Uranus semi-square Neptune: August 11, 2017

On August 11, Uranus in Aries forms a semi-square with Neptune in Pisces! These planets are forming a 45′ angle to each other, indicating a “halfway” point towards their respective energetic goals — Uranus in Aries is about innovations that fuel personal drive, and Neptune in Pisces is about creating from the depths of emotional experience. This suggests that this semi-square will involve a breakthrough idea that helps you “push” through the challenge that will peak when the full square is formed! The numerology of this transit (Uranus at 28’30 Aries and Neptune at 13’30 Pisces) further indicate that this semi-square will invoke a transformation that allows your true will to take the lead as you make progress in overcoming any difficulties that have arisen with the huge project you’re gaining momentum with. Both planets are in retrograde, so we’re working much more on an “inner” level with this transit, on evolutionary growth across lifetimes rather than day-to-day stuff here! The tarot cards for Uranus and Neptune are 0 – The Fool and XII – The Hanged Man, suggesting a chance for feeling like nothing is happening, like the new start you’ve made is not taking off at the speed you expected — but take this as an opportunity to really notice what’s happening around you and to be inspired by it, knowing that truly, nothing can stop you at this point in your journey!

0 The FoolXII The Hanged Man

The following reading is an example of what’s included with the $50 Angular Aspect Effect Readings tier on my Patreon page. I chose to draw from Oracle of the Mermaids, Tarot of Mermaids, and Angel Tarot Cards. I laid out a crystal grid centred around a big piece of carnelian for creative thinking, with agatized coral for deep understanding of personal patterns, lilac lepidolite for calm thinking and foresight, a cube-shaped moonstone for understanding the structures of our personal cycles, and another peachy little carnelian to ground it all with more creativity!

2017-08-11 12.57.25

Shadow Cards: 10 – The Wheel + 2. Transparency reversed + 2 of Wands

You have very much started out towards something amazing in terms of getting the ball rolling, but for now it’s time to remain focused on your other work, where you’re still needed while you wait for your vision to come together. It’s not time to speak widely of this either — keep it to yourself for now, and let your excitement buoy you up, preparing you for the successes to come! Keep your head above the water as the many changes to come wash over you — some may crash! — and know that they are only strengthening you, charging you up for the Next Level.

4 of Earth + 31. Coral’s Wisdom reversed + IV – The Emperor

This is a powerful time, when you are being challenged to examine your whole life’s structures, in favour of taking them down to rearrange and rebuild! How scary, so if you feel like you’ve been turned upside down, you have — but it’s like a swimming lesson, and soon you’ll know how to swim deeper and stay under longer. You can rest assured that you have everything you need materially at present, having anticipated reaching this point and knowing to save a bit, to hold on to what you could. What you’ve invested in is picking up the pace, ready to start coming into reality! Trust that this will work out, and remember to “come up for air” every once in a while. What you’re doing is “protected” — all three cards are 4s, 444! And I’m typing this sentence at 4:16! 4:4×4! Angel numbers galore or what? It couldn’t be clearer that you are divinely supported to see this through!

Higher Self Cards: Knight of Earth + 45. Imramma + 9 of Wands

Yes, this endeavour will be a Journey to say the very least, and while you’d love to blast forward, full steam ahead, to get everything in place right away, at the moment that’s just not possible. Slow and steady wins the race: keep planning, keep examining the structures you’ve already redone and solidified, and bask in the positive energy surrounding what you’re creating. It will be a long road, but you know that you’re well-prepared, and you can rest assured that you are also divinely supported in your work on this.

Uranus semi-square Neptune will be a time of working through confusion towards fresh thinking, of “finding new structure” as you work towards being able to launch your idea into the public sphere. In the meantime, focus on staying calm, finding balance, and filling yourself spiritually, as this is a time for planning — conserve your energy and resources, as you’re about to make a gigantic leap in the energy that needs to be focused on your new endeavour. You’ve made great strides and will continue to! Keep thinking on how to build your inner defenses from where you are Now. The rest is being created in the way you are thinking about the future of all this — trust yourself to see this challenge through.

Angel Tarot Cards. Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Artwork by Steve A. Roberts. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2012.

Oracle of the Mermaids. Lucy Cavendish. Artwork by Selina Fenech. Victoria, Australia: Blue Angel Publishing, 2013.

Tarot of Mermaids. Lo Scarabeo. Llewellyn Publications, 2003.

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