Neptune Direct in Pisces | What does your Flow State look like?

What is “Flow State” anyway? It’s when you’re in such alignment that everything literally and just naturally “flows” <3<3

Neptune is the planet that rules creativity and spirituality, as well as fantasy and illusion. When you’re in flow you feel like a creative powerhouse — coursing with the energy you need to do it all, and finding the next steps awaiting you as you complete the previous ones. When you’re in flow you feel coordinated, consistent, and tapped in to an almost otherworldly confidence — in yourSelf <3<3

With Neptune going Direct at 20 degrees Pisces, this is a massive call to Creative Action!! The spiritual balance that will be guiding you through 2022 has been activated and is washing over you now.

I was thrilled with my pull for this prompt! My main cards reflect that my Flow State looks like ALIGNMENT — grounding myself in deep, deep Trust in the Universe. I’m a Manifestor in Human Design, which is beautifully reflected in the Earth and Water Dragon card’s message of “creates the foundation for new growth” — part of my purpose on this planet is *starting things* and *providing inspiration to others,* and when I’m in Flow that’s exactly what I do! 

My favourite part of the reading is the 4 of Swords! It’s one of my “yoga practice” cards, representing the mental stability I gain when I take the time to tap in to what I know brings me peace <3<3 I love the detail of the mermaid being surrounded by animals — when I’m in Flow animals seem naturally drawn to me like magical Snow White energy!! And my cat Neptune loves to hang out on my mat when I’m doing my thing <3<3

I had to include the other cards from this reading — the cut cards knocked my socks off with the Self-Acceptance card (the key to Flow State if there ever was one), not to mention Krishna!! I’ve been reading the Bhagavad Gita as part of my kundalini yoga teacher training and he’s been showing up in every deck that has a Krishna card now lol. Loving the key on Green dragon and the Emperor — Self-Acceptance in turn unlocks the self-discipline and willingness to implement structures that support my success.

The Shadow cards reflect how much I have Transformed through learning to access my Flow State. It helps me “get serious” (Hanuman reversed) and loosen my grip on defined outcomes which further opens me up to the actual goodness the Universe has in store for me <3<3

I’m squealing over the Victory Pose arms on the Transformation shadow card and the Harmony and Resolution and Pranayama cards!! I have recently incorporated sitting like that in meditation before my yoga in the morning!! All of these cards happily demonstrate that I’m very much In Flow right now and that energy is increasing — remembering to Breathe and juggling so many lovely things like a happy little bunny <3<3

The crystal from my advent calendar today was a black tourmaline, a protection stone associated with the Root Chakra. I love the added message that my Flow State is protected!

What does your Flow State look like? Leave a comment below!

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