Mars in Virgo, Mercury Direct, Full Moon in Pisces, Oh My!!

Hello!! I’m still here! How’s everybody doing?

All August I was amazed at myself for continually managing to “stay on top” of everything I’d piled on my plate. I kept checking all my boxes, truly getting it *all* done, seemingly zooming out and watching myself with a mild sense o amusement. I couldn’t help but wonder how long I’d be able to “keep it up!” I think that was the start of that little voice telling me I needed to slow down, that I need to reconfigure the way I’m doing things, because more and more continues to be presented to me and I need to be able to keep up!! I had a few “trip ups” lately, one when I quite literally broke my baby toe and had to stop buzzing around for a couple of days to let it heal, and then a more major one where the “astrological currents” surrounding Mercury Direct, Mars entering Leo, and the Full Moon just pulled me right down to the bottom of an oceanic maelstrom of emotion where I felt like I couldn’t do anything!! I felt so awful for “skipping” the blog posts for those events, but realized I really have to go easy on myself — especially because I was able to attribute that Mars-Mercury-Moon meltdown to something a bit more concrete!

Whenever I experience a big “success,” for some reason at first I handle it really badly — I cry and cry, I storm around finding things that bother me, I try to convince myself that it’s not “real” and that there’s no way I deserve it. Crazy, right? Also very Full Moon-y, which happened in my Sun sign of Pisces! Phew, swirling maelstrom emotions to be expected! But all that aside, the “success” in question is a very big and very exciting one: Steve and I are the proud new owners of a used bookstore! We are taking over the assets of an established and well-loved used bookstore in our town, reopening under a new name on October 1. We are so excited!!!

And so, for this time of huge transition which I have a feeling everyone is experiencing, here’s a little energy update that I intended to include the “astrological energies” that I missed writing on over the past few days. I drew from Oracle of the Mermaids, Astrological Oracle Cards, and Tarot of Mermaids to pick up on the residual Full Moon in Pisces energies — we even had a jumper! I laid out a crystal grid with my abalone shell, several special seashells, a purplish crab shell that I found in PEI over the summer, my little dolomite dolphin and fish, magnesite for higher self connection, aventurine for heart-centredness and abundance, serpentine to calm anxiety and “slip through” obstacles, black onyx for protection and groundedness, and a huge raw carnelian for powerful creative thinking.

2017-09-07 14.45.13

This reading speaks of wanting to project your personal “voice” authentically but worrying that you don’t know how. You can feel your personal power growing, and you want to act on all the new ideas coming through and firing you up even more! You are so ready for this new journey to continue, to really get underway. And yet, much to your frustration, you’re held in place, wondering what to “do” with yourself while you wait.

Oracle Cards: 11. Sacrifice + Sagittarius + 30. Telepathy (jumper)

In the meantime, there is something you can do: “listen within,” asking yourself which patterns and habits you’re still hanging on to, seemingly with all your might, even though you know they’re not helping you get closer to your goal any faster. Right now you have the perfect amount of time to work through a “quitting” process, a releasing of what you know’s not serving you any longer. You want to be able to shoot straight and what keeps you “in the hole” at this point — you could continue to try and muddle through with shackles around your ankles, wading through with the same old “responses” constantly getting you in your own way. Or, you could choose to “do it for yourself:” make this change only because it will make you feel better, and help you move through your next phase freely and independently, fuelled by your own fire instead of being burned by it!

Card 1: Focus: I – The Magician

Yup, here you are! You have everything you need to make this work, it’s just about maintaining your energy and momentum in this short period where things feel like they’ve “ground to a halt.” Truly, right now you’re like a cellphone with all the apps — but tomorrow is a big day so it’s time to plug into your “power source” and let yourself charge! Focus on how you’re going to do what’s next, letting coming up with ideas get you excited all over again, and hang on to that feeling, letting it inspire you as you work on the changes to be made at present. You really are in control, you really do have all your ducks in a row — no room for self-doubt now, only self-care as you get chuffed for your big moment!

Card 2: Release: 7 of Swords

You really do need to listen to that little voice of “self-honesty” that’s pretty much been yelling in your ear. STOP DOING THINGS THAT HOLD YOU BACK! You know what they are, you can feel when those urges are rising in you — it really is okay that they slip out, but you have to go easy on yourself during and after. You’ve healed yourself before, and it’s about remembering how you did it to go for it again — and again and again forever! Hang in there, and know that you truly are thinking in the right direction. You’re telling yourself to make this change for a reason, and you can trust your inner guidance to help you all along the way.

Card 3: Increase: XVI – The Tower

This has been a huge stalker for me lately — change is definitely underway! Instead of seeing everything that’s going on around you as negative obstacles, try reframing them as positive challenges: think quickly and always towards your goal, so when you get tripped up you know “which way to fall.” The past is quickly receding as the future approaches, as the very air becomes charged with an energy of fresh excitement — but some things need to be left behind now, and some of them are a large part of how you’ve defined yourself up until this point. Take the leap, take the plunge, let it all go: trust that what will fill those gaps in is better than anything you could have imagined.

Card 4: Advice: XIII – Death

All through this reading I was chuckling at how “direct” the cards were with their message of “cut something out, change is underway, seriously, time to move on!” Yes, your old life is over and you’re starting anew. New lessons to be learned, new roads to travel, new perspectives to be gained! Let yourself relax into the transition, sleep if you need to, and trust that in “releasing” the last of your personal anchors, in fully jumping out of your “comfort zone,” you will open yourself up to the full light of your bright new horizon. The fog is lifting — you’re almost there!

Yes, it probably feels very much like you’re in “limbo” now — you can’t go back, and why would you want to?, but at this point there’s not much more you can do to move things forward — it’s out of your hands, so all you can do is relax. If you must stay busy, get at all the little annoyances that have piled up while you got everything else together! Laundry, dusting, everything that’s been “swept under the rug” to make room for what you were doing but are now done. Keep innovating, because great new ideas are coming to you all the time! This is a time for rethinking and making corrections while you wait for the connections, the finances, and the necessary charging of your personal energy that only “devoted downtime” can provide. This is a time to persevere with your vision, to find your balance as you really begin to notice how much the conflict has fallen away from “all this” — even looking back at this time last year, it’s amazing how much brighter things look! Anything lost during this period should be seen as kindling for the fire that will be used to light your personal “cannon” and shoot you straight for the stars in this endeavour — for now, rest your mind, sort through the last of your worries and do what you can to correct them, knowing that the sun will be coming up very, very soon now!

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Astrological Oracle Cards. LWB: Lunaea Weatherstone. Artwork: Antonella Castelli. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2012. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

Oracle of the Mermaids. Lucy Cavendish. Artwork by Selina Fenech. Victoria, Australia: Blue Angel Publishing, 2013.

Tarot of Mermaids. Lo Scarabeo. Llewellyn Publications, 2003.

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