Card of the Day: July 12, 2015

Today’s Card is The World reversed!

the world reversed

XXI-The World reversed

This card symbolizes the end of old cycles and the beginning of new ones, wholeness, and a stepping forward into the future. In the reversed position, it represents feeling a lack of closure or completion. Something from the past is holding you back, and figuring out what it is will realign the elements and allow you to get back on track. The World is yours, it only feels like it’s upside down!

Not being able to interpret yesterday’s card was nagging at me, so this card rings very true! This is my favourite Major Arcana card, so pulling it reversed when I was feeling a lack of closure and mental cohesion is very interesting to me. It’s as if the card is telling me that once I figure out what’s turned The World on its head, I’ll be back on the path to balance and wholeness. Nice!

I had a great, very insightful reading this afternoon. I love reading for new people because it reminds me how deeply the symbols and messages in each card can resonate with anyone. The World, and every other card on some level, remind you to think about keeping a balanced perspective in all areas, and each presents a different area to focus on. The World is a loud reminder that all parts of life need equal attention, and finding that balance allows the cosmic doors to open up to unimaginable possibilities!



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