🌹❤Mary Magdalene and Resurrection Energy ❤🕊

This past week, I finally aligned with whatever inspiration I needed to finally read Mary Magdalene Revealed by @megganwatterson from cover to cover. This past week as well, two of my teachers passed away💕

Judy Hall’s books were some of the first I encountered on my spiritual path, and her Astrology and Crystal Bibles have held a place of honour on my bedside table ever since, even serving as valuable tools to help teach my children about what I love 💎

I only connected with @gurujagat this past month or so, but what her videos and teachings contributed to my kundalini practice has literally transformed  and accelerated what I’m doing with my own work significantly🙏

How appropriate that I’m working with the Grief card in my Chakra Balancing Practice this week, and that the Mudras I’m using are Peace and Self-Trust — the central attributes provided by any great spiritual teacher 💚☮💖

Fun fact: until reading Mary Magdalene Revealed, I hadn’t made the connection between her and the Heart Guardian card from Angels and Ancestors; I draw that card more than any other which used to drive me nuts 😂😂 I only made the connection when I found myself reading the whole book with my hand unconsciously held over my heart!!

I loved how Watterson’s writing felt more like a remembering, her words resonated with me so deeply; one of my favourite courses during my Religious Studies degree was the Historical Jesus seminar, a class of 12 who explored who Jesus as a real-life man would have been; I loved reading a more fully illuminated account of his obvious counterpart, and the importance of the secret teachings she carried on, emphasizing how the true route to “salvation” is going *within* and opening your heart to making this lifetime as impactful as you can. Here, now, with the time you have — as well as how the knowledge you access and teach yourself will carry on long after your physical form is gone ❤🙏💗

One of my favourite threads in Mary Magdalene Revealed was the description of the feeling of warm honey whenever the author was entering a profound spiritual experience — Mother Mary, specifically Mary of the Sea (whose very much attached to Mary Magdalene) is one of my main guides, and she appears to me via the scent of roses and honey 🌹🍯🌹

This book was exactly what I needed right now, as I navigate grief alongside feeling empowered to step more intentionally into healing my own Seven Powers and stepping up as a Teacher in my own way💕 In fact, when I went looking for the Teacher Awakens card from Keepers of the Light Oracle, I was amazed to find it between the Ancestor Spirit and Kuthumi cards — I have been feeling my grandfather around me so powerfully lately, and actually he and Jesus are who greet me when I open the Akashic Records. Kuthumi was a lovely surprise because he’s my astrology guide and I’m doing/teaching a ton of that right now!

The book also provided a path forward for what to read next — I bought myself Women Who Run with the Wolves for Christmas last year and it feels like it’s finally time to dive in 🤸‍♀️🐺💪 The Goddess Pose, about the surely similarly feisty in many ways to Guru Jagat Indra Devi, the woman credited with bringing yoga to the West in the early 20th century. Looks like I’ll have two on the go!!

This is one of the many sweet moth friends that greeted me at the door to the bookstore this week 👀🦋💀

Lately Clover has been joining me in chanting “Har” on the way home from work 🥰🙏👶 I learned from Guru Jagat that the way the tongue compresses the roof of the mouth during this chanting is acupressure for the pineal gland/3rd Eye, which stimulates it in such a way that it opens you to clearly seeing the opportunities waiting for you 🧿🙏🧿

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