Week Ahead: April 23-29, 2018

Phew! It’s finally feeling like Spring has actually sprung — the air is warm and the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and you finally feel like what you’ve been waiting for is here — and it is <3<3 This week the Moon makes her way from Leo through to a Full Moon in Scorpio on Sunday. It’s a week of fiery, driven energy, of identifying important details and making choices, of listening to and tending to your soul and its purpose. This week is about taking stock, deciding where you stand, and embracing all you’ve been given as you continue to make amazing use of it!

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, around 2:13 am, Mars forms a sextile with Jupiter. This represents an opportunity to expand on your passion, to spread was fires you up as far as it can go! On Tuesday evening around 9:41 pm, Venus sextiles Chiron, providing an opportunity to see your past pain/wounds in a new, more loving light, and in turn to use those experiences as an inspirational stepping stone to planning something beautiful.

Wednesday finds Mercury forming a trine with Saturn around 6:28 pm, making it easy to think through what until this point had been an obstacle — most likely this ease was made possible by yesterday’s Venus/Chiron realization.

Thursday starts of with a bang, one that could go either way, as Mars conjuncts Pluto at 8 am. This represents a blending of the energies of the gods of War and Passion and of Death and Destruction — oh my!! This day’s events will either feel spiritually transformational or chaotic and messy, and it’s really up to you to choose how you process any conflicts encountered.

The week closes with the Full Moon in Scorpio at 9:58 PM — time to celebrate Lunar Beltane (with Beltane/May Day this coming Tuesday!

For this week’s spread I wanted to do something a little different — I always get all swept up in how beautiful the cards backs alone look just before I turn the cards in a spread, so I want to start sharing a “card back” picture for everyone to enjoy <3<3

week ahead apr 23-29 backs

This week’s spread is drawn from the Mary-el Tarot, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, and the Ostara Tarot. I laid out a crystal grid of moonstone to maximize the positive effects of the charged energy of the upcoming Full Moon, as well as for increased understanding of your persona cycles, black onyx for grounding and protection of your personal energy, mookaite for the inspiration to ground yourself through creative/productive outlets, tiger’s eye for courage and inner strength as well as manifestation power, rose quartz for compassion for your Self and others,’ and leopardskin jasper for ferociously unbiased understanding of the personal patterns you wish to gain control over for personal betterment and healing moving forward <3<3

To begin, let’s look at this week’s Shadow cards, indicating the underlying theme of the week ahead:

week ahead apr 23-29 sh

Shadow Cards: 7 of Cups + Pele | Divine Passion + Page of Cups

Wow!! You are brimming with zest and vigour, full of ideas and potentials, all spurred on by intense connection with your emotions and intuition. Things are roiling around in such a way that it’s best to hold back at least a little bit, to play with your ideas on your own for now, testing out what will work with “in a way that makes you happy” as the criteria. I know I’ve been test-driving a few creative possibilities, with some clearly being too time-consuming/frustrating to be continued while others are fun and efficient — keep experimenting, keep laughing, keep thriving on what makes your heart and soul howl with delight!

week ahead apr 23-29 main

Oracle Cards: 3 of Cups reversed + Mother Mary | Expect a Miracle

This week is full of crackling potential of every kind — it is so, so important that you maintain a positive and open mindset so that all the good that’s coming your way makes it to you, in turn deflecting the less favourable potentialities that could crop up in moments of frustration and discontent. Go easy on yourself when you’re feeling less-than-friendly or at times when unfriendliness visits you through interactions with others — these flubs will turn around almost as quickly as they began, and can be released safely with the knowledge that things are growing, flowing, and evolving beyond mundane quibbles and quabbles. You’re really starting to branch out to new heights, and observing your own reactions and unshakeability this week will provide you sound evidence of that very growth! You are able to trust that things are moving in the direction you need them to, and you are in position to receive exactly what you have being praying for with all of your heart.

Card 1: Focus for the Week: 9 of Pentacles

Mmm ❤ This card has been stalking us reversed the past several months, as transformations were made and comfort zones were redefined! Well, take this as permission to “settle in” again, to know that you’ve been doing everything right and have very much gotten things back to where you want them. You can be very proud of everything that you’ve worked for, and can feel safe allowing yourself to enjoy it!! Take some time to bask this week, to look around and soak in everything good that’s been achieved, to make note — even literally in a journal — of what you are happy to have at the moment, and of what you can see your current bounty developing into further.

Card 2: Release: XVIII – The Moon reversed

That’s not to say you should turn a blind eye on what is so, so obviously not working at this point that there’s no way you can’t see it! There are a few “will-nots” still clinging on, like rotten wiggly teeth that you haven’t found the gumption to tug off for good. It’s coming, and perhaps mercifully, at this point even if you don’t do anything about this it will fall away on its own — but do know that you still have some control over the way it unfolds should you choose to play a direct role in this ending. This has been building up for so long that at the very least, you know exactly how you feel about it and where you stand. Sometimes it’s okay to give up on hope for something, because that hope-energy can be put to much better use in the other far more hopeful and glowing areas of your life!

Card 3: Energy to Increase: Knight of Swords reversed

Yes, you also know at this point how you yourself have been “hurtful” in the past, and are very focused on changing your patterns in order to be a better listener, a clearer thinker, and a lifelong learner where it comes to interacting and sharing ideas with others. you’ve realized that when you cut others down, you cut yourself too, and the latter is what takes the longest to heal — you are so done with thrashing words, with cutting sentiments, with situations that spin out of control for lack of forethought and lack of emotional sensitivity. You are ready to start wielding your sword for peace, both for yourself and for the people you choose to surround yourself with, and you are ready to join minds with others in such a way everyone feels better represented and protected for the long haul.

Card 4: Best Advice: 3 of Swords

This week will hold its share of triggering memories — I’m looking right at that Venus/Chiron sextile. There’ll be some very real bandaid-ripping, which you can allow to be a helpful process for healing. At points you may feel like everything you’ve been patching together and sewing up has blasted apart and unraveled, but this is an illusion — this is a test. Things are so much different than they were then, and if you compare the facts against the fantasies, you’ll see how much progress has been made. Our mental wilderness is there as a counter-point, an ever-present Shadow to provide contrast to the Light of what is so very true and real. For example, I often start down paths of “I can never get anything done” and “this isn’t how I though it would be,” but when I think of when I was a little girl dreaming of my grown-up life, I wanted to be an artist, have a nice partner and two babies, and lots of pets. Here I am with all those boxes ticked, and even other things to add as bonuses! It sure looks different than I could have ever imagined, but darn if all my wishes haven’t come true, and a little probing in to your own life should find at least a similar box or two that is happily filled. This week will require some creative thinking to make it through the more intense transits, with perspective and grounding for the long haul the main prescriptions for pushing through.

Now for the HIgher Self cards, a message of hope moving forward!

week ahead apr 23-29 hs

Higher Self Cards: III – The Empress + Coventina | Purification + Queen of Wands

This week’s Shadow/Higher Self cards have such a cool trajectory — we move from emotional overwhelm and the youthful energy of the Page through to feminine mastery, nurturing, and blossoming into the passionate power of the Queen! This week plants the seeds for some incredible creative growth, for settling into your purpose and realizing how and where you are needed. Letting go of what holds you back finds you rising like a butterfly, a beacon of peace and hope, feeling colourful and totally inspired to continue forward with what you have started in an amazing and heart-directed way. You have gathered your resources, you have connected with your vision, and now you are giving it the space, the time, and the care it needs to grow and flourish.

This week will have its share of shake-ups, but you know what you’re doing in such a way that you also know that “pulling back” from the fray will actually help your course in the long run. You are so, so close to what you’ve wanted, and can allow yourself to get “comfortable” with your current circumstances — things are feeling more stable, and they are, with a few more rumbles to get everything as close to perfect as can humanly be. When the opportunities arise, choose to examine your past wounds — gently, of course, with the curiosity and tenderness of a child. Know that you are blossoming into your full power, and that the laser-focus you’ve felt rising is becoming clearer and more defined, allowing you to see the path ahead with greater clarity than ever before. Keep taking baby steps as you continue to grow, and keep at the work still to be done re: fully feeling like you deserve what you’ve strived so hard for — you do, you really do! Allow yourself to settle in to your own life; this is now, not then, and things really can be different <3<3

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Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Doreen Virtue. Various artists. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc., 2004.

The Mary-el Tarot. Marie White. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2012.

Ostara Tarot. Morgan Applejohn, Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard, and Julia Iredale. Schiffer Books, 2017.

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