Waning Crescent in Libra

waning crescent in libra

We are currently in the Waning Crescent phase of the Moon, where we allow ourselves to rest and regain our energy for the new beginnings that come with the New Moon in a few days. I’m getting into working with moon-mapping (ironically, at the “low” point of the month when we retreat away from such types of energetic output!), and I’m excited to share what I’m learning!

The following spread works with the energy (or lack thereof!) surrounding the Moon’s Waning Crescent.

Oracle cards: 33. Ten Sisters of Light + Hare Moon

Wow!! If you’ve been feeling like the wind’s been taken out of your sails, know that this is a necessary time, a gestational period for your very Spirit! You are growing, reflecting at your core on a past-life lesson that has been eating away at things and you know it. You also know, or are becoming increasingly aware, of the amount of control you really do have here, and you are ready to do the hard work of simply waiting for the moment that you know you’re ready to take on the Big Thing looming on the horizon. You’re coming into your own, and your spiritual team is singing you along, sending messages of support and awareness to keep you on track.

Card 1: what will help you rest? 2 of Wands reversed

No, you won’t be “stuck” here forever — in fact, you’ve already thought of a way out and that iron is warming up now, to be used when you have more personal energy to spare. Allow yourself to come to a full stop in order to effectively recharge. You’re going to need a full battery for the exciting new things you’re getting ready to create!

Card 2: new goals charging: III – The Empress

“New creations” indeed: something big is on its way to you, something you will absolutely love, something you have really, really wanted. You’ve thought through everything that has been going on and made some solid internal connections, which in turn has planted some new little seeds of inspiration that are growing fast. Not too fast, of course, and this process cannot be rushed. Take care of yourself and take the time you need to get yourself feeling like you’re in your full glory: that’s when you will fully take flight!

Card 3: where balance has been found: 8 of Wands reversed

Yes, things have slowed down considerably from the breakneck pace they were going before. Thank goodness, because this has allowed you to take stock and determine that yes, you are in a place where your personal energy is being put to good use, and yes, it is worth it for you to persevere, even if you do need to be extra-careful with the “energy vampires” who love to come and poke you with their sticks of negativity. Nothing can stop you in the long run — find peace in the current, slow-going moment, because that is exactly why this cooldown period has been provided to you <3<3

You’re working through the “cycles” that have defined the past year, and you’re finally at the point where instead of seeing more darkness, you’re seeing the glimmering light of hope. It’s true that you’re feeling quite alone at the moment, but again, this must be seen as an opportunity to get at the “true You” deep inside, who’s getting ready to be reborn in full colour when the time is right. Some babies are born weeks early, others right when they’re expected, others weeks late! Trust that Divine timing is at play and do what you can to keep the coals that are left glowing until the log you need to restart the blaze arrives. Balance will be found again, even if it takes some time — hang in there and keep fighting for what you know is right. Above all, relax into this time, and stay calm — everything is working out as it’s meant to. Drink some water!*

*that’s more a message to myself, but it’s always good advice! lol!

This is an example of my (abridged) 3-card reading, available in my Etsy shop! If you’d like one, feel free to use the coupon code THANKS15 for 15% off your reading. Specify if you’d like a Waning Crescent reading like this one <3<3 I look forward to working with you!


Decks used:

Kuan Yin Oracle. Alana Fairchild. Artwork by Zeng Hao. Victoria, Australia: Blue Angel Publishing, 2012.

Moon Phases Oracle. Devin Strickler. Artwork by Lexie Marquez. First edition. Mystic Moons Tarot, 2015.

Shadowscapes. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 2010.




One thought on “Waning Crescent in Libra

  1. I absolutely love this reading and all of it rings true for me at this point in my life when I am starting chemotherapy- – slowing down, keeping calm, drinking lots of water. Thank you for sharing, Miriam.

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