Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aquarius: August 7, 2017

On August 7, we have a powerful Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius! Aquarius is the sign of humanitarianism, of innovative thinking, of finding a way to refresh what’s become outdated. A Lunar Eclipse from an astrological standpoint involves a bright spotlight being thrown on your “Shadow,” leaving it with nowhere to hide — and you with no choice but to decide what to do about it. This is a good thing, because it effects change — Eclipse-style changes play out over years, so hope for the best! The tarot card for the Moon is II – The High Priestess and the card for Aquarius is XVII – The Star, suggesting that this Lunar Eclipse will represent an opportunity to get in touch with your intuition, to “listen to your gut,” in such a way that you are inspired by something that you can’t ignore. This in turn leads you to pop up and into action, starting out towards making something of it, applying the knowledge you’ve already accumulated along the way. Following this urge will lead to your total happiness: you really are headed for the light! You could choose to turn back, knowing it would mean more of the same darkness that you know like the back of your hand — but aren’t you ready for the fresh and new?

II The High PriestessXVII The Star

The following 3-card reading (with an extra tarot card because LUNAR ECLIPSE) is an example of what’s included in the $25 New and Full Moon Readings reward tier on my Patreon page, which also includes a 5-card reading when the Sun sign changes and a one-card Monthly Kick-Off reading! For this reading I drew from The Cook’s Tarot, Crystal Reading Cards, and Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. I laid out a crystal grid of a blue agate slice to match Aquarius’ “electric blue” power colour, moonstone for understanding of our personal cycles, tiger’s eye for quick thinking and creative protection, tourmalinated quartz for intuitively finding the “silver lining” in any situation, and rutilated quartz for loyalty and support through difficult times via spiritual connectedness.

2017-08-01 16.01.22

Oracle Cards: Calcite | RelaxationInsecurity

The cards couldn’t be more clear: it’s time to “relax” your “insecurity.” Put it to rest by allowing yourself to, well — relax! You have come so very far, too far to let the little devils on your shoulder get in your ear and take it all away. As if they could: what you have now is all yours, and at this point, it really can’t be taken away from you — maybe physically, but nothing can take away the feeling of knowing you’ve accomplished something that you always pictured achieving for yourself. You did it, you did it!

Tarot Reading: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius Spread

Card 1: What “Shadow” will be cast by this Lunar Eclipse in order to show where change needs to occur?

King of Wands: Your greatest test this Lunar Eclipse will be examining how you deal with being in control of great, passionate power. Are you a warm leader, or an angry tyrant? Meet your public with a smile over a frown during this Lunar Eclipse — your attitude towards what you’re making happen will make all the difference. This is not a time to be keeping track of fiddly details — your team helped you get where you are, don’t forget to keep meeting them at eye level!

Card 2: Where will you be able to start to pour your energy most consciously this Eclipse?

7 of Cups: You will be presented with many options, and your best course of action will be to spend time with them all, flirting with each possibility, making sure you know what each choice will turn into in the future. Take your time here — if nothing “feels” right, maybe now is a time to choose not to choose, however disappointing that may be for the other people involved. You know by now that there are always more opportunities floating around — your passion seems to draw them to you like magnets! Keep dancing and know that you’ll be able to decide easily when the time is right. Focus on trusting yourself to know what to do!

Card 3: What will this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse help you finally release for good?

King of Pentacles: You’ll be able to release the sense that you need more than what you have to be considered a “success.” You have had your loyalties challenged, you have lost your money, you have felt so tired you thought there was no way you could go on — but you did. You’re still here, and you will always have the resources you need to get by, one way or another! Release that cemented picture of what “rich” looked like when you were a child, and find it instead in the groove in your spot on the couch, in the loving eyes of your pet or your darling, in the food in your cupboard and the warmth of the sun outside.

Card 4: What future breakthrough will this Eclipse set in motion?

7 of Swords reversed: The Jupiter/Pluto square forced you to be honest with yourself about what’s working and what isn’t, and now the Lunar Eclipse is plunging you into full-healing territory, whether you’re ready to go there or not! The rug is being ripped out and you can no longer hide — what’s been done, what’s being done, and what needs to be done next to confirm your resolution. Let nothing more be taken from you, let go what left of its own accord, and focus on the sweetness to come once the emotional currents tied to what recently sent you running have calmed down. Honesty will always save the day, eventually, and it’s time to focus on the presences in your life who are loyal — they’ll still be by your side when everything is said and done!

Yes, this Eclipse will mean big things in the long-term, and what you are going through now is strengthening you and the people closest to you for something very important in the long haul. Stay connected with those you know support you, and take this intense opportunity to cut ties with those who you know do not. It’s time to make plans that you know will benefit you, and to release the old patterns that you created, but that you found to be holding you back — anyone who resents you making personal improvements is not worth the New You. Slow and steady wins the race, so think only of success and don’t let those who entertain failure cloud your disposition!

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Jupiter Square Pluto: August 4, 2017

On August 4, Jupiter in Libra forms a square aspect with Pluto in Capricorn. A square is a position of challenge or resistance that ultimately leads to greater personal stability, once the difficulties have played out and you’ve found your way through them! This square is represented by the tarot cards X – The Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter) and XIII – Death, indicating that its effect will have to do with a “fortunate change” or a propitious transformation, something being left behind forever in favour of a total change of state. This Jupiter-Pluto square occurs at 17’32, a numerological 13 also, further reinforcing that this aspect’s transit will involve a major transition leading feeling a sense of completion.

X The Wheel of FortuneXIII Death

The following reading is an example of what’s included with the $35 Planetary Transit Readings reward tier on my Patreon page, which also includes a one-card Monthly Kick-Off Reading, a 5-card reading when the Sun sign changes, and 3-card readings at the New and Full Moons! For this reading, I drew from the Druid Plant Oracle, the Kuan Yin Oracle, and the Feng Shui Tarot, for their smooth combination of healing energy and powerful fortune-related guidance. I laid out a crystal grid of iolite for connected communication, snow quartz for Higher Self connection, pink opal for creativity that comes from the heart, serpentine for heart protection and flexibility, red jasper for grounding, and petrified wood for even deeper grounding and connection with ancestor spirits. This Jupiter-Pluto square could be a tough one, so surround yourself and ground yourself!

2017-08-01 15.59.31

Shadow Cards: Primrose reversed44. Weave the Future GoldenQueen of Swords

If only you knew how “right” the direction in which your thoughts are taking you now is — you’re right not to take the course of being “sweet,” because this square will be a time for cool, collected thinking, and decisive action in favour of the advancement of yourself and your loved ones. You are creating great things, right now, and you are building your vision for the future! Keep your focus on that work, and pour out the need to keep simmering any old grievances at this time — the last thing you need is anger and resentment getting in the way of the amazing things that are in progress. Sure, you still have some tangles and snarls to work through before you really feel on top of things, but in the meantime know that your personal light is shining bright and true, and you are being noticed in a way that can only help things along in a way that’s truly beautiful.

Clover reversed33. Ten Sisters of Light7 of Swords

This square may find you feeling like the water is closing over your head, like your luck has run out, like you’re trying to swim up a waterfall!!…stop. Calm yourself, recollect, and know that the luck coming to you hasn’t even started — you’re in the “shower” stage of the day, but on the grand scale, and now is the time when you need to focus on cleansing your insides: your mind, your body, your perspective on what you have. And who you have! Any time you need a reality check for how well things are going, just reach out: you are surrounded by support, and for the moment at least, you really don’t have to look far to find it. Use this loving energy to your advantage, and keep creating, keep coming up with ideas for how to “make this work,” and don’t let yourself get in your own way. Right now, what matters is being honest with yourself and trusting yourself to find a way “back to earth,” once you’ve taken the time to think through your current position and figure out how to connect all the dots to your best advantage. Things may feel harder before they feel easier, but you’re on the right track, so keep your wits about you and listen to the thoughts you can’t let go of — they are telling you something, and listening (then sharing!) will help you on your way.

Higher Self Cards: Bramble32. Tai Chi RisingXVIII – The Moon

Yes, no matter how challenging this Jupiter/Pluto square is, know that you should “stick with it” and that any seeming depletions of your energy are only temporary. You are on your way up in your endeavours, and right now, you are simply adjusting your eyes and learning to see in a new light. As the saying goes, it’s always darkest before the dawn, and your personal Dawn is coming indeed: with that kind of achievement comes many tests beforehand, making you work for the benefits you will absolutely receive, challenging you to tough through the stings and scratches to get to the potent healing that is underway.

Things may feel tougher before they feel better during this transit, but as I wrote down while meditating on this spread, this Jupiter/Pluto square will represent “THE CHALLENGE BEFORE THE RESULT.” Your results are coming, so hang in there, and trust that anything that falls away during this period was no longer serving you, holding you back, and standing in the way of you harvesting the bountiful fruits of your long and dedicated labour. This storm shouldn’t last long and is a pure test of your mettle when it comes to what you’ve been putting in motion — don’t let this stop you!

Feng Shui Tarot. Eileen Connolly and Peter Paul Connolly. Published by U.S. Game Systems. Scans via Tarot.com, August 27, 2015. Illustrations from Feng Shui Tarot used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. c. 2001 by U.S. Games Systems.  All rights reserved.

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Uranus Retrograde: August 3, 2017

Uranus goes Retrograde on August 3, 2017, at 28’32 Aries! It remains retrograde until January 2, 2018. This will be a time for deep introspection, especially concerning the decisions we make that either allow us to feel great and go with the flow, confident in our new ideas and the paths they lead us down, or those that make us feel foolish, like running home to hide, like really needing to rethink how to approach starting over yet again.The tarot card for Uranus is 0 – The Fool, reversed for the Retrograde, and the numerology adds up to 15, card XV – The Devil. This retrograde will find us thinking about choices to be made surrounding our sense of personal success on a grand scale, and will in turn set in motion important new trajectories where it comes to feeling like we are thinking in line with our soul’s purpose. This is a good time to seek the support of others, especially where you’re struggling to release harmful patterns: Uranus Retrograde will provide opportunities to break free from the past through being confronted with it head-on. This will be a time of rebalancing indeed!

0 The FoolXV The Devil

The following reading is an example of what’s included in the $45 Planetary Retrograde/Direct Readings Reward tier on my Patreon page, which includes 3-card readings each time a planet goes retrograde/direct (~2/month), one-card reading when planets change signs, 3-card readings for the New and Full Moons, a 5-card reading when the Sun sign changes, and a One-Card Monthly Kick-Off Reading on the first of each month. For this reading, I drew from the Art of Life Tarot, Astrological Oracle Cards, and The Sorcerer’s Tarot. To maximize connection with Uranus’s electric energy, I laid out a crystal grid around a blue agate slice, placing magnesite for out-of-the-box thinking and tiger’s eye for ultimate creativity and “thinking on your feet.” I also considered the Shadow and Higher Self cards (the cards at the top and bottom of the deck after shuffling) for further insight.

2017-08-01 15.57.48

Shadow Cards: I – The Magician + Aries + 7 of Wands

You have finally started something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, that you know you’ll be good at — no matter what challenges Uranus Retrograde throws your way, know that you have the energy and spiritual strength you need to persevere against any obstacle that comes your way. Can you feel your personal power swirling? Proceed with confidence, knowing you’ve fought long and hard for what’s in the works Right Now. You have earned it!

Oracle Cards: Pisces + 2 of Cups | “I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

This is a time to be totally open to others, especially those you love, and to look for ways to adapt to accommodate everyone’s feelings so you can keep swimming smoothly together. Love is in the air lately, with “love”-related cards turning up in just about every reading for everyone, so trust that your support system will hold you, and make it clear that you’ll return the favour! Aquarius energy is pretty cool and emotionless, so make a point to keep in touch on that level so nobody feels like they’ve been flushed out of the picture. Sensitivity will serve you well moving forward — this Uranus Retrograde, be your best self and watch even more love in many forms flood in. You’re sure to be surprised!

Tarot Reading: 3-Card Uranus Retrograde Spread

Card 1: “Evolutionary” challenge to focus on this Uranus Retrograde: 7 of Cups reversed

You have actually done a ton of flexing and re-flexing in order to get on top of everything that has been overwhelming you, especially “themes from the past” — you’re doing a fantastic job!! Your main challenge this Uranus Retrograde will be staying on top of things, maintaining your balance, learning from the past and remaining upbeat moving forward. Your Inner Child was thrown for a loop lately, so perhaps try getting back “in touch” at that level over the next 5 months, in order to find yourself carrying forward a child-like joyfulness once the retrograde period is all said and done!

Card 2: Main “point of innovation” -> how to change your thinking to welcome new ways of being: Page of Wands

Yes, let yourself “think like a child,” in a mode of discovery where you’re ready to get down and figure out how everything works. You’re like a student learning a new trade, preparing to take your upcoming career by form, fueled by the forces of magic and passion, inspired by the beauty to be found in every stage of this exciting process! Phew, that’s a lot of enthusiasm — but that comes with Uranus territory no matter which direction you’re headed, so keep sparking and prepare for your flame to leap, finding you quite transformed!

Card 3: Outcome: What fresh things to expect from Uranus Retrograde: 8 of Swords reversed

If anything, Uranus Retrograde will provide ample opportunities to examine “new ways out” of the situations that appear to hold you back from truly enjoying your life, and feeling like you are the shining star that you are at this point in time. You will be forced to be honest with yourself and with others, as the new perspective you are about to gain throws what was causing you to get overgrown and bushy into sharp relief. Enough of what makes your head spin — listen to your discomfort, and follow to answers to what “freedom” means to you, which are becoming impossible to ignore.

Higher Self Cards: 7 of Wands (again!) + LibraXV – The Devil

The cards couldn’t be clearer: this is the time to persist in your pursuits. You are coming out on top, as a result of taking action towards doing what’s right for yourself and the people closest to your heart. You are growing, you are on fire! Keep your ego in check and continue to strive to do what’s Right — it’s always good retrograde advice to check and re-check, to make sure you’ve crossed all your t’s and dotted all your i’s! Important decisions are being made now so you must keep a level head and an open heart. Stay grounded and resist the temptation to take the easy way out — there is no easy way, so take the time to figure out the best way!

Uranus Retrograde promises to bring huge changes, ones that shift the scales of balance! Hold on tight to what is valuable to you, especially non-material things, and fight this battle with all of your valour. You are learning, and you are already well-prepared for the lessons to come. Stay on task, and forge ahead with full confidence in your drive and passion!

Art of Life Tarot. Charlene Livingstone. Stamford, CT: U. S. Games Systems, Inc., 2012.

Astrological Oracle Cards. LWB: Lunaea Weatherstone. Artwork: Antonella Castelli. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2012. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

The Sorcerers Tarot. Antonia Castelli. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2014.

Tarot Mucha. LWB: Lunaea Weatherstone. Artwork: Giulia F. Massaglia. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2014. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

One-Card Monthly Kick-off Reading: August 2017

Happy August! There’s one month left of summer, almost two really — it’s time to start making decisions about what we still want to get out of the rest of the summer, what we still want to seek out and experience! This one-card reading with The Animal Wisdom Tarot is an example of what’s included in the $5 One-Card Monthly Kick-Off Reading tier on my Patreon page. I laid out my Fossil Jasper pyramid, also known as Calligraphy Stone and Miriam Stone (heehee! That’s my name!), for its powerful “creative” energy, and for its strength in helping us recognize useful patterns in order to make the best use of our personal energy. For this reading I also considered the Shadow and Higher Self Cards (the cards at the bottom and top of the deck after shuffling, respectively).

2017-07-31 21.50.10

Shadow Card: Ace of Swords/Feathers (animal energy: Stork)

It’s been hard to maintain perspective on the amount of sunshine-time left of the summer, with the darkness of reality crushing in from all sides — and yet, you’ve done the tough job of deciding on something heavy to leave behind for good, and you’re ready to fly free and find that sunshine again! This dark night has been a gestational process, and soon you’ll be swooping forward, ready to bring forth something precious and new into the world. The dawn is coming, and you’re rising with it, bringing forth a fresh new perspective that you’re ready to share.

Tarot Card: Guardian of Feathers/King of Swords (animal energy: Eagle)

Truly, you’ve risen above the chatter and clatter, and your new wisdom has allowed you to relax and view things from a level, logical standpoint. There’s no doubt that you’re still ready to fly into action at a moment’s notice, talons bared, but you now have a better grip on when to fight and when to stop, stay still, and listen. This is serving you very well, allowing you to remain cool in even the hottest of heats — you are ready to relax and enjoy the view, ready to share and explore some more, ready to keep thinking towards the future. You are in control, and your noble course of action in overcoming recent challenges is earning you fantastic recognition! Keep speaking your ideas, and be open to starting new ventures, knowing you’re capable of thinking them through into reality.

Higher Self Card: Seeker of Shells/Page of Cups (animal energy: Polar Bear)

Now that your mind is settled, you’re ready to start forth on a new emotional journey — an artistic project, a relationship, the pursuit of a dream! You’ve “seen the light” and you’re following it, trusting your heart to guide you — while you’re cool in the heat, you can also stay toasty in frigid atmospheres when you tune in to your heart’s frequency. You know what I’m talking about — what comes to mind when you ask yourself, “what makes my soul sing?” If you’re not sure what that is yet, keep your eyes (and heart!) open, because messages drawn by that very energy are arriving now. You can’t miss it — it will feel like seeing the Northern Lights for the first time, the sensation of real-life magic!

This August, we will be working with “cycles:” understanding our rises and falls, our dark times and the times when we feel bright and ready to face the day. This month promises to hold unforseen wonders, if we get out there to see them! You’re feeling better than you have in a long time, so allow yourself to get out there and enjoy the rest of the summer! August 1 marks Lammas, the first harvest, when summer is in full swing with the most fruits and vegetables and flowers and all manner of wonderful things! You know not to overextend yourself so of course you can be selective, but now is the time to act on urges to try new things and to plan big for how to make the best use of your current position — August will be full of socializing and being presented with new ideas. Have fun with it! Take it slow and bask int he warmth and opportunity surrounding you.

The Animal Wisdom Tarot. Dawne Brunke. Artwork by Ola Liola. Cico Books, 2013.