Full Blue Moon in Libra: March 31, 2018

Happy Full Blue Moon in Libra! The Full Moon is exact at 9:37 am AST, and I’m here doing my favourite type of Full Moon magic — wishing on bay leaves ♡♡ I write my intentions on them, burn them in an abalone shell, then blow the ashes out under the moon.

To fully understand this sparkling Full Moon’s energy, here’s a little 3-card spread focused on what you’re manifesting, what is currently blocking you, and your best advice for how to comvine these energies fruitfully.

First, the Shadow cards:

Shadow cards: Scorpion + 9 of Wands Rx
You’ve been “stung” recently (or maybe you’re the stinger), and now you are reassessing your personal boundaries in favour of positive change.

Oracle Card: Phoenix

You may have been “burned down,” but oh my, that was just a cleansing process — what was no longer serving you was burned away as well, finding you rising triumphantly from the ashes of the past ♡♡

Card 1: What you’re manifesting: VI – The Lovers
Oh my! This is one of my favourite depictions in the Game of Thrones Tarot. You want to be making better choices in favour of connecting more deeply with the people you care about the most ♡♡

Card 2: Main challenge: Queen of Cups reversed
At this point you’re so worn-down emotionally that it’s more important than ever to remind yourself of what is good in your life, what IS flowing smoothly — there’s a lot!

Card 3: Best advice: II – The Priestess
Melisandre is so appropriate for today! Focus on “making magic” in your life, starting by connecting with your intuition and simply setting powerful intentions for where and how you want to be.

Now for the Higher Self cards, a message of hope moving forward:

Higher Self Cards: Dolphin + 6 of Swords
Happiness really is flowing in — spring and summer are just around the corner, and your mind is 100% in the right place for the healing process to continue ♡♡ Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Full Blue Moon in Libra: March 31, 2018

  1. I almost skipped reading this in favour of my “homework,” but as usual, it was a better choice to read your post first, and now I feel better oriented and prepared to do the work I have to do. I really love your practice with the bay leaves under the full moon—how cool is that? Fun fact: I didn’t know it was full moon last night (March 31st), but about 11pm—just a couple of hours after full moon zenith—I turned out the lights in the dining room and immediately noticed the strange quality of light on the dining room table and looked out to see the beaming moon. It occurred to me at the time to reflect on the fact that the bright but muted blue light on the table was actually sunlight that had made an extra 186,000 x 2 mile journey to the moon and back first!


    • Aw neat!! Iris and I had a similar experience, she was jumping on the bed and stopped, gasped, and said “Mama!! The MOON!!” and we had a lovely moment gazing out together <3<3 not to mention how impressed the babies were when we were burning the bay leaves, they pop and crackle so spectacularly!


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