Card of the Day: July 6, 2015

the magician reversed

The Magician reversed

Today’s card is The Magician reversed! This card represents great power and skill, as well as creative manifestation. All is at your disposal: the mindset, the skillset, the tools, and even the buds of results! However, in the reversed position, there are a few considerations to ensure continued sparkle. Proper planning is essential; overlooking important details is a real possibility when faced with abundant choices and opportunities, and mistakes and disappointments can build creative blocks. Recognizing the scope of your talents is also key, as undervaluing yourself as well as promoting underdeveloped abilities will lead to setbacks. Balancing expectations of yourself will help to avoid negative manipulation. Knowing what you can and can’t do prevents you trying to create impossibilities, others and their opinions from making you second-guess yourself, and finally from the excitement of new possibilities manipulating your life in the form of losing sight of other responsibilities.

This is a great time of gifts and opportunities. All is yours; believe in yourself and your abilities, your willpower is your strongest asset.

Today I spent a lot of time working out the kinks with watermarking software. I even decided to post without a picture because I was sure there was no way to do it, at least tonight! This was just one of many creative blocks for me today. It was hot and humid, I’m a little behind in my Masters coursework, and my 20-month-old daughter didn’t take a nap. But! We went to the Splash Pad in our town, which was lots of fun, and ate some really good food, and picked sweet little strawberries in our own garden. Not letting my computer issues affect the day was a conscious choice, although not an easy one, and much manipulating was done by all, but at the end of the day, my post is written, the babe is asleep, and it’s time to relax!

Update: once I was relaxing downstairs with my love, I was struck with the solution to the watermarking frustrations — and now we have a picture. Sometimes all it takes is a clear head!

Speaking of gifts and wonderfulness: it’s my braintwin and soulmate-of-a-best-friend’s birthday!! xoxoxjkskajsbffjkvjd!!!



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