Mercury enters Virgo: September 9, 2017

On September 9, Mercury enters its home sign of Virgo! Sound familiar? This transit may come with a heaping dose of deja vu — Mercury went retrograde in Virgo recently, slipped back into Leo, went direct again (that one corked me, lol), and is now back in Virgo! If you’ve felt like you’ve been in a bit of a time-warp, you’re not wrong: the same themes are cycling over and over right now, more and more tightly, so that the discomfort becomes so much that we’re all inspired to make the changes that need to be made for our collective personal betterment! Phew. But truly, Mercury being direct in Virgo is a blessing; looking at the tarot cards for Mercury and Virgo,  I – The Magician and IX – The Hermit, we can see that this will be a time which allows you to “bring forth” your magic, make the absolute best use of the tools you’ve gathered and are ready to work with, of shining your light super-bright in the world. This is the time of year where you really feels things coming “full circle,” noticing what is complete and what details need to be taken care of in order to get everything else feeling whole and harvested. This transit will really empower you to maximize the “healing” aspect of Virgo’s energy, allowing you to increase your personal power and act on any inspiration to really “pull it together” for yourself.

I The MagicianIX The Hermit

The following reading is drawn from the Mother Mary Oracle, Angel Tarot Cards, and the Mary-el Tarot. I just can’t stop using the Mary-el!! It calls to me all the time, and I just love the way it reads. For this Mercury in Virgo reading, I wanted to use decks that really pick up on Virgo’s virtuous, “right-minded” energy, choosing powerful decks that embody “divine feminine” energy and angelic strength. I laid out a crystal grid of citrine for increased personal power, falcon’s eye for far-sighted perspective, lapis lazuli for clear communication, snow quartz to “purify” your vision for yourself, labradorite to encourage “going with the flow” and opening yourself to hidden surprises, serpentine for further flexibility and trust that comes from the heart, and vulcanite for perfecting your personal patterns.

2017-09-08 17.55.39.jpg

Yes, Mercury re-entering Virgo finds you very much “on your way,” headed for your destination but fully feeling that you’re not quite “there” yet. You’ve been listening to the intuitive nudges guiding you along the way, marvelling at how trusting your gut has steered you clear of more than one freakin’ dumpster fire — you’re ready for more signs, ready to listen, ready to do whatever you have to do to keep the ball rolling! You’ve been making major corrections in order to start out in this new direction, and your mind is finally catching up with your heart: you have a very clear vision of what needs to be done. A large part of “what’s left to do” is internal work, very much attached to your definitions of “guilt.” You’ve recently been able to put your finger right on what triggers you into backsliding into a rage that shudders everything to a halt — no more! Now that you have seen this side of yourself there’s no going back, and you are ready to make a sudden change.

32. Our Lady Who Gives Peace + Page of Water (Cups) + III – The Empress reversed

You’ve been receiving “glimmers of hope” from all around, messages encouraging you to keep going, telling you that what you’ve been waiting for is “just around the corner.” Oh darling, it’s true!! You’re still “incubating,” building up your strength for what you’re about to receive, but also being provided with the time you need to truly prepare. This is the last chance to embrace your emotional responses to all that’s going on before you’ll have to “pack it in” and put on your “professional” hat — so jump around when you feel happy, throw yourself down and cry if you need to do that, scream with all your might when you get frustrated with the seeming lag in progress! But above all, be open to continuing to receive these messages, however they are arriving — you really are being helped along by universal forces, in addition to your own amazing might. You have been realizing where you could be doing more where it comes to reaching your goals, and now is not the time to succumb to guilt in that area — notice, correct, continue. You know what this is referring to, because it’s quite specifically the very patterns that your intuition has been steering you away from: those areas of your life where you let things slide, where you have stopped “taking care,” that need a bit more attention, and in turn everything else will continue to flourish and expand.

Indeed, right now your focus can be on your home and your relationships — much progress has been made on your “big project,” and so that can simmer on the back burner and stirred occasionally, but the people closest to you are the ones who need your energy now. Keep acting on that Mercury-in-Virgoan “urge to organize” whenever it comes up, keep tending to your personal environment in a way that makes you feel filled up and emotionally grounded. Know that the choices you are making now are defining you completely, and that you can’t go wrong if you make those choices from a place of love, both for yourself and for the people closest to you, who have been by your side for the entire journey and will continue to stand by you as you make the next steps together. You have done such great work getting yourself into a place of material stability, and you can trust that in following the rules you have set for yourself, you can achieve anything! Be proud of what you have done so far, and know that you’ll feel caught up with the feeling of this being fully “complete” in what seems like no time once you’re on the “other side!”

Keep listening to those “subconscious pulls,” those inner urges that tug you in a certain direction. You are guiding yourself to your personal truth, and it’s up to you whether or not you want to follow it! Things have reached a great balance for you, and now you can focus on bringing up your energy levels by meeting, greeting, and “treating” the last of your more negative patterns, that “guilt-rut” you love to drive yourself into most specifically. Much better things are coming — for now, clear out the cobwebs and know that you’re not really “stuck,” you’re being provided with more time than you thought you had to get it together!

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Angel Tarot Cards. Doreen Virtue and Radeigh Valentine. Artwork by Steve A. Roberts. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2012.

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