Jupiter quincunx Chiron

On September 23 at around 5:29 am ADT, Jupiter in Libra formed a quincunx aspect with Chiron Retrograde in Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, and fortune, and in Libra its focus is finding “balance” in this department. Chiron is an asteroid, and its placement indicates a “wound” that we learn to live with, and which inspires us to help others with similar suffering — in Pisces, this healing takes place at a spiritual level, addressing the way we relate to our Selves especially, and how that plays out in our relationships in the world as a whole! Especially during its retrograde period, Chiron is very much about working towards healing on an evoluntionary, deep-soul level, spanning across lifetimes!

The tarot cards for Jupiter is X – The Wheel of Fortune, and while Chiron doesn’t specifically have a card, Pisces’ card is XVIII – The Moon. Together, these cards indicate the beginning of a process of things coming “full circle,” although where this is a quincunx aspect, this indicates coming to see a new way to approach things following a challenge in seeing “eye to eye” over something. Jupiter quincunx Chiron will represent reflection on your concept of “fortune,” thinking on what is working for you and what is not, and developing ideas for how you can heal what unsettles you about your current situation. This will be a time of going within, of things surely getting darker before they become light again, but truly, it will be a healthy and necessary process given the proper time and attention. Be forgiving of yourself and your personal cycles, and pay attention to the little “drops of wisdom” falling all around you at this time — grounding yourself with your preferred mode of spirituality will be very helpful right now.

X The Wheel of FortuneXVIII The Moon

For this reading, I chose to draw from Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, Chakra Wisdom Cards, and the Everyday Witch Tarot. This was exciting because it’s the first time I’ve used the Everyday Witch Tarot in a multi-deck spread! I laid out a crystal grid of chevron amethyst for direct connection between the Higher Self and intuition, ruby zoisites for heart-centred grounding, moonstones for understanding and healing of personal cycles, dragon’s blood jasper for strengthening your compassionate will, carnelian for creativity and inspiration, another amethyst for calmness and inward connection, black onyx (this one has a little goddess face!) for powerful protection of your personal energy, and quantum quattro for knowledge of the ability that you can make anything happen! I have been adding in pictures of the Shadow and Higher Self cards in my Etsy readings lately, so for this post I’ll start with the Shadow cards.

2017-09-24 18.34.28

Shadow Cards: Sedna | Infinite Supply + Dissipating + 8 of Cups

Lately, you have made leaps and bounds in terms of expanding your definition of what you need to survive — happily, you’ve found yourself with much more than you expected through thinking this way, and now it’s just a matter of making that line of thinking about things “stick.” This revelation coincided with something quite emotionally overwhelming happening, which made you super-aware of how fragile life can be and how much you want to enjoy your own life as much as possible. You’re thinking towards how you can heal and protect your personal power, how you can live the life you want for yourself, how to downsize your “stuff” to make room for much a “realer” focus, like a clearer sense of self and an even deeper appreciation for the “little things” that bring you joy ❤

2017-09-24 18.32.23

Ishtar | Boundaries + Destiny + VI – The Lovers

Indeed, Jupiter quincunx Chiron Retrograde finds themes of identifying and solidifying boundaries in your relationships. Not only have you heard “the Call” yourself, you’re more committed than ever to make the long haul with the person you love quite specifically. This will have to mean making some major personal adjustments, an opening and accepting towards the reality that your differences will never disappear and must be wrestled through (metaphorically, of course, unless that’s what you’re into ;D). Your destiny awaits, you’re following it, and you are supported in the choice you’ve made! This transit will open some wounds, but these are precisely the ones that need to be [ad]dressed and healed, and this is an opportunity in disguise to handle things in a way that is respectful of you, your partner, and what you know is your life purpose. Above all, be kind to yourself when you make mistakes, and be honest with the people you care about when you know you’ve hurt them and are sorry — you know now better than ever that Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

2017-09-24 18.36.26

Higher Self Cards: Ixchel | Medicine Woman + Instinct + King of Swords

I was so “touched” by the messages in these cards! Through this transit, keep in mind the greater purpose you’re working toward — you know you’re good at what you do, and you truly feel that you can help people in sharing your skill. No matter what you’ve tried in life, you’ve never been able to shake the sense that you should be on the path that you’re following right now — first of all, be proud of yourself! Second, step back and appreciate how very far you’ve come in terms of conquering the personal patterns you dislike in yourself, and how much you have learned towards acting on getting on that path mentioned before. You are absolutely thinking in the right direction, and you have the wits to make it all the way with this! Keep working at it and maintain the space you need to focus, with tact and logic as much as you can manage. When there’s this much passion involved, sometimes you can’t help but let your animal excitement take over! But you have also never felt more “in touch” with the rhythms of the Universe, and as a result, you are following your heart-song Home.


This is an example of the Super “One”-Card Tarot + Oracle Card Reading available in my Etsy shop! Readings can be delivered via email PDF, by video call (Facetime/Facebook/Skype), or by private video. Feel free to use the coupon code THANKS15 for 15% off your reading at checkout!


Decks used:

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. Tori Hartman. Illustrated by Gretchen Raisch-Baskin. London, England: Watkins Media Ltd., 2014.

Everyday Witch Tarot. Deborah Blake. Artwork by Elisabeth Alba. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn, 2017.

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Doreen Virtue. Various artists. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2004.

Tarot Mucha. LWB: Lunaea Weatherstone. Artwork: Giulia F. Massaglia. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2014. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

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