New Moon in Pisces: March 17, 2018

Happy New Moon! Well, really, with the emotional currents surrounding this one, it probably feels pretty intense — we are closing out an astrological year with this New Moon in Pisces, bringing forth the “shift” that we’ve all been feeling at our cores. You’ve probably been feeling very restless, having wild dreams, old traumas being stirred up for revisiting! This is all very natural, and is allowing us to make a “clean break” in favour of beginning the ascent marked by the Spring Equinox, the longer days, and the Sun’s movement into driven, warrior-spirited Aries in a few days’ time. Mars also moved into Capricorn today, providing a solid floor for our passionate ambitions — it’s time to use these emotional currents to forge a plan you can stick to, the map you’ll use to navigate the fresh and motivated energy poised to pour in to all of our lives as the new moon cycle begins <3<3

2018-03-17 13.15.09.jpg

I drew this spread from the Druid Animal Oracle, the Kuan Yin Oracle, and the Ostara Tarot. I laid out a crystal grid with my trusty selenite wand, desert rose selenite, and amethyst cluster to connect with the moon’s energy, establish Higher Self connection, and clear our energies, rose quartz to remind us to have compassion for ourselves and others, jade to help us stay “cool” and remember to go with the flow, sunstone for warmth and inspiration, crazy lace agate for laughter and good humour, petrified wood to draw in ancestral support through this turbulent emotional time, and moss agate to remind us to engage in self-care.

To begin, let’s look at the Shadow Cards:

2018-03-17 13.17.11.jpg

Shadow Cards: Hind + 19. Mother of Mercy + V – The Hierophant reversed

Yes, we all feel like spindly little babies, ready for Spring! You’re probably feeling quite vulnerable under the invisible weight of all this sheer potential. Know that at this time, you are supported by the Universe, not only held but also being guided on a deep, subconscious level. Have you noticed a ringing in your ears lately, sometimes with increasing intensity? Right now we are all quite literally “downloading” the information we’ll need as we move forward into the coming weeks, months, year ahead. You are preparing to hear your “inner teacher” loud and clear, in such a way that you become inspired almost out of nowhere for the last few adjustments needed in order to gain the personal structure you’ve been developing, growing, allowing to unfurl — your time is now!

Oracle Cards: Bee + 29. Sound the Fierce Flute (jumper) + 30. Spin the Silken Thread Divine

Oh boy, yes indeed, it will soon be time to roll up your sleeves and get to work! This will be a very happy process indeed, one that nurtures your sense of who you are, why you’re here, what lights you up from the inside out and finds you humming your heart’s unique tune. You should have fanfare, but at this point, you don’t even need it — you know what you’re doing and cannot be swayed where it comes to what you know to be true. You are working hard at something that is truly meaningful to you, and as a result, everything is falling into place, one perfect tile at a time. This is a time to step back and marvel at how very much Divine Timing has been at play in your life, and to continue to trust in this power as all continues to unfold in synchronistic accordance.

Card 1: Focus of this New Moon in Pisces: XI – Justice reversed

Mm, change is hard to accept — we’re all often so focused on making personal changes to find balance in our lives that as soon as anyone else tries to make changes, it throws the whole thing off and we have to recollect, with the urge to yell out “it’s not fair!!” This New Moon will find you thinking that a lot, noticing what’s off-kilter, feeling the shifts, observing changes. That’s all you need to do with this — observe what’s happening, and consider how you can “be the bigger person” instead of lashing out with dissatisfaction. This is a New Moon for weighing our personal truths and just being with them, noticing how they feel, beginning the mental process of deciding how the shift will affect us. Actions speak louder than words at this time — is what you’re doing reflective of who you see yourself to be? Go easy on yourself as you make these identifications, and even more importantly, go easy on others, leaving the need to point out their imbalances to karma <3<3 This New Moon, “it all comes out in the wash” — focus on your own load!

Card 2: What to Release: Page of Cups

Indeed, as mentioned above, one of the themes of this Moon is having all kinds of “past stuff” dredged up and thrown in your face. Naturally, emotions will be high, and they will be raw! Let the tears flow, feel it all, in such a way that you’re able to purge it all out. Nothing like a big ugly cry to make you feel years better, right? All your personal shadows are coming out at this time, to stimulate you, to motivate you to understand yourself better, in such a way that you’re freed up to view the dreams you’ve been working towards with fresh, clean eyes. This New Moon’s tears are here to wash away what’s no longer serving you, to freshen up your perspective, and to force you to take measures to ground yourself and seek that which makes you smile from your heart’s depths — there is no shame in crying, but know that you do deserve happiness!

Card 3: Energy to Increase: King of Swords

All this emotional flexing and roundabout cycles have been swirling, again, to force you to re-center, to re-analyze your position, to show you where you have no control in order to be able to identify where you do. If anything this New Moon will present to you “where you stand” in your life at this point, showing you the mental power you hold over your situation, and proving to you that you really do have a firm grip on what you want and how to achieve it. You’ve been wishing you could be less, well, wishy-washy, and this desire has been heard by the Universe and is rapidly being granted. With it comes the ability to make better choices — the ball is in your court, the sword is in your hand, and you get to choose whether to continue the path you were on or to carve out the new one you’ve been thinking on, planning on, bringing forth through sheer manifestation power. The gate is open and you’ve dressed yourself for success — get ready to step through!

Card 4: Advice: 4 of Swords

All that being said, the time for action is not so much now — you’re still in the middle of the New Moon maelstrom, so as soon as it gets to be too much, allow yourself to check out and recollect. This is a great day for napping, for meditation, for solitude when other people’s own needs for some sort of elusive balance become too great, allow yourself to pull back — you don’t need to solve this today, you probably couldn’t if you tried, and that is so, so okay. Rest, rest, rest — the coming days will be filled with energy and progress, and now is the time to charge up so you can take on all that you’ve been wanting and welcoming into your life. You are being reborn, so soak up these last moments of kicking back to relax, reflect, and become reinvigorated!

Now for the Higher Self cards, a message of hope moving forward:

2018-03-17 13.18.43.jpg

Higher Self Cards: Wolf + 44. Weave the Future Golden + 3 of Wands

Yes, this New Moon will be a visible placeholder moving forward; in looking back it will noticeably be the time when you determined your “pack,” when you really began to howl the message you were born to share — right now is the moment your future begins For Real. You are transforming, and in this rebirth you will find that you know exactly what you need to do, you will find the words that you need to say, you will send out the energy needing to be sent in order to welcome in all that you’ve been waiting for. Your world is changing, that’s for sure, and all of these changes are your wishes being granted — some in different forms than you expected, others in complete alignment with your clearest visions. It’s all happening right now, and you can trust in the beauty to be found once the emotional storm passes and the Moon makes its way back to Full <3<3

The major themes of this New Moon will be connecting with and listening to your intuition, which will be facilitated by observing what is very apparently not working in favour of kick-starting the changes that will allow everything to fall into place. This New Moon asks you to listen to your Inner Voice in favour of making your own rules moving forward, for strengthening your personal structures and finding yourself far more in control of your own situation than you’ve been feeling lately. It’s true that some previous structures are poised to fall, possibly quite dramatically — again, do your best just to observe, release, and trust that what’s on its way out is making room for bigger, better, and far more stable circumstances. You’ll be gaining emotional control and crystal-clear clarity once the waves subside! While there are no Pentacles cards in this reading (the suit of material resources, but also of personal grounding), the dominant colour across the cards is brown — do your best to stay centered, not to let yourself be rocked around too much, reminding yourself not only that “this too shall pass,” but that when it does, it will be replaced with what you’ve been envisioning (and creating!) for your life with your whole entire open heart!

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The Druid Animal Oracle. Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Illustrated by Bill Worthington. New York: Fireside/Simon & Schuster, 1994.

Kuan Yin Oracle. Alana Fairchild. Artwork by Zeng Hao. Victoria, Australia: Blue Angel Publishing, 2012.

Ostara Tarot. Morgan Applejohn, Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard, and Julia Iredale. Schiffer Books, 2017.

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