Full Blue Moon in Libra: March 31, 2018

Happy Full Blue Moon in Libra! The Full Moon is exact at 9:37 am AST, and I’m here doing my favourite type of Full Moon magic — wishing on bay leaves ♡♡ I write my intentions on them, burn them in an abalone shell, then blow the ashes out under the moon.

To fully understand this sparkling Full Moon’s energy, here’s a little 3-card spread focused on what you’re manifesting, what is currently blocking you, and your best advice for how to comvine these energies fruitfully.

First, the Shadow cards:

Shadow cards: Scorpion + 9 of Wands Rx
You’ve been “stung” recently (or maybe you’re the stinger), and now you are reassessing your personal boundaries in favour of positive change.

Oracle Card: Phoenix

You may have been “burned down,” but oh my, that was just a cleansing process — what was no longer serving you was burned away as well, finding you rising triumphantly from the ashes of the past ♡♡

Card 1: What you’re manifesting: VI – The Lovers
Oh my! This is one of my favourite depictions in the Game of Thrones Tarot. You want to be making better choices in favour of connecting more deeply with the people you care about the most ♡♡

Card 2: Main challenge: Queen of Cups reversed
At this point you’re so worn-down emotionally that it’s more important than ever to remind yourself of what is good in your life, what IS flowing smoothly — there’s a lot!

Card 3: Best advice: II – The Priestess
Melisandre is so appropriate for today! Focus on “making magic” in your life, starting by connecting with your intuition and simply setting powerful intentions for where and how you want to be.

Now for the Higher Self cards, a message of hope moving forward:

Higher Self Cards: Dolphin + 6 of Swords
Happiness really is flowing in — spring and summer are just around the corner, and your mind is 100% in the right place for the healing process to continue ♡♡ Thanks for reading!

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Week Ahead: March 26-April 1, 2018

We’re in full Mercury Retrograde mode now, along with these solar flares affecting similar areas of life! I recently read the best explanation of how Mercury’s particular effect on technology, vehicles, and our ability to communicate effectively: Mercury is a planet with a very high iron content, and during its retrograde period it passes between the Earth and the Sun. Basically, an enormous magnet is both blocking our solar energy source and coming closer than usual to our vehicles and technologies, affecting our mental function as well! This is a time to focus intensely on details, making sure everything is done correctly and then checking again, and very much for tying up loose ends on projects you’ve already started.

All that being said, this week Venus (the planet of love and beauty) is our star player, forming a conjunction with Uranus in Aries (the sign represented by the Ram) on Wednesday evening. This is a blending of love energy and change/rebellion/innovation energy — Uranus is a powerfully unpredictable planet, so if things feel extra-weird on and around Wednesday, just hold on to your hat and wait for the flare-ups to settle! And settle they will, with Venus then moving into Taurus in the wee hours of Saturday morning. This is one of Venus’s power placements and will lend a degree of stability to the weeks to come. This is followed closely by a Full Blue Moon in Libra, the other sign ruled by Venus, on Saturday as well, promising to illuminate what’s needed to get a lead on the Balance you have been seeking for yourself and your life.

This reading is intended to represent the energy surrounding the week ahead, and is drawn from the Sacred Rebels Oracle (I used it last week too, but I can’t get enough of it!), Cards of Wellbeing, and The Linestrider Tarot (another new favourite — I was worried about how I’d feel about it because it’s so popular, but oh my, when I was first looking through it I kept bejng struck with the feeling that it was made for *me*!). I laid out a crystal grid of carnelian for creativity and emotional connection, aventurine for heart-centeredness and protection, amethyst for calming and connection with your Higher Self, black obsidian for grounding and healing of your energy levels, tiger iron for further grounding and strength through self-understanding, and Shaman quartz for further healing through Higher Self connection.

First, let’s look at the Shadow cards, for insight into the underlying theme of the week:

Shadow Cards: 29. Seeing the True You + 32. Love + II – The High Priestess reversed

Yes, this will certainly be an interesting week for coming to understand your personal responses! It’s inyeresting that the “Love” card from Cards of Wellbeing showed up in such a Venusian week, along with a major self-care card from Sacred Rebels. The High Priestess reversed suggests that this week, remember that the astrological forecast includes unpredictability and huge potential for change in the grand schene of things, especially where it comes to improving the way you love yourself and, in turn, relate to others.

Oracle Cards: 37. Focus on the Light + 37. Prejudices

Wow!! Indeed, this week it will be extremely to do your darndest to maintain a positive mindset, as judgment will feel harsh and heavy at points — both towards you, as well as in the urge to hurl it out. Throw yourself into what you love and steer as clear of what you don’t as much as you can, although when you do meet pockets of poopiness, just take comfort in the fact that “it all comes out in the wash” and know that after this week, you will have at the very least gained a new level of clarity surrounding the way things will be unfolding moving forward!

Card 1: Focus for this week: XI – Justice

Yes, the week cuminating in the enrgy of the Full Moon in Libra promises that come what may, this week’s events are about regaining balance, determining Right from Wrong, and weighing your actions against your true sentiments. No pressure! Haha — but this does promise to ultimately be a positive, uniting shift, especially where Justice has been showing up reversed the past few week, and now here it is triumphantly upright!

Card 2: Release: King of Wands reversed

This is a time for recharging, for gettimg your space in order, for nurturing the projects you’ve started. It is definitely NOT a time when you need to be 100% on top of things, and you definitely should not be hard on yourself for that. You’re still doing it and Aries season has you chomping at the bit to get everything done, like, yesterday, but just know that it’s so, so okay and so universally natural if that’s just not what’s happening at the moment. Do you right now — we’re in the thick of this massive astrological shift, and you’ll have much more energy to move things ahead once it settles down. Nurture yourself, protect the energy you do have, and recharge for the weeks to come <3<3

Card 3: Energy to Increase: Ace of Swords reversed

These cards are so literal — this is not a time for new ideas, but rather to follow through on the ones you’ve started, including the patterns you’ve been cementing and gaining much better control over. You’ve been acing challenges that would have thrown you for a total loop just a few months ago, and reflecting on these small-but-mighty achievements will help you stay the course through any Uranian torrents that blow through!

Card 4: Advice: V – The Hierophant reversed

This week definitely finds you breaking away from an establishment, turning inward to find the answer to what “traditions” you want your life to be defined by. You will be challenged to hold steadfast to your own core beliefs, perhaps even to defend them, but know that you will be able to stand strong and maintain your inner structures come what may. This week you come closer than ever to unlocking any remaining mysteries — you are thisclose to understanding your situation on an entirely new and groundbreaking level!

And now for the Higher Self cards:

Higher Self Cards: 13. Power of Attraction + 23. Right Direction + King of Pentacles

Truly, you can know that this week begins a cascade of coming closer and closer to the stabilizing, supportive, and plain, simple right-feeling kind of life you’ve been focused on and striving to bring forth. I live the consistency of the message “you’re doing it” over the past few weeks — you really are, and you can trust that everyhing is working out beautifully from the perspective of the divine behind-the-scenes <3<3

This week could very well involve a shake-up of “everything you thought you knew” — stay in touch with how you’re feeling, notice your responses (both negative and positive), letting them wash over you and inspire you to keep moving in the direction you want to be taking — and have been! Everything really is becoming whole, and the pieces that do not fit are falling away to make space for the ones that will!

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Decks used:

Cards of Wellbeing. Norma Stocco. Lo Scarabeo, 2007.

Linestrider Tarot. Siolo Thompson. Llewellyn Publications, 2016.

Sacred Rebels Oracle. Alana Fairchild. Illustrated by Autumn Skye Morrison. Blue Angel Publishing, 2017 (2nd Edition).

Mercury Retrograde: March 22-April 15, 2018

Here we are at the official beginning of the first Mercury Retrograde of 2018! At this astrological juncture, it appears that Mercury, the planet of communication, technology, and short-distance travel, among other things, starts to move backwards for roughly three weeks! This is an illusion based on the ways that Mercury’s orbit interacts with the Earth’s, but just as we can see the effect of the Moon on the planet’s tides, the effect of the other planets — especially Mercury at the moment — can be felt deeply in our own personal “tides.” So, for the next three weeks (actually, the “Shadow period” of the retrograde doesn’t lift until May 4), take comfort in that you can expect challenges with your phone, computer, gadgets, breakdowns in communication, delays in travel, and any other number of little life-glitches, in the midst of which you can either get frustrated, or you can take a pause to laugh at seeing the direct influence of Mercury — the trickster! — at play. Mercury is going retrograde in Aries, the firey sign of war represented by the Ram, increasing the potential for the obstacles that crop up to make you mad mad mad. Keep this in mind and do your best to stay cool! For the next three weeks, expect the unexpected, and do your best to roll with the mercurial punches. Retrogrades are perfect opportunities to gain deeper understanding of our inner processes, to notice how we respond and react to given circumstances and make adjustments in favour of learning better ways to reground and go with the flow.

For a direct, no-nonsense look at how best to weather this Mercury Retrograde, I did a Super One-Card reading to get right to the point of what we need to know! I drew from the Thoth Tarot, the Art of Life Tarot, and the Minchiate Tarot. I laid out a tiger iron to ground you as much as possible for this astrological transit, carnelian to help you connect with your creativity and develop your emotional understanding, and verdite to help you remain heart-centered and focused on what really matters during this time.

While shuffling, I set the intention that the cards drawn would represent what can be focused on in order to stay grounded when faced with the challenges that characterize Mercury Retrograde.

To begin, let’s look at the Shadow Cards for a sense of the “underlying theme” of this Mercury Retrograde:

Shadow Cards: 2 of Cups | Love + The Hanged Man | “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” -Lao Tzu + 0 – The Fool

This Retrograde will have a distinct effect on personal relationships — it will be very important to maintain perspective on who you already know your loved ones to be, as everyone will be very much acting out-of-character for the next three weeks. There will be some major “contorting,” and a definite need to do some “bending over backwards” — this will be most essential when you don’t feel like it! Manage your expectations on a minute-by-minute basis, being prepared to release preconceived plans on a moment’s notice. When life seems to be nipping and biting at everyone’s heels in an incredibly annoying way, be the beacon of peace and understanding when you see people stopped in their tracks by the most unexpected baloney. Even and especially when they’re not demonstrating the same amount of understanding — do unto others, right?

X – Fortune + 6 of Swords | “For everything you have missed in life, you have gained something else.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson + 9 of Staves/Wands

Indeed, this retrograde will be a time of real change! The way things go will ultimately prove to be a healing process, one where you are able to set better energetic boundaries in order to protect not only your actual “fortune,” but also your sense of self-worth. A classic component of Mercury Retrograde is being presented with past mistakes, but in such a way that you’re able to really see how they can be fixed — take extra care to cross and dot all your t’s and i’s, and again, be forgiving when others do not do the same. There will be so much conflicting energy surrounding that you need to focus mainly on your own progress — mastering your responses to challenges, maintaining perspective on current battles in such a way that you’re not dredging up past crap to bring to the table, doing your best to keep your energy and spirits in a place where you’re still able to get things done. This is not a time to start anything brand-new, but it is a good tim to tinker with projects you’ve already started, knowing that you’ll readily be able to identify what’s not working with them in order to clearly see what will be a better fit.

Now for the Higher Self Cards, a message of hope moving forward:

Higher Self Cards: Prince (King) of Swords + 3 of Swords | “Difficulties exist to be surmounted.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson + Queen of Swords

Ooh. A message of hope delivered via warning! Indeed, this retrograde has the potential to be a real make-or-break period for personal relationships — everything that has sucked in the past will come to visit, and the true test will be to see if you can address these issues with clarity and emotional detachment in favour of working together to overcome and proceed. Do you want to keep fighting the same fights, or do you want to move towards solutions? Is that something that is possible with creative thinking, or would you rather creatively think of a way out? This retrograde will be full of tricky questions, but you can rest assured that by the end of it you will have at least one foot firmly moving in the right direction, and a much better picture of what you want and how to keep working towards making that your permanent reality <3<3

For the next three weeks or so, maintain a “nurturing” mindset: try to be soft and accommodating, as everyone will be acting like babies who dropped their ice cream. It’s fallen and there’s nothing to be done, but yelling at them won’t help — do your best to communicate yourself clearly, even though it may feel like you’re not getting through. All you can do is keep trying! Release your expectations surrounding absolutely everything for the next little while, knowing that when the dust settles you’ll be able to focus on developing actual useful structures once more. Give yourself permission to rest whenever it all becomes too much — you’ll be far more useful to yourself and others well-rested with your mind as sharp as it can be when we’re all being yanked around by Mercury’s silly, mischievous antics. Hang in there, persevere, focusing on your own definition of your “best self” — feeling ungrounded will be the name of the game, so at least know that feeling that way is 100% normal. Go easy on yourself and the people you love, and prepare for a roller-coaster ride! Keep both eyes open and remember to laugh!

This is an example of the $10 Super One-Card Reading in my Etsy shop! This reading is great for a quick overview of your situation at present. Thanks for reading, and have the best-possible Mercury Retrograde!

Art of Life Tarot. Charlene Livingstone. Stamford, CT: U. S. Games Systems, Inc., 2012.

Minchiate Tarot. Brian Williams. Destiny Books, 1999.

Thoth Tarot Deck. Aleister Crowley. Illustrated by Lady Frieda Harris. Stamford, CT: US Game Systems, Inc., 1983.

Week Ahead: March 19-25, 2018

Here we are, feet-first in the Astrological New Year! This is a big, tangly week, full of interesting and complicated astrological events — I almost wish I’d gotten this post out sooner as a “warning,” as Monday marks the beginning of a defined energy of conflict rushing in. Let this serve as inspiration to fight for what you want, as opposed to letting yourself be crushed by what will feel like other people’s oppressive actions and opinions <3<3

Indeed, looking at the astrology for this week, the focus is on Venus and Mercury as we shift into the fiery energy of Aries. The Moon starts the week in Aries, along with a Mercury-Venus conjunction in the same sign in the wee hours of Monday morning; this will feel like shining a huge spotlight on where your heart and your mind are joined — or feeling disconnected! Try to think from a place of love rather than from a place of ego. On Tuesday the Sun moves into Aries in the early afternoon, strengthening the sense of drive, of motivation, of passion, but also adding to the tense and tight potential for hot heads and brute force. To add to the fun, Mercury goes retrograde on Thursday at 9:22 PM ADT — I’m already feeling it with apps crashing, phone glitches, work not saving — I’ll do another post on this, but when “breakdown”-type occurrences with technology, travel, and communication crop up, instead of getting frustrated, take some deep breaths, go get something to drink (water!! lol), and take it as a message from the universe to pause, re-center, re-collect, and redirect. Go do something else and come back to the original task later! On Friday, Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn, illuminating any challenges surrounding the transformations taking place in personal relationships and creative projects. You may be tempted to just “pull the kill switch” — probably don’t, remember that this is a week of fire and flames, knowing that what’s left standing will have stood the major test of time! Focus on what you know you want and what you can do here. Finally on Sunday Venus in Aries forms a quincunx with Jupiter — this will feel like your hopes for love and creativity have been skewed, but can also be seen as an opportunity to, aligned with Mercury Retrograde’s advice, re-envision and redirect. Phew!!

This Week Ahead Spread is drawn from the Sacred Rebels Oracle, The Wisdom of Trees Oracle, and the Bleu Cat Tarot. I laid out a crystal grid of a quartz geode that looks like a veil opening to connect you with your Higher Self and mark the new beginnings and new thresholds being passed through, a dolomite frog to support the transformations underway, lilac lepidolite to soothe your anxieties and help you remain calm, black moonstone to find support and understanding for your Shadow side, red phantom quartz to help you break old patterns and “vibe high,” and apatite to help you express yourself clearly, effectively, and from the most authentic space in your heart.

To begin, let’s look at the Shadow Cards, which represent the “underlying themes” of the week to come:

Shadow Cards: 25. Release the Dark Wound, Let Love Live + Cherry reversed + 2 of Feathers/Swords

Yes, this will be a week full of little decisions, where you are confronted with what needs to be “healed for good” and allowed to choose how to proceed. While there will be moments that feel anything but sweet, even bordering on toxic, on a certain level you’ve felt the build up and have been preparing already for how you’ll manage to “go with the flow.” You can feel yourself healing and are so ready to open your arms and welcome in more of what fills and fuels you — maintain perspective on where you want to be and all you’ve already done to move that process along. If you catch a “bad fish” this week, throw it back! But also if you find something coming out of you that’s less-than-representative of what you’ve been working towards, observe it and let that go too — it’s always a good thing to own and learn from your mistakes <3<3

Oracle Cards: 41. Bring It into Form + Silver Birch

This week is all about nurturing, developing, bringing forth the beauty that you have been cultivating all winter. It is Ostara, the Spring Equinox, and as the Earth wakes up to greet the Sun, so are you! You’re feeling how much you are stepping into your Dreams Made Real, and you are ready to continue to care for and help your heart’s vision grow. This is a time to be extra-conscious of not only caring for these external wonders, but also of your Self as a whole: try healthier eating, more exercise, and pleasant mental stimulation to keep yourself in tip-top shape as you tackle the road ahead. Mother your situation, Mother your Self — and with the barrages coming at you from others, try to view those behaviours from the perspective of an ever-patient (but also firm!) Mother!

Jumper Card: XIV – Temperance

Ooh-hoo, this one heavily underscores the above advice: this week you MUST STAY CALM. Be the pillar of strength who is unshakeable! And if you can’t do that, when you feel your own fire rising, go chill out by chugging a huge glass of water. Seriously, just do it <3<3

Card 1: Theme/Focus of the Week: 2 of Balls/Pentacles

Lol — when I turned this card over, I heard all of us collectively at different points in the week yelling “BALLS!!” This week will be a large test in the concept of “balance,” specifically where it comes to balance between your work and home lives. Reflect on how much you’ve been doing to know that you really have measures in place to keep yourself standing — stand strong in spite of the shifty and unpredictable nature of this week, and trust that if you drop one of those balls, it will not be the end of the world. Not at all, and you may be surprised at just who comes out of the woodwork to help you pick up the slack! Keep your nose to the grindstone and your eyes on the prize. Things really are changing for the better, but there’s clutter to be cleared!

Card 2: What to Release: 8 of Feathers/Swords

Recently you were searching for the “key” to releasing yourself from the traps of your own making that seemed to abound — well, the key is in your hands, and this week you get to use it! Be aware that the world is much different outside your old cage, and so you must think quickly and be light on your feet lest you get shoved back in. Trust that it won’t be the perceived jailer who tries to re-imprison you, it will be your own urge to run straight back to what you know. You can, but that will mean more of the same indefinitely — didn’t you want to stretch your wings and find out what-all else there is to see and experience? This week really does mark the first days of the Rest of Your Life — how do you want it to look?

Card 3: Energy to Increase: XI – Justice reversed

We had this card as the focus of this past weekend’s New Moon in Pisces! In a funny way, you can welcome the experiences that feel “unfair” this week — they are showing you what to move away from, clearly representing what is not working and as such is open to adjustment. Big changes are underway, and this process is anything but comfortable — do your best to go with the flow, rolling with and accepting the less-savoury events, knowing that in trundling on through you’re making headway by simply leaving these frustrating instances in your tracks. You could stuff them in your pockets to hang on to and mull over when you have some free time (that too will be in short supply moving forward), but that doesn’t sound like fun!

Card 4: Best Advice: 9 of Plants/Wands reversed

One of the biggest challenges this week will be needing to make adjustments to the boundaries you’ve been working on and trying to set in place. The energy is changing so swiftly that some of these new structures will fall to the test of time — that’s okay!! It will feel like a backtrack to the healing you’ve been doing, but know that you are not losing progress. You are learning to adapt! You can actually feel excited when things start to feel out of control, because you can try out the spiritual tools you’ve armed yourself with to protect the peace of mind that is slowly, slowly starting to feel like real and effective armour. Oops, a boundary got smashed? Retreat to the tap with your water-glass!

And now for the Higher Self Cards, a message of hope moving forward:

Higher Self Cards: 17. What is Already With You + Giant Redwood + 5 of Feathers/Swords

I was actually moved to tears by this first card — you are so, so prepared for the challenges ahead. You have everything you need to succeed though this week’s challenges, because oh my, how you have transformed!! It was a brutal pregnancy and a complicated birth, but here You are, shiny and new, ready for what’s next. You are majestic and your purpose is true — trust in your self and your efforts, and when conflicts arise this week, know that you will See what to do. You get to choose what you engage, you get to choose what past patterns to employ and which to banish forever. This week you measure your soul against you dreams, and you find them perfectly aligned <3<3

This is a week for hands-on self-healing! Go easy on each other as we’re all trying to do the same thing. It’s easy to applaud yourself for trying to change, but it’s a harder pill to swallow when your loved ones start changing too — remember that we are all focused on becoming our best selves, and be open — but also honest — about how all this newness is affecting you. Keep communication lines open even though this week that will prove quite difficult; again, if you feel like you’re gonna blow, water yourself!! Take the steps you know will help you to stay on track and continue to be proud of yourself and your efforts. This week, life and love will try to stop you in your tracks — the key word is “try.” You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do! It’s all you this week, everything is changing, and here’s the secret: that’s okay!

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Bleu Chat Tarot. Beth Seilonen. Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 2013.

Sacred Rebels Oracle. Alana Fairchild. Illustrated by Autumn Skye Morrison. Blue Angel Publishing, 2017 (2nd Edition).

The Wisdom of Trees Oracle. Jane Struthers. Illustrated by Meraylah Allwood. Watkins Publishing, 2017 (2nd Edition).

New Moon in Pisces: March 17, 2018

Happy New Moon! Well, really, with the emotional currents surrounding this one, it probably feels pretty intense — we are closing out an astrological year with this New Moon in Pisces, bringing forth the “shift” that we’ve all been feeling at our cores. You’ve probably been feeling very restless, having wild dreams, old traumas being stirred up for revisiting! This is all very natural, and is allowing us to make a “clean break” in favour of beginning the ascent marked by the Spring Equinox, the longer days, and the Sun’s movement into driven, warrior-spirited Aries in a few days’ time. Mars also moved into Capricorn today, providing a solid floor for our passionate ambitions — it’s time to use these emotional currents to forge a plan you can stick to, the map you’ll use to navigate the fresh and motivated energy poised to pour in to all of our lives as the new moon cycle begins <3<3

2018-03-17 13.15.09.jpg

I drew this spread from the Druid Animal Oracle, the Kuan Yin Oracle, and the Ostara Tarot. I laid out a crystal grid with my trusty selenite wand, desert rose selenite, and amethyst cluster to connect with the moon’s energy, establish Higher Self connection, and clear our energies, rose quartz to remind us to have compassion for ourselves and others, jade to help us stay “cool” and remember to go with the flow, sunstone for warmth and inspiration, crazy lace agate for laughter and good humour, petrified wood to draw in ancestral support through this turbulent emotional time, and moss agate to remind us to engage in self-care.

To begin, let’s look at the Shadow Cards:

2018-03-17 13.17.11.jpg

Shadow Cards: Hind + 19. Mother of Mercy + V – The Hierophant reversed

Yes, we all feel like spindly little babies, ready for Spring! You’re probably feeling quite vulnerable under the invisible weight of all this sheer potential. Know that at this time, you are supported by the Universe, not only held but also being guided on a deep, subconscious level. Have you noticed a ringing in your ears lately, sometimes with increasing intensity? Right now we are all quite literally “downloading” the information we’ll need as we move forward into the coming weeks, months, year ahead. You are preparing to hear your “inner teacher” loud and clear, in such a way that you become inspired almost out of nowhere for the last few adjustments needed in order to gain the personal structure you’ve been developing, growing, allowing to unfurl — your time is now!

Oracle Cards: Bee + 29. Sound the Fierce Flute (jumper) + 30. Spin the Silken Thread Divine

Oh boy, yes indeed, it will soon be time to roll up your sleeves and get to work! This will be a very happy process indeed, one that nurtures your sense of who you are, why you’re here, what lights you up from the inside out and finds you humming your heart’s unique tune. You should have fanfare, but at this point, you don’t even need it — you know what you’re doing and cannot be swayed where it comes to what you know to be true. You are working hard at something that is truly meaningful to you, and as a result, everything is falling into place, one perfect tile at a time. This is a time to step back and marvel at how very much Divine Timing has been at play in your life, and to continue to trust in this power as all continues to unfold in synchronistic accordance.

Card 1: Focus of this New Moon in Pisces: XI – Justice reversed

Mm, change is hard to accept — we’re all often so focused on making personal changes to find balance in our lives that as soon as anyone else tries to make changes, it throws the whole thing off and we have to recollect, with the urge to yell out “it’s not fair!!” This New Moon will find you thinking that a lot, noticing what’s off-kilter, feeling the shifts, observing changes. That’s all you need to do with this — observe what’s happening, and consider how you can “be the bigger person” instead of lashing out with dissatisfaction. This is a New Moon for weighing our personal truths and just being with them, noticing how they feel, beginning the mental process of deciding how the shift will affect us. Actions speak louder than words at this time — is what you’re doing reflective of who you see yourself to be? Go easy on yourself as you make these identifications, and even more importantly, go easy on others, leaving the need to point out their imbalances to karma <3<3 This New Moon, “it all comes out in the wash” — focus on your own load!

Card 2: What to Release: Page of Cups

Indeed, as mentioned above, one of the themes of this Moon is having all kinds of “past stuff” dredged up and thrown in your face. Naturally, emotions will be high, and they will be raw! Let the tears flow, feel it all, in such a way that you’re able to purge it all out. Nothing like a big ugly cry to make you feel years better, right? All your personal shadows are coming out at this time, to stimulate you, to motivate you to understand yourself better, in such a way that you’re freed up to view the dreams you’ve been working towards with fresh, clean eyes. This New Moon’s tears are here to wash away what’s no longer serving you, to freshen up your perspective, and to force you to take measures to ground yourself and seek that which makes you smile from your heart’s depths — there is no shame in crying, but know that you do deserve happiness!

Card 3: Energy to Increase: King of Swords

All this emotional flexing and roundabout cycles have been swirling, again, to force you to re-center, to re-analyze your position, to show you where you have no control in order to be able to identify where you do. If anything this New Moon will present to you “where you stand” in your life at this point, showing you the mental power you hold over your situation, and proving to you that you really do have a firm grip on what you want and how to achieve it. You’ve been wishing you could be less, well, wishy-washy, and this desire has been heard by the Universe and is rapidly being granted. With it comes the ability to make better choices — the ball is in your court, the sword is in your hand, and you get to choose whether to continue the path you were on or to carve out the new one you’ve been thinking on, planning on, bringing forth through sheer manifestation power. The gate is open and you’ve dressed yourself for success — get ready to step through!

Card 4: Advice: 4 of Swords

All that being said, the time for action is not so much now — you’re still in the middle of the New Moon maelstrom, so as soon as it gets to be too much, allow yourself to check out and recollect. This is a great day for napping, for meditation, for solitude when other people’s own needs for some sort of elusive balance become too great, allow yourself to pull back — you don’t need to solve this today, you probably couldn’t if you tried, and that is so, so okay. Rest, rest, rest — the coming days will be filled with energy and progress, and now is the time to charge up so you can take on all that you’ve been wanting and welcoming into your life. You are being reborn, so soak up these last moments of kicking back to relax, reflect, and become reinvigorated!

Now for the Higher Self cards, a message of hope moving forward:

2018-03-17 13.18.43.jpg

Higher Self Cards: Wolf + 44. Weave the Future Golden + 3 of Wands

Yes, this New Moon will be a visible placeholder moving forward; in looking back it will noticeably be the time when you determined your “pack,” when you really began to howl the message you were born to share — right now is the moment your future begins For Real. You are transforming, and in this rebirth you will find that you know exactly what you need to do, you will find the words that you need to say, you will send out the energy needing to be sent in order to welcome in all that you’ve been waiting for. Your world is changing, that’s for sure, and all of these changes are your wishes being granted — some in different forms than you expected, others in complete alignment with your clearest visions. It’s all happening right now, and you can trust in the beauty to be found once the emotional storm passes and the Moon makes its way back to Full <3<3

The major themes of this New Moon will be connecting with and listening to your intuition, which will be facilitated by observing what is very apparently not working in favour of kick-starting the changes that will allow everything to fall into place. This New Moon asks you to listen to your Inner Voice in favour of making your own rules moving forward, for strengthening your personal structures and finding yourself far more in control of your own situation than you’ve been feeling lately. It’s true that some previous structures are poised to fall, possibly quite dramatically — again, do your best just to observe, release, and trust that what’s on its way out is making room for bigger, better, and far more stable circumstances. You’ll be gaining emotional control and crystal-clear clarity once the waves subside! While there are no Pentacles cards in this reading (the suit of material resources, but also of personal grounding), the dominant colour across the cards is brown — do your best to stay centered, not to let yourself be rocked around too much, reminding yourself not only that “this too shall pass,” but that when it does, it will be replaced with what you’ve been envisioning (and creating!) for your life with your whole entire open heart!

This is an example of the $25 4-Card Reading in my Etsy shop! Feel free to use the coupon code THANKS15 at checkout for 15% off your reading. I look forward to working with you!

The Druid Animal Oracle. Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Illustrated by Bill Worthington. New York: Fireside/Simon & Schuster, 1994.

Kuan Yin Oracle. Alana Fairchild. Artwork by Zeng Hao. Victoria, Australia: Blue Angel Publishing, 2012.

Ostara Tarot. Morgan Applejohn, Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard, and Julia Iredale. Schiffer Books, 2017.

Week Ahead: March 12-18, 2018

This past week was an interesting one — very productive, in spite of minor bouts of illness and two big snowstorms! It’s interesting to see the 6 of Swords reversed (fighting for your cause in spite of being under the weather) and The Hermit (taking time away, and there’s snow in the card!) play out so clearly in retrospect. While ill, I opened some new decks to help myself feel better — they’re so interesting that I wish I’d done a reveal video! The Art Nouveau Lenormand and the Art Nouveau Tarot are decks I’ve wanted since I first started reading, added to my wishlist as soon as I fell in love with Tarot Mucha! I’m thrilled with them, the Lenormand for its breathtaking perfection in every way (lol) and the Tarot for its brain-bending, mood-oriented images. I used both for this week’s reading, in addition to the Minchiate Tarot — I’ve tried the Art Nouveaus with a few other decks and this is the one they resonate the most beautifully with <3<3

Astrologically, this week’s moon phases pass from Capricorn through Aquarius and Pisces, ending the week in Aries. This is a week about endings, about tying up loose ends, about listening to your personal truths in such a way that you become 100% clear on what you are “fighting for” at this time. On Tuesday Venus in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn, a challenging aspect where it may feel like your personal desires are being blocked — push through, knowing that this obstacle has been presented in order to help you really hone your vision and make it the best it can be. Mars moves into Capricorn on Saturday where it is in exaltation — know that whatever challenges crop up this week, things are starting to come together and you will soon receive a burst of focused, planning-for-the-big-time energy to even everything out for the better <3<3

2018-03-11 13.21.36.jpg

For this reading, I laid out a little grid of “heavy hitters:” a big magnesite to help you stay “on top” of your mind, using your mental power productively, two singing quartz to remind you of your calling and clear your personal energy, a large amethyst cluster to dispel any anxiety you may be feeling and to connect you with your Higher Self, larvikite to strengthen your intuition and use it as a “beacon through the fog,” and garnet to ground you and support you in pursuing your purpose with security and stamina.

To begin, we’ll look at this week’s Shadow cards:

week ahead mar 12-18 sh

Shadow Cards: 11. The Whip + Page of Swords + 8 of Swords

Oh wow, this is a week that will be full of opportunities to cut something out! You probably already know what this is referring to — there is a pattern in your life that you know is holding you back, that’s keeping you from being able to work effectively, and you probably already spend a lot of time obsessing about how much you need to stop this. Well, you have the right idea, and this week provides a gateway to run with it — not too fast, go easy on yourself, but absolutely start the process of letting this go when you feel inspired to make a start. This pattern crept up on you and before you knew it it seemed to have taken you over — overcoming it will be an equally slow climb, but all you can do is begin, holding on to the trust that the results will be worth it <3<3

Oracle Cards: 2. The Clover + 20. Fire

Indeed, this opportunity to stop doing what’s been holding you back is directly in line with the other opportunities being presented this week! “Luck” is coming to you on swift wings, ready to light a fire under what you’ve been working towards so it can rise and rise and rise, unfettered by those pesky life-things that tend to get in the way. No more, a huge doorway is opening onto the escalator that will lift you up, up, up to the heights that you’ve been holding in your heart all this time, as you plodded away and relied on sheer trust that this was all going to come together. It is, and it’s happening now, still very much contingent on you allowing what you know will work to do so, in tandem with allowing what needs to fall away to do so for good. The path before you is opening up, and while it will absolutely require some sacrifices, you have what it takes to see it through!

Card 1: Theme/Focus of the Week: 2 of Cups

This week will be about finding “background balance,” learning where your supports lie as you determine the trajectory of your future. When things go south (and not in the fun way), do you feel like the people you surround yourself with are there for you? If so, fantastic! This foundation will serve you very well as the week unfolds. Be sure to express your gratitude for the presence of these people and support them equally when their own challenges arise! But if not, one of the opportunities this week is full of will be to choose to slam the door on naysayers and and energy vampires. If you fall into the latter category, close that door with love, focusing on letting go of your energetic ties to these people, forgiving them for projecting their own pain on to you and hoping the best for them on their way. Then turn all your love inward and build yourself back up, congratulating yourself for finding the balance needed to really throw your heart into what you want to be doing with your life <3<3

Card 2: What to Release: Queen of Swords

Yes, as we roll around into Springtime and Aries season, things are warming up — know that it is safe now to wear your heart on your sleeve, to show your emotion and your passion for what you do. The time for cold calculation is over, and allowing yourself to feel vulnerable now will keep the “doors of opportunity” vibe flowing. It’s true that you’ve been hurt and some wounds may never heal, but carrying on with an openness to new experience and new connection in spite of it all is where life’s true magic happens. Lift yourself up, dust yourself up, trust in the strategies you’ve developed, and decide that you’re getting a move on — the world is waiting for you with open arms!

Card 3: Energy to Increase: 7 of Swords

Truly, this week you get to decide “how to act” — you know now what works for you and what doesn’t, and it is time to be honest with yourself and others about the best way to proceed now. You feel like you’ve been performing, performing, performing, and it’s true — practice makes perfect, and you have developed a very effective facade to conceal what does not work. Part of this week’s energy will surely find that facade being blown off with a need for explanation, so knowing this, start formulating your response: authenticity is always the best policy. Speak your truth, and let the response determine how the next scene unfolds — will you head back on stage, or will you exit stage left?

Card 4: Advice: XVIII – The Moon

This week you will be fully confronted with your “Shadow:” the side of yourself you do your best to avoid, but that’s always there in the background, whispering your shortcomings and promising things will not work out. Hear that voice for what it is: past-based fears creeping up to keep you from progressing through the darkness, to keep you from sticking it out and pushing through to Sunrise. Oh yes, the Sun is rising for you — most of this week will feel very much like that “dark before dawn,” so keep that in mind as you choose to analyze the roadblocks that come up, seeing them for what they are, and transcending them as the necessary parts that come before the better, more triumphant leg of the cycle.

Now for the Higher Self cards, a message of hope moving forward:

2018-03-11 13.25.11.jpg

Higher Self Cards: 21. The Mountain + Four of Cups + Queen of Coins

So direct! Yes, this week will feel like a “mountain,” where all you can do is keep picking your way up. There will be a point where it gets easier, but this will be contingent on not letting yourself get down and disappointed when your “monkey mind” steps in to present all your shortcomings in an attempt to hold you back. Stay grounding, knowing that nothing can take your achievements from you, especially not with all the work you’ve been doing to continue to nurture your progress! Stay warm and be open, trusting that this week will find your “team” stronger, be it through testing your bonds and finding them strong enough to continue, or through identifying missing links and removing them to make room for better reinforcements. Either way, you’ll be feeling very proud of yourself by the time the weekend is through. Stay focused, you’ve got this!

This is an example of the $25 4-Card Reading in my Etsy shop! If you’re interested in a full month of personalized readings like this, feel free to use the coupon code 4WEEKS25 for 25% off the purchase of four 4-Card Readings — the 4th week is free! I look forward to working with you <3<3

Art Nouveau Lenormand. Lunaea Weatherstone. Illustrated by Antonella Castelli. Llewelyn Publications, 2016.

Tarot Art Nouveau Premium Edition. Lunaea Weatherstone. Illustrated by Antonella Castelli. Lo Scarabeo, 2015.

Minchiate Tarot. Brian Williams. Destiny Books, 1999.


Week Ahead: March 5-11, 2018

Goodness, we all made it through last week!! Facebook suggested I “boost” last week’s week-ahead spread, which I had shared with something along the lines of “looks like it will be a great week!” On seeing it again I felt a little irresponsible for posting such a promise, as last week was a bit of a corker — there were some great moments and achievements, but it was also an emotional mire that more than anything felt very difficult to navigate. But! We are in a new week, and while this one has a much different tone, last week left us feeling more empowered than ever to pursue our own truths and keep seeking and pushing towards that which makes our hearts and souls sing <3<3<3

This week holds some interesting astrological shifts, aligned with — at the very least — some of the emotional maelstrom letting up, as Mercury moves from Pisces into Aries on Monday afternoon, followed by Venus on Tuesday. Our minds and our hearts will be feeling much more energized, invigorated, ready to fight!! Then on Thursday, Jupiter goes retrograde in Scorpio — this will find us thinking about ourselves and our fortunes in a far more “internal” way for a while, figuring out what we personally can do to mould our own destinies into something that speak to us on a soul-level, which we’ll be ready to take action on when Jupiter goes direct again on July 10. I’ll do another post on how to make the best use of this retrograde period!

2018-03-05 14.35.54.jpg

This week-ahead spread is drawn from Creative Whack Pack, the Nature-Speak Oracle, and the Morgan-Greer Tarot. I actually drew a spread with the Morgan-Greer yesterday, but it was so intensely negative that I decided it was meant just for me (oh joy hahaha) — after “sleeping on it,” I asked Morgy if it didn’t want to be used for others, or if it just didn’t like the decks I put it with for that reading. Ding ding ding, it didn’t like Mama’s ideas to shove it with the Rider-Waite-Smith and the Thoth! It’s much happier with these oracle decks, which were actually my first instinct to pair it with. The Morgan-Greer has got to be the spunkiest, grumpiest, most interesting deck I’ve worked with so far! I love it!

For this reading, I laid out a crystal grid centred around a big celestite for connection with your spirituality and your higher guidance. I chose clear quartz for Higher Self connection, angelite to further strengthen that connection with your higher guidance, tiger’s eye for courage and emotional strength, moonstone for understanding of your personal cycles, leopardskin jasper to help you find power in your personal patterns, unakite to protect and help find balance your personal relationships, aragonite for grounding through Higher Self connection, a big dark green aventurine for heart-centeredness, carnelian for creativity, and black obsidian for protection of your personal energy.

First we will look at the Shadow cards for insight into the underlying themes of the week ahead:

week ahead mar 5 11 sh

Shadow Cards: 7. See the Big Picture + Holly | Be a spiritual warrior + 3 of Wands reversed

This week is very much about PERPSECTIVE — about striving to see clearly int he face of challenge. There will probably be a lot coming up to try and sway you, now that you’ve made so much hearty progress on your path! Stay strong, stay centered, stay grounded. Do your best not to be shaken to your core when these challenges crop up, instead trying to think about how you can use these hiccups as tools to keep picking along. I things start to feel stagnant, know that at this point you have done all you can to further progress for the moment, and that the time is ripe to be still and realize that you really are exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you need to be doing, in preparation for a massive windfall that will find you having moved leaps and bounds ahead in the weeks to come <3<3

Oracle Cards: 64. Give Yourself a Pat on the Back + Sunshine | Shine forth reversed

When I flipped these cards, the song “Steal My Sunshine” by Len popped into my head — this week probably won’t be much one for external validation. It’s going to have to come from within! We’re all still reeling from a dark winter and a rumbler of a Pisces season, so it’s safe to assume that if your proverbial cup is feeling too empty to give from, surely others’ are too. We’re in the waning phases of the Moon when our bodies naturally ask us to slow down and go within, and that’s exactly what you should do when it feels like someone else is trying to “steal your light” this week — go shine it elsewhere, and preferably on yourself! You are bigger than these minute conflicts, and you have come too far to let that sort of thing be a real thorn in your side any longer. You’ve been working hard to be a “better you,” and here come the tests to your mettle — rise above!

Card 1: Theme/Focus of the Week: I – The Magician

Yay!! I was thrilled to see this card as the Focus for the week, partly because it shows Morgy is much happier with these decks (lol) but also because I “knew” this card would show up — this moustachioed Magician floated into my mind when I was planning this spread, and the Magician is aligned with the planet Mercury, who is moving into action-oriented Aries on Monday. Woohoo! No matter what happens this week, know that “you’ve got this:” it may feel like it’s you alone keeping the “magic” flowing, but flowing it is, and bringing with it everything you need to succeed in your goals. This will be a week of things “blossoming in the dark,” poised to be fully appreciated by all soon enough.

Card 2: Release: Ace of Pentacles

This week, it will be important not to anticipated when/how the blessings being delivered to you will appear. Trust, trust that this is happening for you, and that there are just a few turns and “learns” left to go before everything is illuminated. You are growing, both in your physical body and its responses to your environment, as well as in your spiritual body, which is where the real “armour” you need this week will come from. Lean on what you know to be true this week, and let the rest continue to unfold organically, trusting that it is all coming together exactly as it should — let’s hear it for Divine Timing?

Card 3: Increase: 6 of Swords reversed

Keep moving towards what you need to feel like you are “healing” this week. There will be conflicts that test you to your core, and in the midst of the struggle, know that these pokes and prods are all road-markers leading you to where you do want to be, to how you do want to feel, to what you do want to be doing with your life! Is this something worth fighting for, or are you fighting against what you need to get better, do better, be better? These are questions that only you can answer, and you’re ready to stop letting someone else answer them for you.

Card 4: Advice: XV – The Devil reversed

Yes, this is the week that you confront your literal “demons.” Aieee!! Nah, you’re not surprised — you’ve felt this turning point screaming up at you for a while, and here it is now, needing to be faced. Again, you are healing! Or trying to, anyway — you’re well aware of the shackles still chaining you to the past, but have also become aware that they’re fully removable as soon as you feel like making the move. You’ve been poking at these bonds, testing them, like when you were 6 and had a wiggly tooth — you know it will fall out, but when? and what if you applied a bit of your own force…?

Now for the Higher Self cards, a message of hope moving forward:

2018-03-05 14.39.16.jpg

Higher Self Cards: 48. Use Good Ideas + Carnation | Follow your passion + IX – The Hermit

You know what you need to feel “balanced,” and this week will provide lots of opportunities to act on your new ideas for how to better handle life and all that it throws at you while you wait for your vision to take its full form. Oh, you should be so proud of yourself, for planting the seeds of passion and continuing to nurture them — now that they’re seedlings this has all become very, very real, and you need to protect what you’ve worked so hard for. Keep your inner lamp lit this week as you face your detractors. They are seeking similar meaning in what they’re trying to do, and it can be hard to see others soaring with flying colours when you’re still just sewing your own flag’s pieces together. But look — you have a flag! And when it does fly, it will be just as bright as the rest of them — and it’s all yours!

Indeed, this week represents a gateway, the midpoint between the past and future. How exciting, once you excuse the frustration that you’re not *quite* there yet! A perfect opportunity to test-drive this new “best you” in the form of staying focused on “stopping to smell the roses” and finding the good, the useable, and truly, the joy to be had in the present moment. This week will provide opportunities to examine where your “heart” is — does it feel like it’s in the right place? Yes? Woohoo! No? Follow its messages to hear from your own perspective what’s the best action to take. You’re getting there, you really are! This week Challenge is the name of the game — think creatively to find your way out of the maze <3<3<3

This is an example of the $25 4-Card Reading in my Etsy shop! If you’re interested in a full month of personalized readings like this, feel free to use the coupon code 4WEEKS25 for 25% off the purchase of four 4-Card Readings — the 4th week is free! I look forward to working with you <3<3

Creative Whack Pack. Roger von Oech. Stamford, CT: U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 1989.

Morgan-Greer Tarot. Lloyd Morgan. Illustrated by Bill Greer. U.S. Games Systems, 1979 (2004 edition).

The Nature-Speak Oracle. Ted Andrews. Jackson, TN: Dragonhawk Publishing, 2006.

Full Moon in Virgo – March 1, 2018

This evening we have a Full Moon in Virgo, exact at 8:51 pm AST! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been fully (haha) feeling this Virgo energy — there are currently four planets and Chiron (the asteroid representing the “unhealable wound”) in Pisces, so needless to say, emotions are high! The Full Moon takes place directly opposite this emotional knot, creating a recipe for feeling mucho anxious about anything that seems to be “out of order” combined with a deep need to sort that out, to fix what’s broken, to heal your situation against the odds. I’ve definitely been feeling that anxiety — I’ve been practically vibrating with an inexplicably nervous energy that past few days and was glad to find that this is a normal visceral response for the Moon’s current placement!

full moon in virgo 010318

This Full Moon in Virgo spread is of my own design, and I chose to draw from the Moon Phases Oracle and two of my new birthday decks, the Dreaming Way Lenormand and the Dreaming Way Tarot! I’m super-impressed with how well these decks work together. I laid out a crystal grid of moonstone to draw in the manifestation energy of the Full Moon as well as to cast light on personal cycles at this time, carnelian to help you connect with your emotional body and your creativity, angelite to connect you with both your Higher Self and any other universal energies present to support you now, leopardskin jasper to draw out the strength to conquer any personal patterns you seek to do better with, aragonite to ground you through connection with your Higher Self, unakite to help in attaining relationship balance, aventurine to connect you with your heart and welcome in abundance, clear quartz for further Higher Self connection (I think we all need lots of that this Full Moon!), black obsidian for protection and healing of your personal energy, and tiger’s eye for courage and connection with your personal power.

To begin, let’s look at the Shadow cards for a picture of the “underlying theme” of this Full Moon in Virgo:

full moon in virgo 01032018 sh

Shadow Cards: Intentions + Dog + 7 of Cups reversed

The last Full Moon was at the end of January, the Full-Super-Blue-Blood Moon that swirled with extremely powerful manifestation energy. There was no Full Moon in February, and as such the intentions for what needed to be released set at the New Moon two weeks ago were extra-potent too — this Full Moon finds those intentions becoming, well, full!, and you are increasingly aware of what’s left to be done to bring your vision forth to its — full! — effect (I’m having too much fun, lol). Indeed, this Full Moon has a distinct “loyalty” angle in terms of taking a long look at who you feel supports you and who you’re really seeing does not. This practice will find you released from the emotional overwhelm swirling amongst all this deep, watery Pisces season energy, feeling much more on top of things and ready to make some real heart-centered decisions based on your reflections. Look deep into your personal darkness to find where light can be let in!

Oracle Cards: Dusk + [Book + Rider + Bear]

Yes, this Full Moon will represent an ending of some sort, an entering into unfamiliar but not unwelcome territory. While sunsets represent the oncoming of night, they are so, so beautiful while they last — at this time, savour everything good that is happening, and try not to hang on to what feels less-than-comfortable. You are consolidating the humongous life lessons still being processed from the recent eclipses, and you need rest so you can gear up to make use of these lessons in the weeks and months to come. I wish I could say things will get easier, but there’s more ferocity on the horizon — you are being forced to look at what makes you feel threatened, unhealthy, weak, but for the greater purpose of realizing that there are certain situations that won’t heal, and can only benefit from choosing a different direction. Once you do, hight it away from this dangerous element <3<3

Card 1: Something being overanalyzed that will be illuminated with the Full Moon: 6 of Pentacles

You’ve probably been made acutely aware of what you feel you *do not* have lately — this has been a push from the Universe to use your words and ask for what you need! Know that it will be delivered to you, and that this low period is slowly melting away with the winter snow. Remain in touch with your emotional process and your creativity, and keep seeking ways to dig yourself out of the figurative hole until your help arrives. It will, and in the meantime, you’ve totally got this — cry if you need to because those tears will help cleanse out some of the gunky blockages being experienced now! But better yet, lean back on the spiritual practices that have been getting you through — you picked them up for a reason, and they are here to serve you very well now. I can’t emphasize enough that help is on the way! Hang in there and remain open to receiving exactly what you need, closing the gate firmly on the mindset that “things never work out” and so on — they do, they do, one way or another, and they always will. In the words of Jafar, “Patience, Iago!”

Card 2: What to continue nurturing at this time: Queen of Pentacles

Know that you really are doing everything you can to nurture your material situation back to health. You’ve chosen the tack of seeing what you’re working on as a tender little baby, that needs so much love and support in order to be all that it can be — keep going with this, because it’s working! And in turn, it’s grounding you to feel so much love and care for something, so much pride in watching it blossom, bloom, and continue to grow. Keep focusing on the development of your abundance, trusting that with the TLC you’re pouring in, by the time you look up it will be fully grown — and it will be magnificent.

Card 3: What you are manifesting this Full Moon: Queen of Swords reversed

Truly, you’re trying to be less cold and calculating, having realized that a heaping dose of “heart” in the form of genuine authenticity and love for what you’re doing is what’s needed, as opposed to forcing your emotional responses out of the situation. Get mad! Crash around a bit (safely, of course), and be amazed at the inspiration that comes with opening the floodgates this Full Moon. Part of being 100% authentic is being honest with yourself, realizing where you’ve been jamming yourself into a box that could never have fit — time to carve your way out, as you have many times before, finding yourself in a better place than you have been recently, and very much ready to act on the revelations dropping all around you, waiting to be noticed, absorbed, and used as rocket-fuel to launch you up and up and up into the stars.

Card 4: A challenge that will prove to be a strength: Page of Cups reversed

All this swirling nervous energy probably has you feeling pretty raw, which can be a gross combination for lashing out and hurting other people’s feelings, even unintentionally. Or perhaps your feelings have been hurt? Either way, the “tea has been spilt,” and at the very least you know where you stand — you don’t want to be a meanie! This is a healing Moon, and will not only inspire you with ideas for how to get your material situation in order, but will also jump-start the process of healing the relationships that can be salvaged and made so, so much better. Watch yourself at this time, learn from your reactions and responses, and resolve to do better, not only for the people you love, but for yourself!

And now for the Higher Self cards — a message of hope moving forward:

full moon in virgo 01032018 hs

Higher Self Cards: Resources + Scythe + 8 of Pentacles

Yes, while there are fears surrounding scarcity under this Full Moon, these cards confirm: the resources you need are very close at hand, but can only be received with the proper amount of work. Keep hacking away at what you’re doing, because seriously, don’t you love it?! You do! You’re finally in a position to be doing something that truly fulfills you, and old patterns of complaint and dissatisfaction that felt like such comforts in different situations tend to try to creep in to see if they can still get you to believe that you can never get what you want. You can, you have, and you will continue to achieve — stay focused and don’t let the emotional pull of the Moon keep you off-course for too long. Nothing and nobody can take this from you, and whatever threatens to do so is a good thing to start wrapping your mind around releasing when the New Moon rolls around on March 17.

Now, something interesting about this reading is that there are *no* Major Arcana cards: while it surely feels like what is happening to you is extreme, intense, and absolutely major, know that these are not themes that will continue to play out in your life. No, the cycle these occurrences are related to is closing, and you are at the door of a new one, one that may find your relationships looking a little different, but ultimately finding you feeling far more settled and on top of things. This Full Moon is about taking a long look at your “team” and making the last few adjustments to really get things feeling “well-oiled” — your best bet is letting go of pre-conceived notions about how you’re sure things will turn out based on what went wrong in the past, replacing that perspective with an openness and curiosity invested in the big blessing the Universe has had in store for you all this time!

This is an example of my $25 4-card Reading, available in my Etsy shop! If you’re interested in a personalized reading with me, feel free to use the coupon code THANKS15 for 15% off your reading at checkout! I look forward to working with you <3<3

Decks used:

Dreaming Way Lenormand. Lynn Araujo. Illustrated by Kwon Shina. U.S. Games Systems, 2016.

Dreaming Way TarotRome Choi. Illustrated by Kwon Shina. U.S. Games Systems, 2012.

Moon Phases Oracle. Devin Strickler. Artwork by Lexie Marquez. First edition. Mystic Moons Tarot, 2015. [Out of Print]