Sun in Virgo: August 22, 2017

On August 22 at 6:20 pm ADT, the Sun moves into Virgo, where it will remain until moving into Libra on September 22. The sign of Virgo is characterized as quite reserved, meticulous and perfectionistic, with a “deeper” side that takes work to get to know but reveals a tender and attractive groundedness. Virgo is very concerned with positive self-presentation, and often chooses to keep their “problems” to themselves to solve alone, lest their weakness be discovered — Virgo is independent and just fine with solitude. Virgos are much more easygoing than their love of rigid structure may let on, and their sound wit is revealed through surprising jokes and well-thought-out fun. Because Virgo thinks things through so thoroughly, they are excellent at coming up with and implementing successful ideas. The tarot cards for the Sun in Virgo are XIX – The Sun and IX – The Hermit, and Virgo is ruled by Mercury (I – The Magician), suggesting that Virgo season is about bringing forth your inner vision, sharing the ideas and using the resources you have been gathering all summer, and “shining the light” that you lit when the Sun was in Leo. This Virgo season will be about moving on the changes you’re making in your work life, bringing your new reality out of the shadows, and getting everything in order to the greatest degree possible!

XIX The SunIX The HermitI The Magician

The following reading from The Wild Wood Tarot, the Druid Animal Oracle, and the Druid Plant Oracle looks at how to make the best use of the energy of the Sun in Virgo. This is an example of what’s included with the $15 Sun Sign Change Reading tier on my Patreon page, which also includes a One-Card Monthly Kick-Off reading on the first of the month! For this reading, I laid out a crystal grid with “Virgo-y” crystals: amegreen for trust in your own process and heart-centred decision-making, labradorite to encourage “going with the flow,” howlite (with a little heart!) for connection with the higher self and the finding of solid solutions, falcon’s eye for protection and clear, far-sighted perception, lapis lazuli for clear communication, vulcanite for implementing new patterns, and Apache Tear for grounding and further protection as you enter new, unfamiliar territory.

2017-08-22 13.44.09

This Virgo season finds you quite keyed up (hello, Mercury Retrograde!), and very much needing to calm down, to trust that things are in better order than you may perceive them to be. It’s possible that you’re majorly butting heads with your partner, but know that allowing them to help in their own way will get things done much faster! It’s time to release your grip on needing to control absolutely everything. You’re feeling held back by your environment, so it’s time to do some “clearing,” and to clean your past wounds, re-envisioning them as motivating factors as opposed to brakes on your forward momentum. You are full of clever ideas and now is the time to start acting on them — just don’t forget to include the other people who very much want to be involved. Remember to share!

Oracle Cards: Swan + Ivy

This is a time of flourishing for you, as you respond to what you’ve been inspired to pursue and really start to see the “magic” happen. You’re ready to present your best self and start to “grow” on people, spreading your beautiful vision but also finding it received and supported harmoniously by the people closest to you. You have experienced a transformation and things are falling into place, as the clouds of confusion dissipate and your personal light shines through. You are also being guided from “beyond the veil,” be it by a spirit guide, ancestral spirit, or other divine force — this comes in the form of dreams, synchronicities, and sudden moments of further inspiration that keep you on your dedicated path! This Virgo season finds you making awesome progress on making it up that hill, climbing that tree, breaking down the final barriers between you and your current goal’s realization.

Tarot Cards

Card 1: Where to focus your energy this Virgo season? Ace of Bows | Spark of Life

Truly, know that you are creating something amazing, and all you need to worry about now is protecting that little flame, keeping it alive, trusting that your idea is good and it is ready to “catch on.” You’ve found your niche and now it’s just about getting started and then getting noticed, which you already know won’t be difficult. You have also built a solid network from previous experience, and now your way is clear. Maintain your inspiration by picturing yourself at the height of your journey, enjoying it as much as you knew you would, leaving no room for doubt that this is your best course of action!

Card 2: How can you best get organized and keep things in order without hinging on perfection? VI – The Forest Lovers

Aww <3<3 “Togetherness” is a happy theme in your life at present, so your challenge is not to judge yourself by your own standards, but rather to try to see yourself through the eyes of the people who love you: the ones who forgive your “shortcomings,” seemingly not noticing them at all, brushing off your insecurities with kind words and fun distractions. In fact, this is a good time to solidify and make time for your personal relationships, as you will soon so busy with new responsibilities that your life won’t know what hit it! But that’s exciting, especially knowing the people you’ve chosen to surround yourself with will be there for the ride.

Card 3: How to embrace and make the best use of your independence and convey your personal authenticity most clearly? I – The Shaman

You’ve learned to maximize your “alone” time, which has resulted in a huge boost to your skill levels — you have made serious improvements and you know exactly what you’re doing. Thus, you are ready to create, to bring your resources together into their end result! Virgo season finds you putting the finishing touches on your work, bringing this last “beginning” phase to a close, ready to ease into the part where you experience and learn from your little creation. Now is a time to focus on your positive end result and familiarize yourself with “speaking it into reality” using ultra-positive language, and watching it really take form.

Card 4: A deep-seated anxiety that can be released now? 2 of Bows | Decision

Somewhere in your life, you made a choice that you can never help but wonder if it was the “right” one: allow yourself to know that it was. The direction you took then is what opened you up to all that you have now — of course it would have been a totally different tale if you’d taken the other path! You are always in control of your journey, and you can be proud of both your mistakes and your achievements, because every one of them served as a stepping stone to the gilded gates that you are now approaching. As fate would have it, the direction you chose turns out to be the correct key!

Card 5: How to ground yourself to maximize enjoyment of the abundant harvest you’re earning now? XIV – Balance

Hello again, Temperance card! A theme over all this past Retrograde activity (5 planets are currently in retrograde) has been staying calm — going with the flow when the current gets choppy, being understanding when life’s dragons snap and blow fire in your face. You’ve been keeping your cool, continuing up your personal ladder, striking the balance you need to seek and create what you want to see in the world! Keep up the good work in rising above the conflict and staying true to your vision. There are more challenges ahead, to be sure, but by keeping a level head you’re already ahead of the game! Roll with whatever comes at you with a smile. You no longer need to prove yourself: laugh with life! And drink more water!

Jumper: 8 of Vessels | Rebirth

Yes, know that Virgo season represents you being “reborn,” starting fresh far away from what used to overwhelm you so much emotionally. That past difficulty showed you where your cup was empty, and you have found new ways to fill it up again, so much so that it’s overflowing and you’ve been finding new cups to catch it all! You are growing and expanding just as you were meant to, and while it took a long time to relax into your progress, it’s now more apparent than ever that you are safe and supported and will continue to be.

Higher Self Cards: Salmon + Poppy + Ace of Arrows | Breath of Life

You are aware of how much “wiser” you feel after all the necessary introspection inspired by the currently crazy cosmos — and others have noticed too, opening up the opportunity for a “redemption” of sorts, that allows you to seal off that door to the nasty past for good. Yes, you know for certain you are thinking in the right direction, and that your aim is true. You are doing an amazing job taking care of everything, and your results will continue to be beautiful by nature on the resilient foundation you have laid! Take a deep breath and exhale a sigh of relief, as you relax into knowing just how very far you’ve come. And this is only the beginning!

Your long, drawn-out “gestational period” is drawing to a close, and you are ready to bear your little bud into the world! Everything is coming together now, truly as if by magic, and your keen instincts and clever ideas will continue to keep things in motion. There are only a few more “responses” needed to confirm how it will all take place, but there is no doubt that it is happening, and darn soon! Stay focused and take care of yourself through this final push: here comes your treasure, your sunny new dawn, and you are so very, very ready for it!

Decks used:

The Druid Animal Oracle. Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Illustrated by Bill Worthington. New York: Fireside/Simon & Schuster, 1994.

The Druid Plant Oracle. Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm. Illustrated by Will Worthington. London: Connections Book Publishing, 2007.

The Wild Wood Tarot. Mark Ryan and John Matthews. Illustrated by Will Worthington. New York: Sterling Ethos/Sterling Publishing, 2011.

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