New Moon in Scorpio Circle for Release Recap

Tonight is our New Moon in Sagittarius Circle for Release, so what better time to recap the amazing time we had at our New Moon in Scorpio Circle for Release!

We began the evening with a poem, “Prophesy” by Naima Penniman, followed by pulling tarot cards from the Mary-el Tarot, a very dark but very appropriate-to-Scorpio-vibes tarot deck! We also took turns doing bone-castings using the set of Witchdoctor Bones my parents brought back from South Africa. It was amazing to see how different each person’s bones fell, and how relevant the readings felt to their current circumstances!

One participant had two cards come out together, and we were all thrilled by the juxtaposition of two numerological “4s” alongside how similar the card imagery was to the jewelry she wore!! <3<3<3

Life mirroring art

Following the readings, we read another poem, “The Cusp of Wane and Wax” by Susa Silvermarie, following which we performed the meditation included with the New Moon Release Crystal Kits we used together. 

Next, we did a 20-minute journaling meditation, based on the proprioceptive writing technique I learned in the Intermediate level of the Writing to Heal the Soul course I took during my Master’s. We free-wrote about what we were ready to release for Good after lighting a candle and while listening to Bach cello music <3<3<3

After the writing exercise it was time to send our intentions off to the Universe! We burned our papers in the special Moon Group Circle of Sloths <3<3<3 It’s always incredible to see the different characters of each person’s paper-burning! We always watch for smoke patterns, colours and shapes in the fire, and what the ash looks like as it crisps and curls <3<3<3

And there you have it! Tonight id our New Moon in Sagittarius Circle for Release, and our next event at Blind Forest Books will be the Full Moon in Cancer Manifestation Circle on December 17th at 7:30 pm <3<3<3<3

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