Iris’s Spread

Recently, Iris got into my Tarot cards – and much to my delight, she laid out an adorable and innovative little spread, gazing at each card and muttering over it, just like Mama!

I know you’ll enjoy this video of her preciosity, and I hope you’ll find some fun in the interpretation of her “Spread” as well!

I named the positions she chose, and she actually created a pretty insightful Spread! I will be using this one myself! I chuckled a bit as I read “Iris’s cards” based on the Spread positions!

Card 1: Past affecting future

6 of Cups

Card 2: Current Self

XII – The Hanged Man reversed

Card 3: Future aspiration

10 of Pentacles

Card 4: Past aspiration

0 – The Fool

Card 5: Heart/ Soul card

Knight of Cups

Card 6: Takeaway

XX – Judgment

The Story in the Cards

6 of Cups

A young person is hard at work, and pauses to watch two nearby children, remembering feeling as free and playful as they do! Smiling at the memories, it is time to return to the task at hand and prepare for the future!

[Iris remembers the park fondly, and would much prefer being there than at home making it work with her own toys.]

XII The Hanged Man R

Standing up tall and ready to move on, the young person learns from the past and makes a plan to set forth with success. Eyes forward, wary of what held back progress in the past, she has regained her balance and is ready to be back on solid ground.

[“Park? Park. I’m tall.”]

10 of Pentacles

Family values are the young person’s guiding influence. Nothing could compare to the promise of a secure and solid home life! The young person loves when the whole family is together, and looks forward to building a loving family of her own.

[Picking up her doll: “ohhh. Ohh, baby. Come on. Find Dada.”]

0 The Fool

Leaving the maternal cave to cast out independently, fearless of the consequences, the young person dances along her path with joyful abandon. Her carefree conduct suggests the presence of a guardian angel as she is carried along in her journey, unscathed by mishaps!

[Born, walking, talking, climbing, reading Tarot…she’s got this!]

Knight of Cups

The young person is following her dreams, guided by her emotions and desires and nothing else! Her arrival in any situation is a gift. She is a fulfiller of dreams, the result of a fairytale romance!

[She’s the babe of our dreams and we love her so much!]

XX Judgment

The young person knows the value of divine self-awareness. Beyond the earthly realm, right and wrong have no grey area, and the young person knows this well, holding her morals close to her heart!

[More like: she loves the male angel on the card, and points at his chest: “bubbie!!”]

I had a lot of fun writing this post, and I hope you enjoyed it too! More Baby Tarot to come!

Tarot Mucha. Artwork: Giulia F. Massaglia. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2014. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

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