0 – The Fool: My Interpretation

The Fool

Here is my first leap into Tarot card design! This is my interpretation of 0 – The Fool. The Fool represents the beginning of the journey through the Major Arcana, and so I thought using the image of a baby very fitting!

In my card, a sweet little baby has scooted out onto the balcony, fearless of the larger-than-baby gaps between the rungs and the treacherous drop to the city below! Baby’s eyes are on a pretty butterfly, flitting off into the great expanse. Baby reaches out for the butterfly, wanting to grasp life’s beauty, to hold on to it. Although in a precarious position, distracted by joy and fun, Baby is protected by the faithful family dog, always nearby to keep Baby from harm, allowing full enjoyment of life’s adventures and no need for worry! Baby has no expectations and is grabbing life by the butterflies!

I haven’t really used watercolours before, so I am a true “Fool” going into this project! Woohoo!

I had so much fun doing this, I can’t wait for next week!



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