Tea Leaf Reading: Drawing in Abundance in 2019

Yesterday I felt inspired to do a universal tea leaf reading, intended to help everyone who sees this make the most of the much-more-positive energy 2019 brings. I chose my Anne of Green Gables teacup (one of my personal goals is to do a lot of writing and Inner Child dreaming this year), and I used organic Mint tea for its strength in money/finance readings (the green Mint plant grows rapidly once it starts). The Ascended Masters Oracle brings a loving, prosperous energy to the reading <3<3<3

As the tea steeped, I drew two cards from the Ascended Masters Oracle. The first card represents what your main focus should be moving into 2019, and the second represents your best advice for integrating the messages in this reading <3<3<3

Main Focus for 2019: Osiris | Father, Husband, Brother, Son

Indeed, myself and many other readers have been speaking about the need to reintegrate Divine Masculine energy into the way we think about things — 2018 was a year of finding balance, which is not possible without understanding both the masculine as well as the feminine sides of ourselves and our situations. This doesn’t have to literally mean men — rather masculine energy, although re-evalutaing the way we perceive and interact with very real masculine presences needs to shift as well. Hate and counter-attack achieve nothing and are hyper-regressive, but I digress. What I mean by Masculine Energy is the energy of structure, of stability, of maintaining control, of logical, real-world thinking and planning. It’s true that we all took a very necessary trip into feminine energy this Year of Retrogrades, needing to fall back on our Inner Worlds, our spirituality, our emotional comforts, our creativity and urge to nurture and tend. Awesome job in listening to that need and fulfilling those desires — now it’s time to take what you learned and put it into action, taking the tack of not letting anything stop you from bringing forth your goals, giving them life, making them real <3<3<3

Best Advice for Integration: Oshun | Drink More Water

I love that Osiris’s masculine power is balanced with an equally strong Divine Feminine energy — reminding you not to lose sight of the spiritual and self-care practices that sustained you this past year, that kept you feeling nourished and flowing as much as possible. I feel like I’ve been giving this specific advice all year too — drink more water! Always good advice, but especially in these times of massive societal change — it is draining not only emotionally to process all that we’re working to right in this severely challenged world, but physically as well. Picture the way you tense up, sweat, cry when you feel affected by the weight of all you seek to change — you empty yourself, and your causes need you filled!! I’ve been dancing around the idea of setting several water-timers on my phone to remind myself to drink up. You need fluidity to shoulder all the responsibilities this year will present you, in favour of giving structure to your dreams! <3<3<3

Powerful cards!! And it’s amazing to see the way they are reflected in the tea leaves:

Immediately upon flipping the teacup, I noticed this little Capricorn mer-goat! An amazing reiteration of the combination of masculine and feminine energy in the oracle cards, and ultra-relevant as Capricorn season is coming up, and is the season that brings us into the New Year. Capricorn, in spite of its career/public standing-oriented energy, is a Feminine sign, and its symbol is the persevering Mountain Goat, combined with the depth allowed by its mermaid tail. Should the Goat somehow be knocked off the mountain, it will swim back to the base to restart the climb! A large part of your success in 2019 will be perseverance, committing to the task at hand and knowing that your dedication to what you’ve started makes you forever unstoppable.

The next thing I saw was a woman with a headdress on (Oshun?!), with a clearly defined face and adorable old-timey shoe (<3<3<3!!!), carrying — no, floating!! — a large bundle in front of her. The way she’s walking with her foot flicked back makes her task look both speedy and effortless, indicating that this year your burdens are lessened greatly, all as a matter of perspective, alongside concrete implementation of your new ideas for personal efficiency. This lady is dressed for success, feeling light as a result of the appearance-related decisions she’s made to support her through what needs to be done! The same goes for you — treat every day like an important occasion, and so it will be <3<3 Another piece of advice I’m feeling from this is that naturally, after a difficult year, most of our spaces are probably in some degree of “disarray.” One of your first jobs, and one that can be taken on with zest knowing it will open up the portal to everything you want for yourself, is to get your space clear and feeling like somewhere you can breathe, where you can relax, where you can move around freely <3<3<3 Start chipping away at the piles, one bit at a time, and love the way each small, humble effort lightens your overall load <3<3<3

This was such an interesting feature in the cup — on the left it looks like a wolf, with an orange Rudolph-nose! I get a very masculine energy from him, that he was part of your intuitive instinct, “sniffing out” your creative direction in 2019 so you could make full use of your talents in 2019. I get the sense that a certain “Big Bad Wolf” in your life is either on the way out, or has revealed themselves to be not so bad after all — this person’s retreat or their recommitment to the future ensures protection against repeating of past awfulness. This whole image looks like a mountain, “King of the Castle” style, with several other figures — a head in profile with two feathers, a little monk guy holding his tiny hand up to a floating nirvana-esque cross-legged figure, indicating new heights to come re: spiritual progress. Next is what looks like someone on top of a sled getting ready to slide headfirst down the 2019-side of the mountain! Whee! You are absolutely protected this year, guided by all the support that was drawn in out of intense necessity this past year — but now you know exactly who and what is on your side, and can move forward with utter confidence in the team you have chosen <3<3

I couldn’t stop noticing this little feature — the line of dots reminds me of the new way I’ve been setting out my crystals, sometimes just in a straight line! The bright green one on the bottom reminds me of my favourite serpentine, the stone of opening up new energetic channels, connecting with your magic, as well as past life integration <3<3<3 I love that the column of crystals is pointing directly at a clearly-defined leaf — this is the year you break away from the original “tree,” seeing where the wind takes you! <3<3

As a last tidbit, the Shadow and Higher Self cards <3<3 Like the Wolf in the teacup, 2018 taught you to listen, to wait, to watch, to learn from the darkness and come to trust your natural instincts more deeply and truly than ever before. 2019 finds you letting go, giving yourself over calmly to your destiny — at this point it feels like there’s no other choice, and you are so happy about it <3<3 Quan Yin adds extra depth to the overall message of this reading, the combining and integrating of masculine and feminine energy: a deeply spiritual person, they lived their human lifetime as a man, and when given the option to ascend to heaven, they chose instead to return to Earth as a woman, thus finally being able to understand the entirety of human experience <3<3 2019 asks us to feel so grounded and secure in our own person that we do not feel threatened by the choices and differences we see in others — 2019 is the year we start to come together, to fill in the gaps, to release the past and welcome in a fiercely loving future ❤

Deck Used:

Ascended Masters Oracle Cards. Doreen Virtue. Various artists. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2007. (Out of Print).

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