II – The High Priestess

New routines are in full swing, and we’re all working towards managing the stresses that come with the start of a new season! This week’s card reminds us to focus on the present, and listen to our deepest intuitions for guidance. It reminds us that we have the answers to our own questions already, and they’re found when we’re able to tune out worrying about the past and future. This card reminds us to focus on how far we’ve come, bringing us to Now!

II The High Priestess

This card is about the Great Mystery and the Dreamworld, and allowing your internal waters to become still enough to reveal the wisdom that lies beneath your regular currents. These are the “qualities of duality: dark and light, endings and beginnings, diffusion and creation. Wisdom lies between these extremes” (Weatherstone 14). The High Priestess’s energy can embody both “creative potentials and destructive impulses” (Sharman-Burke and Greene 30). Tarot Mucha‘s High Priestess looks so peaceful and content, an inspiration as the books and papers pile up!

Image via Tarot.com

I love the Feng Shui Tarot’s High Priestess, with the pillars represented by beautiful vases, not to mention her wild shoes! The Little White Book describes her presence in a spread, specifically in the reversed position, as indicating a need for self-reliance, independence, high standards, and self-reinvention (Connolly 9).

Image via White Cauldron

The Mythic Tarot assigns The High Priestess to Persephone, Bride of Hades and Guardian of the Secrets of the Underworld. The divinatory meaning describes

feeling “drawn inexplicably to [the hidden inner world] through an interest in the occult or esoteric” (Sharman-Burke and Greene 32). I find that so cool because

I often pull this card in the “Advice” position in Celtic Cross spreads, like the advice is already in action!

The High Priestess is quiet, even silent, for the most part, and requires patience to be heard. Her messages are “revealed only through feeling, intuition and the night-world of dreams” (Sharman-Burke and Greene 32).

Mucha Moon Mucha Pisces

This card is widely associated with the Moon, but I was recently introduced to an article through Biddy Tarot, on Tarotator.com, which suggests Pisces to be The High Priestess, and the Moon as card XVIII – The Moon (makes sense!). I like this interpretation, because I’m a Pisces and I find this to be a really empowering card! What do you think?

My image for this card is a Tarot Reader – I can’t wait to work on the painting for this week! Check me out on Instagram @tarotscopemim for my weekly interpretations :D:D

Speaking of the Eternal Now, school is back in full swing – if posting slows down, it’s because I’m in full duty-calls mode!

Astrological Oracle Cards. LWB: Lunea Weatherstone. Artwork: Antonella Castelli. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2012. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

Feng Shui Tarot. Eileen Connolly and Peter Paul Connolly. Published by U.S. Game Systems. Scan via Tarot.com, September 14, 2015.

Illustrations from Feng Shui Tarot used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. c. 2001 by U.S. Games Systems.  All rights reserved.

Sharman-Burke, Juliet and Liz Greene. The Mythic Tarot: A New Approach to the Tarot Cards. Cards illustrated by Tricia Newell. Toronto, ON: Stoddart Publishing Co. Ltd, 1988.

Tarot Mucha. LWB: Lunea Weatherstone. Artwork: Giulia F. Massaglia. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2014. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

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