Happy Libra Season!

On September 22, 2017, the Sun moves into Libra! I’m a Pisces, the sign that falls “opposite” Virgo on the astrological wheel, and my “South Node” is also in Virgo — that makes it a bit of a tough season for me, kinda like I’m “buried” in all that calculated earthy energy and it muddies up my watery senses! (The South Node can represent lessons you learned in your past life and are scrambling to remember and re-employ this lifetime). I suppose that’s my form of an “excuse” for not posting lately, although Virgo season did hold a lot of “dirt” for me — working as fast as I could to get everything in order for the business, maintaining my tarot business, and (how appropriate for health-conscious Virgo) a medical emergency involving a surprise kidney stone! Phew phew phew, so I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for the “shift” in energy that Libra Season bring — we become more focused on finding balance, thinking towards what is “right” for us personally, and bringing back in some beauty and warmth to make everything feel better, at least on the surface 😛 Libra Season has always “felt” good to me, and now it’s one of my favourites because Ori, my little Sunshine Boy, is a Libra Sun!

The tarot cards for the Sun and Libra are XIX – The Sun and XI – LibraYes, the Sun in Libra represents making movement towards finding “personal justice,” starting to take action on the revelations had during Virgo season about what needs to be re-ordered and what can be made healthier, where aesthetic improvements can be made. It is time to start creating on the grand scale, leaving behind the “walls” you put up in favour of cutting down the final “curtain” separating you from your new reality, taking a deep breath, and stepping through to greet all that you’ve been waiting for. Did you feel the shift in energy today? You’re ready to fly!

XIX The Sun XI Justice

I recently did a really powerful reading for a client with this deck combination — when I was shuffling I noticed the Shadowscapes Tarot’s beautiful Justice card, which I remembered today when choosing cards for a Libra Season energy update! Usually I’d do a larger reading for a Sun sign change, but I need to conserve my energy right now, so a Super “One”-Card Reading it is! In addition to Shadowscapes, a deck I love to use for Shadow/Dream work as well as Otherworld connection, I drew from its “sister” oracle deck, The Kuan Yin Oracle, for its gentle healing messages, and Crystal Reading Cards for its equally powerful healing energy. I laid out a crystal grid of selenite and desert rose for Higher Self connection, clear quartz for clarity of message, an amethyst cluster for powerful intuitive reception, sodalite and blue lace agate for sensitivity in communication, two rose quartz for self-love and compassion for others, moss agate as a reminder to engage in self-care, black obsidian for protection, and moonstone for fluidity in your personal cycles. This reading’s intent is to identify what is needed for Shadow-healing as we enter Libra Season.

I’ve included pictures of the Shadow and Higher Self cards, something I’ve been experimenting with in my client readings lately — it’s just too amazing how to imagery carries across the cards!! We’ll start with the Shadow cards, then the main cards, and return to the Higher Self cards at the end.


Shadow Cards: 5. Dance of the Butterfly Queen + Crocoite | Sexuality + King of Pentacles reversed

This reading is just teeming with “feminine” energy — we are entering Libra Season, and while Libra is technically a “masculine” sign, it is ruled by the very feminine Venus. Change is underway: you are moving through your metamorphosis, unfurling and sharing the beauty you have been creating. It will be received powerfully, exciting all sorts of new energy, invigorating you and reminding you of your own personal magnetism as you’re filled up with the wonders starting to flow in! There is still work to be done and you are very much aware of being at the “nurturing” stage of the process, where you keep your eyes peeled for signs of growth and well-being in the new thing you have created. Be aware of the conflicts that can come up now as you adjust to this new balancing act — you still need practice, but it’s going to be perfect!


35. The Book of Changes + Orpiment | Success + Knight of Cups reversed

Yes, the “labour” of Virgo season is over, and here you are holding your bright and shiny new “baby!” You made it! You did it! And now everything is different, which can be quite overwhelming. Look at that glowing Success card — indeed, your success in this situation is guaranteed, as long as you remain mindful of the emotional side of things now. So much has happened and is still happening that you need to be aware of holding your ground, of not getting swept away in the excitement such that you find your achievements “out of reach” again! Keep your vision fresh in your mind and don’t get down on yourself if you experience a “stalling” of sorts — this will be yet another opportunity to stop and reflect, gather your bearings, and catch the next wave to keep moving in the direction your heart chose for you. Believe in yourself and the changes you’ve made and will continue to see, hear, and fully sense unfolding. The only one who can stop you now is You! Keep working, keep sorting through the raw emotions this all inevitably stirs up, and do your best to “find the fun” and laughter as you go about seeing your dreams made reality!

Higher Self Cards: 29. Sound the Fierce Flute + Black Obsidian | The Shadow + XII – The Hanged Man

I always squeal out loud a bit when cards directly reflect the question being asked — The Shadow directly references what I wanted to “get at” in this reading, and I even laid out a little piece of black obsidian before pulling the cards! But I digress — the power you’re putting behind this new endeavour is growing, becoming audible to everyone now. No more secrets here, so keep yourself grounded and protected, as being fully “exposed” is like an invitation for personal darknesses to start whispering in your ears, trying to encourage you to slip back into the old patterns that used to place you firmly in your own way. Keep reflecting on all you’ve overcome and continue to conquer, knowing that each little bit of new perspective brings you closer to recognizing the “full effect” of everything that is coming together right now!

Resounding underlying themes in this reading centre around embracing the “feminine” and making sure to continue taking care of your Self and your emotions, making massive advances in career/ personal power, and absolutely maintaining hope that what you’ve been working towards and pouring all of your earthly energy into is going to be just as amazing as you’ve imagined. In fact, it’s going to be beyond the scope you’d initially set — truly, truly, as of now the sky is the limit!

Crystal Reading Cards. Rachelle Charman. Sterling Ethos, 2016.

Kuan Yin Oracle. Alana Fairchild. Artwork by Zeng Hao. Victoria, Australia: Blue Angel Publishing, 2012.

Shadowscapes. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 2010.

Tarot Mucha. LWB: Lunaea Weatherstone. Artwork: Giulia F. Massaglia. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2014. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

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