Card of the Day: July 24, 2015

Today’s Card is the 6 of Cups reversed!

6 of cups reversed

6 of Cups reversed

This card represents nostalgia and celebrating memories of the past, and in the reversed position having a hard time facing reality, being naive, and feeling stuck in the past. The present can be so overwhelming that we forget to step back and appreciate everything that we have. Letting memories or mindsets from the past cloud the beauty of the present is no way to live! Hold happy memories close, and let them guide your present towards more joys and celebrations.

After a long break from the blog (longer than I planned, talk about trying to hold onto the past!), I’m back with a new approach to the picture! The night before I left for camping I was trying to upload the picture of the card and the memory card just wouldn’t read! Aughhh! So I decided to leave it alone before I lost my mind, go enjoy my little trip (Card theme: 3 of Cups! Enjoy the present!), and I’d pick up when I got back. The result: a new photo layout! I’ve had a printer all this time but technology kind of freaks me out, so I hadn’t thought to use it. However, I was fixed on using the leather book I’d been using in the photos before, and started to get frustrated and discouraged again. Then I decided to try something new, and I’m happy with the result! Moral of the story: try something new, you’ll like it!



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