Card of the Day: July 7, 2015

Today’s card is Justice!



This card is a reminder that life is about balance, truth, and facing reality. It’s easier to take the path of least resistance, but karma is always there to balance from beyond. Your heart knows what is right and fair, and only you hold the truths needed to judge your personal reality. Remembering and applying this in daily life and in interactions with others is rooted in perceptions of fairness. Only you can control your actions and reactions. These are what hold us in the world around, and what determine the next adventure on life’s journey. Maintaining balance and practicality gives you the strength of inner truth, and to wield the sword of Justice rather than be cut by it. You know what to do!

This card is yelling at me, as my textbooks call from the corner! It’s so much easier to ignore mundane realities, like homework and dishes, tidying and doing laundry. From a practical standpoint, these things don’t take that long and everything is nicer once they’re taken care of, but… I don’t wanna!! The reality is, it all has to be done sometime, and once it’s piled as high as the sky, the consequences are clear. It’s a fine balance between leisure and duty; one can’t be had without the other. Suck it up, buttercup! You know your truths!



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