Saturn Direct: August 25, 2017

Early in the morning on August 25, Saturn stationed Direct at 21’11 Sagittarius. The planet of challenge, of order, of “fatherly” influence has been Retrograde since April 6, during which time we all worked on our internal notions of what it means to feel “free,” “independent,” “unfettered,” and we came to several realizations about what needs to be done in order to bring those feelings into our lives. Now that Saturn is Direct, we are ready to start finding that balance, bringing it into our lives on the grand scale, in order to come to a new level of “peace” not only with the people in our lives, but ultimately with ourselves. The tarot cards for Saturn and Sagittarius are XXI – The World and XIV – Temperance, suggesting that we are stepping into new, much calmer territory, where we can trust things to be more readily “in place” than ever before! This next phase requires a leap of faith to be sure, and it will have its share of conflicts, but you have “heard” your core truth in some form or another and now you are following it — nothing can sway you from starting this new chapter. You are ready to put in the Saturnian hard work required of you in order to implement your Sagittarian fiery passion! Get ready to run with it!XXI The WorldXIV Temperance

The following reading, drawn from the Thoth Tarot, Ascended Masters Oracle, and the Cosmic Tarot, looks at how to make the best use of the energies surrounding Saturn going Direct. This is an example of what’s included with the $50 Planetary Retrograde/Direct Readings tier on my Patreon page! For this reading I laid out a crystal grid with clear quartz for higher self connection, yellow calcite for personal power, dumortierite for Saturnian clarity of communication and grounded purpose, two citrine to allow your light to shine really bright, two tree/dendritic agates to help protect and grow what you’re working on now, crazy lace agate to remind you to laugh off heaviness like a Sagittarius, amazonite for heart-balance, tourmalinated quartz for ancestral spiritual guidance, and falcon’s eye for far-sighted perception and further protection on your exciting new journey!

2017-08-25 15.52.57

Now that Saturn is Direct, there is no excuse not to focus on your responsibilities. You can feel the weight of all you’re taking on, but my oh my, it doesn’t feel that heavy! You are so excited that you are taking on this new level of Everything with an unseen strength, seeing it as a chance to make an Impression rather than a new source of Oppression. Coming through the Retrograde cycle, you are dancing forth fresh, set on your journey but free of expectations, ready to work towards ensuring it unfolds with a spring in your step and a trust in the Universe to guide you on your Way — you are following your heart and taking a leap of faith with what’s been set in motion, but you Know you are doing the right thing, and you are fueled by your pure ambition!

Oracle Cards: 9 of Wands |  Strength + Fertility | Pan

You are standing in your power, and you are ready to “light up” your dream! Your creative juices are flowing, if you will, and everyone is dancing to your new “tune.” Saturn’s time Retrograding in Sagittarius was valuable for you, as you were really able to identify and get a hold of the ways you were “spending” your energy, which you now feel much more in control of. You’re getting closer and closer to your goal! This is the point on the path where you need to take care not to get “lazy” — full steam ahead is the only option, there’s really not time to stop and rest! Keep creating your vision, and prepare to be amazed at what you’ve borne by the time the Sun enters Sagittarius in late November!

Tarot Cards

Card 1: What challenges were reflected on during Saturn Retrograde that you can work towards freeing yourself from now that Saturn is Direct? XX – Judgement reversed

You’ve heard your “calling” and now it’s sweeping you along, and where you were once filled with negativity and outward criticism, you now feel a sense of contentment and gratitude, such that you appreciate other people in a whole new way. You are open, you’ve busted through a glass ceiling and there’s no going back now that you’ve seen things in this new way. You’re ready to connect, re-connect, network and Make It Work: where the path ahead once looked like a desert wasteland, now it looks like a road paved with goodness and absolute hope.

Card 2: What new structures will increase your independence of those past obstacles? 9 of Pentacles reversed

Just keep working at it! You’ve seen where your comfort zone was holding you back so you turned it upside down, accepting an influx of tasks and responsibilities that you know you are totally prepared to handle. I heard the lyrics to Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice:” “Got my mind on my money, and my money on my mind!” You’re making it happen, and you are okay with giving up some of your present “luxuries” in order to continue to make it happen, and then some. You’ve realized that the true reward is getting to do what you love, and you can’t put a price tag on that!

Card 3: What goal will you now begin to chase at full speed? Page of Cups

With all this career activity, you’ve finally found time to focus on emotional You, and your personal relationship with yourself is flourishing. You’re understanding your personal triggers and are examining what gets you feeling raw so that you can keep a lid on it when you need to — your relationships with others are in a fantastic place too, and you’re determined not to rock the boat. Keep listening to your intuition, because all this soul-work has you very much in touch there — ask for the answers you need in the moment, and trust that you will receive them! You’ve made a new start, and you can feel just how much more good is flowing in.

Saturn Direct finds you ready to hit the ground running, your new vision clear in your mind, your relationships in harmony, and the unshakeable drive to create an awesome future. This urge comes from a place of love, as you are striving to pave the way for others too: you are “parting the waters,” finding passages you hadn’t noticed or assumed weren’t there, finding that not much can hold you back now, unless you let it! Your personal power meter is full and ready to sweep you off on a journey of self-discovery through realization of your dreams. If this sounds grandiose, that’s because what’s happening to you — and everyone else right now! — truly is HUGE. Channel your tiger-spirit and trust that with love in your heart, nothing is impossible! Don’t do it because you’re “supposed” to or because someone wants you to — do it because you need to!

Yes yes yes, you’ve heard “the Call:” now follow it with a light, happy heart! This is a time full of new ideas and learning new things, including about yourself and what you are capable of! You’re “bubbling up” to the surface, ready to fill your cup with fire — you are going to take this new thing by storm with your fresh attitude and newly cool head. You’ve worked for this, now you have it, and you’re more than ready to work some more! Keep working your magic, maintain your new balance, and get excited for the next chapter to begin — you really are “almost there.”

Decks used:

Ascended Masters Oracle. Doreen Virtue. Various artists. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2007.

Cosmic Tarot. Norbert Lösche. Neuhausen, Switzerland: AGMueller, 1998.

Thoth Tarot Deck. Aleister Crowley. Illustrated by Lady Frieda Harris. Stamford, CT: US Game Systems, Inc., 1983.

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