Altar Setting

There’s been some interest in the way I set up my altar at the bookstore! I change my altar with each new astrological season, and today the Sun moved into Gemini.

So, what is an altar? It’s a sacred space, set up based on a specific intention and decorated with items of significance that align with that intention. It’s a space that can be used for meditation, reflection, and manifestation, and is a powerful way to gather energy, stabilize your ambitions, and demonstrate to yourself that you are magical and deserve the time and space to tend to and maximize your own potential.

The intention for my altar is to reflect the energy of Gemini Season. Gemini is the sign of the Twins, and thus thus season is all about communication, connection, joy, and coming to understand new faces of whatever is the main theme in your life at present. Gemini’s power colours are Yellow and Rainbow, so I chose a bright yellow scarf as the base of my altar setting:

My natal Moon is in Gemini, so I put the cool Moon Phase card holder my sister gave me for Christmas. Gemini rules the 8th House of Death and Transformation, so I chose Kali as the main deity on this month’s altar, placing my Kali pillar candle and little Kali statue with my giant fluorite chunk and selenite tower as the main focal point. Fluorite unites the heart and intuition and selenite connects with the Moon to help in nurturing and more deeply accessing my intuition. The main crystal arrangement is dyed hot pink agate, representing my ability to take control of my own patterns and healing through the development of my connection to the Divine Feminine. I placed a chevron amethyst for Higher Self connection and red wine quartz for the type of deep grounding that allows renewed energy and forward motion, as well as spiky shells to represent the Scorpio energy of the 8th House and my Rising sign. Sodalite protects my sense of self and bloodstone deepens my family ties and ancestral connections.

My favourite method for altar setting is determining the direction of each corner of my altar and decorating it with appropriate elemental objects. I did this with the flashlight app on my phone, which also features a compass.

The North corner is associated with Earth energy, the energy of grounding, of material security, and of home and family. This season I placed two metal dragons, one a bearded dragon that my Grandpa gave me and a little cutie with an aventurine ball that my parents brought back from Japan. Lots of ancestral/family support here! I also learned from a Feng Shui practitioner that I lack Metal energy, so using lots of metal on my altar helps me energetically. This corner also features my “Pentacles” (Earth energy is associated with Pentacles in Tarot), a fairy stone for fertile creativity where it comes to continuing to manifest abundance, and orchid quartz for even more creative energy and vibes of hope for the future in the financial department.

The Air corner features the Athena box filled with rocks that my Grandpa found in Greece. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and strategy, and Air energy is associated with the mind and intellect, as well as patterns of thought and action — the domain covered by the suit of Swords in Tarot, hence my bone athame. The dried dragonfly is associated with ancestral support (yes I am heavily relying on ancestor energy at the moment lol), and the dragon reminds me to think bravely. The shamanic quartz and quartz geode offer grounding energy to my thought process, in favour of healing deeply-ingrained thought patterns and habits and opening me up to new possibilities.

The Water corner features my skull bottles, one big and one small, as the representation of the suit of Cups in Tarot — they reflect the emotional world, and my main focus there is guiding my babies, hence the metal Mary picture. Two large amethyst clusters open my Crown chakra for further downloads that help me maintain and open heart <3<3

Finally, the Fire corner! Associsted with the suit of Wands, this area I’d all about energy, creativity, and passion, and so it features my kundalini lady with a piece of charoite for spiritual grounding, surrounded by moldavite to enhance my meditations and i9en me up to some out-of-this-world energetic breakthroughs.

I’m loving how this month’s altar turned out! If you found this post helpful, remember to like, comment, and share <3<3 Thanks so much for reading!

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