Week Ahead: March 26-April 1, 2018

We’re in full Mercury Retrograde mode now, along with these solar flares affecting similar areas of life! I recently read the best explanation of how Mercury’s particular effect on technology, vehicles, and our ability to communicate effectively: Mercury is a planet with a very high iron content, and during its retrograde period it passes between the Earth and the Sun. Basically, an enormous magnet is both blocking our solar energy source and coming closer than usual to our vehicles and technologies, affecting our mental function as well! This is a time to focus intensely on details, making sure everything is done correctly and then checking again, and very much for tying up loose ends on projects you’ve already started.

All that being said, this week Venus (the planet of love and beauty) is our star player, forming a conjunction with Uranus in Aries (the sign represented by the Ram) on Wednesday evening. This is a blending of love energy and change/rebellion/innovation energy — Uranus is a powerfully unpredictable planet, so if things feel extra-weird on and around Wednesday, just hold on to your hat and wait for the flare-ups to settle! And settle they will, with Venus then moving into Taurus in the wee hours of Saturday morning. This is one of Venus’s power placements and will lend a degree of stability to the weeks to come. This is followed closely by a Full Blue Moon in Libra, the other sign ruled by Venus, on Saturday as well, promising to illuminate what’s needed to get a lead on the Balance you have been seeking for yourself and your life.

This reading is intended to represent the energy surrounding the week ahead, and is drawn from the Sacred Rebels Oracle (I used it last week too, but I can’t get enough of it!), Cards of Wellbeing, and The Linestrider Tarot (another new favourite — I was worried about how I’d feel about it because it’s so popular, but oh my, when I was first looking through it I kept bejng struck with the feeling that it was made for *me*!). I laid out a crystal grid of carnelian for creativity and emotional connection, aventurine for heart-centeredness and protection, amethyst for calming and connection with your Higher Self, black obsidian for grounding and healing of your energy levels, tiger iron for further grounding and strength through self-understanding, and Shaman quartz for further healing through Higher Self connection.

First, let’s look at the Shadow cards, for insight into the underlying theme of the week:

Shadow Cards: 29. Seeing the True You + 32. Love + II – The High Priestess reversed

Yes, this will certainly be an interesting week for coming to understand your personal responses! It’s inyeresting that the “Love” card from Cards of Wellbeing showed up in such a Venusian week, along with a major self-care card from Sacred Rebels. The High Priestess reversed suggests that this week, remember that the astrological forecast includes unpredictability and huge potential for change in the grand schene of things, especially where it comes to improving the way you love yourself and, in turn, relate to others.

Oracle Cards: 37. Focus on the Light + 37. Prejudices

Wow!! Indeed, this week it will be extremely to do your darndest to maintain a positive mindset, as judgment will feel harsh and heavy at points — both towards you, as well as in the urge to hurl it out. Throw yourself into what you love and steer as clear of what you don’t as much as you can, although when you do meet pockets of poopiness, just take comfort in the fact that “it all comes out in the wash” and know that after this week, you will have at the very least gained a new level of clarity surrounding the way things will be unfolding moving forward!

Card 1: Focus for this week: XI – Justice

Yes, the week cuminating in the enrgy of the Full Moon in Libra promises that come what may, this week’s events are about regaining balance, determining Right from Wrong, and weighing your actions against your true sentiments. No pressure! Haha — but this does promise to ultimately be a positive, uniting shift, especially where Justice has been showing up reversed the past few week, and now here it is triumphantly upright!

Card 2: Release: King of Wands reversed

This is a time for recharging, for gettimg your space in order, for nurturing the projects you’ve started. It is definitely NOT a time when you need to be 100% on top of things, and you definitely should not be hard on yourself for that. You’re still doing it and Aries season has you chomping at the bit to get everything done, like, yesterday, but just know that it’s so, so okay and so universally natural if that’s just not what’s happening at the moment. Do you right now — we’re in the thick of this massive astrological shift, and you’ll have much more energy to move things ahead once it settles down. Nurture yourself, protect the energy you do have, and recharge for the weeks to come <3<3

Card 3: Energy to Increase: Ace of Swords reversed

These cards are so literal — this is not a time for new ideas, but rather to follow through on the ones you’ve started, including the patterns you’ve been cementing and gaining much better control over. You’ve been acing challenges that would have thrown you for a total loop just a few months ago, and reflecting on these small-but-mighty achievements will help you stay the course through any Uranian torrents that blow through!

Card 4: Advice: V – The Hierophant reversed

This week definitely finds you breaking away from an establishment, turning inward to find the answer to what “traditions” you want your life to be defined by. You will be challenged to hold steadfast to your own core beliefs, perhaps even to defend them, but know that you will be able to stand strong and maintain your inner structures come what may. This week you come closer than ever to unlocking any remaining mysteries — you are thisclose to understanding your situation on an entirely new and groundbreaking level!

And now for the Higher Self cards:

Higher Self Cards: 13. Power of Attraction + 23. Right Direction + King of Pentacles

Truly, you can know that this week begins a cascade of coming closer and closer to the stabilizing, supportive, and plain, simple right-feeling kind of life you’ve been focused on and striving to bring forth. I live the consistency of the message “you’re doing it” over the past few weeks — you really are, and you can trust that everyhing is working out beautifully from the perspective of the divine behind-the-scenes <3<3

This week could very well involve a shake-up of “everything you thought you knew” — stay in touch with how you’re feeling, notice your responses (both negative and positive), letting them wash over you and inspire you to keep moving in the direction you want to be taking — and have been! Everything really is becoming whole, and the pieces that do not fit are falling away to make space for the ones that will!

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Decks used:

Cards of Wellbeing. Norma Stocco. Lo Scarabeo, 2007.

Linestrider Tarot. Siolo Thompson. Llewellyn Publications, 2016.

Sacred Rebels Oracle. Alana Fairchild. Illustrated by Autumn Skye Morrison. Blue Angel Publishing, 2017 (2nd Edition).

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