Card of the Day: July 25, 2015

Today’s card is the 2 of Swords!

2 of swords

2 of Swords

This card represents contemplating actions, meditation, and cutting out negativity. Sometimes you need to stop and think about what’s going on in your life and figure out how to deal with the parts that bother you. Acting blindly can cause more pain than it’s worth! Try taking a few seconds before reacting, listening for where the reaction is coming from, so you can respond to the situation with your mind checking your emotions. Taking care of yourself sometimes means stepping aside to really think about the direction you’re headed in, to a place where your frustration can’t boil over and scald the people you love. A bit of “me” time can be just what you need to get back on track!

This is my first card repeat! This card is sending me a strong message today: cut out behaviours that hold me back, and think hard to figure out how to do it so they’re done with forever. The last time I drew this card I didn’t write a full blog post for it, and blamed that on not being able to upload the picture. Let’s be honest! I was grumpy and didn’t feel like doing it, and ended up leaving the whole Tantramar Tarotscopes blog project alone for over a week. I have a horrible tendency not to finish what I’ve started, and also to let my darker moods totally overshadow everything in my life. Hello again, 2 of Swords. I hear you! Time for some self-reflection and some overhauling of the ol’ outlook!



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