Monthly Kick-Off Reading: September 2017

September is here! I’m so excited! Haha, it’s true that “summer” is coming to an end, the air is getting chillier, and a lot more work is poised to be piled on your plate. But think of all you’re ready to accomplish this month! September is “home” to Virgo and Libra, the astrological signs represented by IX – The Hermit and XI – Justice. Ooh, interesting numerological mirroring there! This pair indicates taking lots of time to reflect on where you have found balance in your life, where you could use more, and what you can do to bring things “together” for yourself. This is the time of year where we go back to work and school, finding and acting on “personal calling,” where we make use of the creative energy we’ve been filling ourselves with all summer. I like how it looks like the yellow light in the Hermit’s lamp become’s Justice’s yellow robes!

IX The Hermit XI Justice

The following one-card reading is drawn from the Mary-el Tarot, my newest deck! I can’t get enough of its beautiful and incredibly readable imagery. The guidebook is so lovely too, and really helps in making connections — I was amazed that the entry for the following reading’s card actually referenced the Shadow card! This is an example of what’s included with the $5 One-Card Monthly Kick-Off Reading tier of my tarotscope subscription offering on Patreon, which includes a one-card reading on the first day of each month! For this reading, I laid out a crystal grid of clear quartz for higher self connection, aragonite for grounding and ancestral support, amegreen for connection between your heart and your higher consciousness, emerald for ultimate heart-centredness and nurturing of your personal creativity, angelite for connection with your guides/angels/spiritual “team,” two carnelian for balanced use of your creative power, and Black Obsidian for protection and healing.

Let’s look at the Shadow/Higher Self cards first!

2017-08-31 16.40.18

Shadow Card: 9 of Cups

Higher Self Card: 2 of Wands

A lot of “portal” energy here! September will very much be about “changing states,” making your way from the past to the future, doing something new. You are entering the unknown, but it is a beautiful thing, and you feel powerfully guided at this point on your journey. You truly believe you heard a “calling” to take this path, and you’re on your way now — the path is clear for you, and you are grounded and ready to make the magic happen! The energy swirling is building on that past serendipitous moment where you found yourself in the right place at the right time, jumping headfirst into something some may say is silly but more would say sounds like a dream come true — you really are doing it!

2017-08-31 16.38.45

XIX – The Sun reversed

Did you notice the little star at the top of the 9 of Cups Shadow Card? It’s The Sun! You’re on the way up the staircase now, approaching your goal, warmed by it, knowing that nothing can take it from you now. This is the “shadow period” beforehand, where you are waiting to step into the light, preparing, thinking on how you are going to do it, and propelled forward by the knowledge that the “old cycle” has completed, and you are resting up for the new one to begin — the work will really start closer to the end of the month, so for now it’s best to focus on the last “behind-the-scenes” things that need attention before you really make your move. Something about the face looking back made me think of getting a haircut, having your hair washed in the funny basin — this is the time to “tidy up” before you find yourself very much int he public eye with your new endeavour!

Yes, you are truly on the process of “creating your future!” It feels good to have a plan, and to also have a clear picture of how much time you have to “get things in order” before, quite literally, your wishes come true and you step into your new life. This month, Mercury goes direct, which will find things feeling a lot smother and much more “clear!”

The Mary-el Tarot. Marie White. Atglen, PA: Schiffer, 2012.

Tarot Mucha. LWB: Lunaea Weatherstone. Artwork: Giulia F. Massaglia. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2014. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

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