Card of the Week: I – The Magician

I The Magician

This week’s card is The Magician, and how appropriate as we get ready to start a new school year on Tuesday! Summer is over, and it’s time to face reality again: back to work after Labour Day weekend. This card is all about finding the magic inside to achieve whatever you set your mind to!

A little Magician cutie via!

My personal image for The Magician is a young child setting up a scene of some sort using found items. Each of the Tarot suits are represented, as the child uses imagination and spirit to create in the way it sometimes seems only children – or those in touch with their inner child! – can. Children are peaceful and sure in their abilities, and are ready to take on the road of them with unabashed self-confidence!

I – The Magician via

I love the way The Feng Shui Tarot by Eileen and Peter Paul Connolly represents the four suits: Black Tortoise for Wands, Green Dragon for Pentacles, White Tiger for Swords, and Red Phoenix for Cups. The Magician is shown hanging out with all four beasts on a snowy mountain, as opposed to the traditional Magician standing before a table on which a Wand, a Pentacle, a Sword, and a Cup lay, waiting for the best tool to be chosen for the situation. This line from the “reverse core aspect” in the Little White Book that came with this deck is wonderful: “[p]erhaps you should consider how you abuse your talents” (Connolly 8). There is no doubt in this statement that you have the power inside you to achieve: it’s time to figure out how to make the most of it!

The predominance of yellow in both Tarot Mucha and The Feng Shui Tarot is so inspiring! To me, yellow represents optimism, clarity, and happiness – three of the most important “magical” tools that make life so much easier! Interesting too that the roman numeral for “1” is the letter “I,” considering that the Magician is all about finding the power and skill within to reach full potential on your personal journey.

This week, The Magician teaches us about setting up, laying out, assessing what you have to work with and finding the magic within to make whatever you need to do happen!



Feng Shui Tarot. LWB: Eileen Connolly. Artwork: Peter Paul Connolly. Published by U.S. Game Systems. Scan via, September 7, 2015.

Illustrations from Feng Shui Tarot used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. c. 2001 by U.S. Games Systems.  All rights reserved.

Tarot Mucha. LWB: Lunea Weatherstone. Artwork: Giulia F. Massaglia. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2014. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

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