♐🌑New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius🏹💜

The New Moon Solar Eclipse took place at 12’22 Sagittarius at 3:43 am AST, bringing in a wave of the exact energy of CHANGE we all needed to see.This one has been quite intense for me, happening directly opposite my natal Moon in Gemini!! So much is being illuminated 😂🤩

Today’s prompt for the #DecemberChakraBalance Challenge asks “What area of your life is receiving a Revolution in Freedom?” I’m thrilled to see Harmony and Resolution!! And Dharana reversed invites me to listen to the urge to *slow down* — the guidebook describes this orientation as being all work, no play, something I have been actively shifting! Fire Dragon and Archangel Gabriel’s Dragon offer that my path forward is being cleared in a huge way for me to share my passion and voice even more expansively🔥🐉💕

The Queen of Wands reversed tells me that I am being released from simply telling myself I am “nurturing” progress — I am ready to dive headfirst into the fresh surge of creative energy rushing in for me with this New Moon Solar Eclipse to flip that into actively progressing!!

My advent calendar crystals were orange calcite and clear calcite/Icelandic spar — talk about receiving clarity surrounding my creativity!! The Icelandic spar has amazing rainbow inclusions.

The cut cards show my readiness to set boundaries against all that blocks my voice — this New Moon’s energy is here to help me choose against anything that doesn’t align with what I’ve learned about myself . This particular Lovers card is fascinating, with the mermaid looking in the mirror — my guides have been loudly telling me to start doing mirrorwork and I have yet to act on that one!! Looks like it’s time *star eyes*

The Shadow cards are so reassuring, promising that my path and my contentment are doubly protected — Angelic Protection and Deep Blue Dragon of protection, hello!! I love the line of people on the Santosha/Contentment card — all my Bliss Queens lined up to rock the first 8 weeks of 2022 with kundalini yoga and weaving spiritual practice so beneficially into their lives 🥰🥰

The Higher Self cards invite me to always remember that it’s okay to slow down, step back, and breathe — expanding into your purpose is not a linear process, and when major shedding is being done (as naturally comes with eclipse energy) it’s okay to relax into the transformation!! That’s partly why I’m posting a day late, I was doing a ton of ascension-integration in the form of hearty crying, changing my altar, and a giant New Moon Solar Eclipse tarot reading for myself!

How did the New Moon Solar Eclipse affect you? If you’re inspired to start 2022 off expanding your energy, getting out of your head and back into your life, and transforming your reality, send me a message!! Let’s book you a Blissful Life Strategy call and set you up with the first steps to activating your bliss 👑🌈💕

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