Full Moon in Virgo – March 1, 2018

This evening we have a Full Moon in Virgo, exact at 8:51 pm AST! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been fully (haha) feeling this Virgo energy — there are currently four planets and Chiron (the asteroid representing the “unhealable wound”) in Pisces, so needless to say, emotions are high! The Full Moon takes place directly opposite this emotional knot, creating a recipe for feeling mucho anxious about anything that seems to be “out of order” combined with a deep need to sort that out, to fix what’s broken, to heal your situation against the odds. I’ve definitely been feeling that anxiety — I’ve been practically vibrating with an inexplicably nervous energy that past few days and was glad to find that this is a normal visceral response for the Moon’s current placement!

full moon in virgo 010318

This Full Moon in Virgo spread is of my own design, and I chose to draw from the Moon Phases Oracle and two of my new birthday decks, the Dreaming Way Lenormand and the Dreaming Way Tarot! I’m super-impressed with how well these decks work together. I laid out a crystal grid of moonstone to draw in the manifestation energy of the Full Moon as well as to cast light on personal cycles at this time, carnelian to help you connect with your emotional body and your creativity, angelite to connect you with both your Higher Self and any other universal energies present to support you now, leopardskin jasper to draw out the strength to conquer any personal patterns you seek to do better with, aragonite to ground you through connection with your Higher Self, unakite to help in attaining relationship balance, aventurine to connect you with your heart and welcome in abundance, clear quartz for further Higher Self connection (I think we all need lots of that this Full Moon!), black obsidian for protection and healing of your personal energy, and tiger’s eye for courage and connection with your personal power.

To begin, let’s look at the Shadow cards for a picture of the “underlying theme” of this Full Moon in Virgo:

full moon in virgo 01032018 sh

Shadow Cards: Intentions + Dog + 7 of Cups reversed

The last Full Moon was at the end of January, the Full-Super-Blue-Blood Moon that swirled with extremely powerful manifestation energy. There was no Full Moon in February, and as such the intentions for what needed to be released set at the New Moon two weeks ago were extra-potent too — this Full Moon finds those intentions becoming, well, full!, and you are increasingly aware of what’s left to be done to bring your vision forth to its — full! — effect (I’m having too much fun, lol). Indeed, this Full Moon has a distinct “loyalty” angle in terms of taking a long look at who you feel supports you and who you’re really seeing does not. This practice will find you released from the emotional overwhelm swirling amongst all this deep, watery Pisces season energy, feeling much more on top of things and ready to make some real heart-centered decisions based on your reflections. Look deep into your personal darkness to find where light can be let in!

Oracle Cards: Dusk + [Book + Rider + Bear]

Yes, this Full Moon will represent an ending of some sort, an entering into unfamiliar but not unwelcome territory. While sunsets represent the oncoming of night, they are so, so beautiful while they last — at this time, savour everything good that is happening, and try not to hang on to what feels less-than-comfortable. You are consolidating the humongous life lessons still being processed from the recent eclipses, and you need rest so you can gear up to make use of these lessons in the weeks and months to come. I wish I could say things will get easier, but there’s more ferocity on the horizon — you are being forced to look at what makes you feel threatened, unhealthy, weak, but for the greater purpose of realizing that there are certain situations that won’t heal, and can only benefit from choosing a different direction. Once you do, hight it away from this dangerous element <3<3

Card 1: Something being overanalyzed that will be illuminated with the Full Moon: 6 of Pentacles

You’ve probably been made acutely aware of what you feel you *do not* have lately — this has been a push from the Universe to use your words and ask for what you need! Know that it will be delivered to you, and that this low period is slowly melting away with the winter snow. Remain in touch with your emotional process and your creativity, and keep seeking ways to dig yourself out of the figurative hole until your help arrives. It will, and in the meantime, you’ve totally got this — cry if you need to because those tears will help cleanse out some of the gunky blockages being experienced now! But better yet, lean back on the spiritual practices that have been getting you through — you picked them up for a reason, and they are here to serve you very well now. I can’t emphasize enough that help is on the way! Hang in there and remain open to receiving exactly what you need, closing the gate firmly on the mindset that “things never work out” and so on — they do, they do, one way or another, and they always will. In the words of Jafar, “Patience, Iago!”

Card 2: What to continue nurturing at this time: Queen of Pentacles

Know that you really are doing everything you can to nurture your material situation back to health. You’ve chosen the tack of seeing what you’re working on as a tender little baby, that needs so much love and support in order to be all that it can be — keep going with this, because it’s working! And in turn, it’s grounding you to feel so much love and care for something, so much pride in watching it blossom, bloom, and continue to grow. Keep focusing on the development of your abundance, trusting that with the TLC you’re pouring in, by the time you look up it will be fully grown — and it will be magnificent.

Card 3: What you are manifesting this Full Moon: Queen of Swords reversed

Truly, you’re trying to be less cold and calculating, having realized that a heaping dose of “heart” in the form of genuine authenticity and love for what you’re doing is what’s needed, as opposed to forcing your emotional responses out of the situation. Get mad! Crash around a bit (safely, of course), and be amazed at the inspiration that comes with opening the floodgates this Full Moon. Part of being 100% authentic is being honest with yourself, realizing where you’ve been jamming yourself into a box that could never have fit — time to carve your way out, as you have many times before, finding yourself in a better place than you have been recently, and very much ready to act on the revelations dropping all around you, waiting to be noticed, absorbed, and used as rocket-fuel to launch you up and up and up into the stars.

Card 4: A challenge that will prove to be a strength: Page of Cups reversed

All this swirling nervous energy probably has you feeling pretty raw, which can be a gross combination for lashing out and hurting other people’s feelings, even unintentionally. Or perhaps your feelings have been hurt? Either way, the “tea has been spilt,” and at the very least you know where you stand — you don’t want to be a meanie! This is a healing Moon, and will not only inspire you with ideas for how to get your material situation in order, but will also jump-start the process of healing the relationships that can be salvaged and made so, so much better. Watch yourself at this time, learn from your reactions and responses, and resolve to do better, not only for the people you love, but for yourself!

And now for the Higher Self cards — a message of hope moving forward:

full moon in virgo 01032018 hs

Higher Self Cards: Resources + Scythe + 8 of Pentacles

Yes, while there are fears surrounding scarcity under this Full Moon, these cards confirm: the resources you need are very close at hand, but can only be received with the proper amount of work. Keep hacking away at what you’re doing, because seriously, don’t you love it?! You do! You’re finally in a position to be doing something that truly fulfills you, and old patterns of complaint and dissatisfaction that felt like such comforts in different situations tend to try to creep in to see if they can still get you to believe that you can never get what you want. You can, you have, and you will continue to achieve — stay focused and don’t let the emotional pull of the Moon keep you off-course for too long. Nothing and nobody can take this from you, and whatever threatens to do so is a good thing to start wrapping your mind around releasing when the New Moon rolls around on March 17.

Now, something interesting about this reading is that there are *no* Major Arcana cards: while it surely feels like what is happening to you is extreme, intense, and absolutely major, know that these are not themes that will continue to play out in your life. No, the cycle these occurrences are related to is closing, and you are at the door of a new one, one that may find your relationships looking a little different, but ultimately finding you feeling far more settled and on top of things. This Full Moon is about taking a long look at your “team” and making the last few adjustments to really get things feeling “well-oiled” — your best bet is letting go of pre-conceived notions about how you’re sure things will turn out based on what went wrong in the past, replacing that perspective with an openness and curiosity invested in the big blessing the Universe has had in store for you all this time!

This is an example of my $25 4-card Reading, available in my Etsy shop! If you’re interested in a personalized reading with me, feel free to use the coupon code THANKS15 for 15% off your reading at checkout! I look forward to working with you <3<3

Decks used:

Dreaming Way Lenormand. Lynn Araujo. Illustrated by Kwon Shina. U.S. Games Systems, 2016.

Dreaming Way TarotRome Choi. Illustrated by Kwon Shina. U.S. Games Systems, 2012.

Moon Phases Oracle. Devin Strickler. Artwork by Lexie Marquez. First edition. Mystic Moons Tarot, 2015. [Out of Print]

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