Full Moon in Scorpio: April 29, 2018

Today is the Full Moon in Scorpio! I’ve been feeling this one intensely, experiencing all kinds of old memories and patterns being dredged up for consideration — Scorpio is the sign of passion, of intensity, of secrets and deep-soul exploration, and with the Full Moon happening at 9 degrees, this moon will very much be about healing the past in a way that transforms the future, welcoming in new energy of rising above the past and its darknesses with greater self-understanding and renewed vigour to seek meaning and purpose in your life. Transformational experiences have been the theme lately, leaving us all feeling like raw little babies re-learning how to settle down and relax into our given circumstances. This Full Moon will help to integrate all that’s been going on, and provide the opportunity to help your manifestations along with some potent Scorpio-energy intention-setting!

This Full Moon’s reading is drawn from the Sacred Rebels Oracle, Dreaming Way Lenormand, and Dreaming Way Tarot. Where I usually read the oracle cards together, this time I’ll read the oracle card alone and combine the Lenormand and tarot cards. I laid out a crystal grid of moonstone to connect with the energy of the Full Moon and help shed light on your personal cycles, crazy lace agate to find grounding through laughter, citrine to boost your self-confidence and highlight your best ideas, two rhyolite to connect your sense of creativity with what you want to express from the heart, pyrite for powerful manifestation energy, and chrysocolla for clear and effective communication of what you are preparing to bring forward.

This was meant to be a 3-Card Tarot reading with 2 Oracle cards (I draw 3 Lenormand cards when I use those decks as oracles), but I had a jumper when shuffling the Dreaming Way Tarot! These are such lively, communicative decks <3<3

To begin, let’s look at the Shadow cards for this Full Moon reading, indicating the underlying themes at present:

full moon in scorpio sh

Shadow Cards: 29. Seeing the True You + 1. Rider + Ace of Cups reversed

The energy surrounding this Full Moon is very much about seeing yourself in a very real, very raw light, in such a way that you’re spurred to take action towards self-betterment — this is not a new line of thinking, but rather one that’s been percolating for a while now. You’ve been reflecting on this often recently, playing with the idea, feeling out what it would be like to bring it forth — you know it will require letting something go for good, an outpouring that will definitely be emotional! You also know how very good it will feel to allow yourself to enter that space, how you will bubble up and bask in the refreshing new way that letting this one thing go will free up the new flow you know you need.

full moon in scorpio main

Oracle Card: 6. Shock of the New + Page of Cups (jumper)

You have grown so much lately, and are now integrating all the personal revelations you’ve had recently, navigating the new ways you’ve begun to process your emotions and experience joy and wonder. You are fully opening up to how purely fun, nice, and surprising life can be, and you are ready to take the measures needed to feel “full” again. You’ve been testing the waters where it comes to actually speaking forth what you need to find emotional balance, and to your delight, you feel heard and responded to! Keep trusting that thing will be coming up roses and guided by love, that the intensity of recent weeks has been your heart and soul adjusting to the new frequency you’ve reached! Feeling like you’re fumbling is just your learning process at this new life-level.

Past – What You’ve Come Through: 29. Lady + 18 – The Moon

Yes, even though it’s felt like all the creepy-crawlies and critters from your deepest subconscious have come to visit you lately, as a result you have grown so, so much as a person! If you don’t notice it, you’ve probably been noticing comments about your poise or efficiency, brushing them aside but later pondering on them and examining why you do or don’t believe them to be true. You have done a thorough check-in with the cycles you’ve been experiencing, and you have settled into the knowledge of what needs to be done to make you feel much more like yourself on a regular basis, and healthier/ more whole in the long run.

Present – Where You Are Now: 36. Cross + 1. The Magician

It’s tough work, realizing your full potential and committing to using your natural gifts! It requires a cooling of the ego, a degree of modesty while showing your true self and living by your own code. Well, you’ve found yours and are learning its deeper nuances, its exciting and sometimes frustrating intricacies, feeling out the weight of your calling and learning how to work your personal magic in a way that is responsible and consistent. Good for you, because this is one of the most challenging processes ever!! Keep at it, and know that the new start you’ve made was a total step in the right direction, trusting the journey to unfold for the best. It may get harder before it gets easier, but you know what you’re working towards and you fully have the skills to do it!

Future – Where You Are Headed: 32. Moon + 21. The World

No kidding about things getting harder before they get easier — you are at a massive turning point where it comes to settling in to Who You Really Are, and so naturally challenges to your mettle will abound. Try thinking of them as you do of the pop quizzes sprung on you in school: do you remember any of those now? Nah, but they taught you to expect the unexpected, grumble a bit, and move on more or less unscathed. Real life has an interesting way of presenting similar challenges, over and over, until you notice the patterns and do what you need to to break the cycles that deter you and embrace the ones that push you forward — right now you are aware of both a very big cycle that needs breaking, as well as the new one beginning that promises to sweep you away towards much bigger and better ways of using your time and talents. “Challenge” will be the name of the game as you learn to wield your new personal power, glowing with possibility, stepping into this new cycle ready to make powerful use of your time and energy come what may. The Month of May itself is sure to be filled with massive changes as Uranus moves from Aries into Taurus — brace yourself and trust in upcoming developments to be for your greater good <3<3

Now for the Higher self cards, a message of hope moving forward:

full moon in scorpio hs

Higher Self Cards: 28. Collaborative Dreaming + 27. Letter + 8 of Pentacles

Indeed, if anything this Full Moon will show you who you want to work with and how you want to use your skills moving forward. Be open to receive any messages, especially surrounding your personal strengths, as these will inspire your next steps towards stabilizing all that you’ve been working towards! This will be a period of teamwork and support, as you put the finishing touches on something important and prepare to send it out into the world. You know what has been blocking you from sharing your ideas and being receptive to others’, and you are ready to find new ways to collaborate and share space.

This Full Moon in Scorpio, know that you have been putting your energy towards exactly what needs to be nurtured at this time! Focus on manifesting the structure you now know more than ever that you need, and be open to the new experiences that making the necessary changes to achieve that structure will bring. Your relationships will be in a better place as a result of making known your emotional needs, and you will feel better able to focus as a result of voicing your truth. Even if you can’t find the words, as the saying goes, sometimes actions speak louder! This Full Moon is a massive gateway towards building the life you’ve been envisioning for yourself — keep that vision in mind and open yourself to the opportunities and experiences to come <3<3

Decks Used:

Dreaming Way Lenormand. Lynn Araujo. Illustrated by Kwon Shina. U.S. Games Systems, 2016.

Dreaming Way TarotRome Choi. Illustrated by Kwon Shina. U.S. Games Systems, 2012.

Sacred Rebels Oracle. Alana Fairchild. Illustrated by Autumn Skye Morrison. Blue Angel Publishing, 2017 (2nd Edition).

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