Card of the Day: July 26, 2015

Today’s card if the 4 of Cups!

4 of cups

4 of Cups

This card represents taking a close look at what you have, especially when you’re feeling bored, disillusioned, even a bit ungrateful. Hidden opportunities are waiting around every corner, and you’ll miss them if you’re too busy taking stock and comparing what you have to what others do! On the other hand, counting your blessings is always a good thing, especially if you’re feeling down. If you’re soaked in boredom, get up and go for a walk! Rain or shine. You never know what could happen!

It’s been so grey and dreary for the past while, and it’s hard not to get cabin fever. Routines are hard to establish and even harder to maintain, and it’s easy to start to resent hem and feel like your life is just a boring blob of the same thing, day after day, all the time. And it is! That’s true, but really thinking about what you’re doing and trying to find the joy in it is the key to living happily, and in coming across little surprises that you may not have noticed if you were lost in a dark cloud of grumpy thoughts. This morning I thought about rolling over and going back to sleep, unable to believe that another grey, drizzly day loomed ahead. Then I hear a clear little “mew” and looked out the window to see my big yellow cat, Ra, gazing up and asking to be let in. Instantly I was reminded of everything good in my life, and I made a conscious decision to be my own sunshine today! And this afternoon, the sun came out for real!


Ra, the Wild Boy



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