will be a key factor in that ol’ Wheel of Fortune turning again. How perfect that the next few prompts look at Root energy! 

I’m so intrigued that Hanuman showed up reversed in yesterday’s post and now here he is upright — I’m ready to communicate myself in a much more “playful” way. Playfulness is clearly a key factor in the ascension I’m experiencing!! My Inner Child is ready to help me progress <3<3

The Higher Self cards further reflect how much *I KNOW* what grounds me and stabilizes my energy — staying present in my body is key, which is exactly why I do yoga every morning. That Learning Experience card is somewhat equivalent to the Tower, so I’m buckling my seatbelt lol! But I love the King of Wands and Orange Dragon (even more Sacral energy) which is about soul family and community — I am so excited to lead the people in my January Bliss Queen Initiation program into their most balanced year yet!!

Clearly right now alignment for me means applying everything I’ve learned about myself for deeper healing than ever — I am so excited to start 2022 off on the best, most clear-headed foot possible💕

Neptune Direct in Pisces | What does your Flow State look like?

What is “Flow State” anyway? It’s when you’re in such alignment that everything literally and just naturally “flows” <3<3

Neptune is the planet that rules creativity and spirituality, as well as fantasy and illusion. When you’re in flow you feel like a creative powerhouse — coursing with the energy you need to do it all, and finding the next steps awaiting you as you complete the previous ones. When you’re in flow you feel coordinated, consistent, and tapped in to an almost otherworldly confidence — in yourSelf <3<3

With Neptune going Direct at 20 degrees Pisces, this is a massive call to Creative Action!! The spiritual balance that will be guiding you through 2022 has been activated and is washing over you now.

I was thrilled with my pull for this prompt! My main cards reflect that my Flow State looks like ALIGNMENT — grounding myself in deep, deep Trust in the Universe. I’m a Manifestor in Human Design, which is beautifully reflected in the Earth and Water Dragon card’s message of “creates the foundation for new growth” — part of my purpose on this planet is *starting things* and *providing inspiration to others,* and when I’m in Flow that’s exactly what I do! 

My favourite part of the reading is the 4 of Swords! It’s one of my “yoga practice” cards, representing the mental stability I gain when I take the time to tap in to what I know brings me peace <3<3 I love the detail of the mermaid being surrounded by animals — when I’m in Flow animals seem naturally drawn to me like magical Snow White energy!! And my cat Neptune loves to hang out on my mat when I’m doing my thing <3<3

I had to include the other cards from this reading — the cut cards knocked my socks off with the Self-Acceptance card (the key to Flow State if there ever was one), not to mention Krishna!! I’ve been reading the Bhagavad Gita as part of my kundalini yoga teacher training and he’s been showing up in every deck that has a Krishna card now lol. Loving the key on Green dragon and the Emperor — Self-Acceptance in turn unlocks the self-discipline and willingness to implement structures that support my success.

The Shadow cards reflect how much I have Transformed through learning to access my Flow State. It helps me “get serious” (Hanuman reversed) and loosen my grip on defined outcomes which further opens me up to the actual goodness the Universe has in store for me <3<3

I’m squealing over the Victory Pose arms on the Transformation shadow card and the Harmony and Resolution and Pranayama cards!! I have recently incorporated sitting like that in meditation before my yoga in the morning!! All of these cards happily demonstrate that I’m very much In Flow right now and that energy is increasing — remembering to Breathe and juggling so many lovely things like a happy little bunny <3<3

The crystal from my advent calendar today was a black tourmaline, a protection stone associated with the Root Chakra. I love the added message that my Flow State is protected!

What does your Flow State look like? Leave a comment below!