Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Find My Focus Reading

Happy Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, lovelies!! From October 31-November 20, the planet Mercury appears to move “backwards” in the cosmos — this is a time to rethink and review, as challenges surrounding communication, technology, short-distance travel, and general dexterity abound. I’ve pulled a Find My Focus Reading for the collective to help you understand how to make the most of this period, using The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck, the Animal Spirit Oracle, and The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck. If you’re interested in a personalized reading, I’m offering a Mercury Retrograde special — choose the Mercury Retrograde Find My Focus option under the Book a Reading tab above!

To start, let’s look at the Shadow cards, indicating the underlying themes of this Mercury Retrograde:

Shadow Cards: XXXVII – The Desert + Hyena reversed + 4 of Swords

Yes, the next few weeks will be a time to really consider what makes you feel “parched” in life at this point — what continually drains your energy and separates you from being able to recognize all the important growth you’ve been doing? This is really a time to pull back, to focus on stillness and very much being non-combative. Keep laughing, but also recognize what seems to kill your sense of humour and general well-being. This is a time to recognize where you’ve only been allowing yourself scraps when actually you deserve the best! Allow yourself to consider what *does* bring you peace, and think towards how to draw that in so you can move forward rested and ready with the goals that you know will improve your life once Mercury goes direct and things feel kinder all-around. For now, be still, and allow yourself to “rest up” for what promises to be such a beautiful time once you’ve made it through this Mercury Retrograde desert!

Oracle Cards: XXX – The One + XXXII – The Cave + Owl reversed

Indeed, this is a time to focus on your own creativity, on embracing the “darkness” in favour of allowing that to recharge your own inner Light. This is truly a time to “cocoon,” to wrap yourself up in personal reconnection! Don’t feel like you need to have all the answers at this time — Mercury Retrograde is a great time for enhanced intuition, so keep listening within, and know that everything will be revealed as it needs to be. Dive deep into what you’ve already started, and trust yourself to know what to do when the time is right. Simply keep working at understanding Who You Are at this junction in life, and allow that to inform the quiet moves you’re making.

Card 1: What to Focus on this Mercury Retrograde? 6 of Swords

Oh so lovely! All you need to be focusing on now is *healing.* You’ve been digging deep this year to understand what needs to heal, and this period can be a time to dig in your heels where it comes to setting the boundaries that support your continued reconnection with your sense of hope and overall wellness — it’s again emphasised *not to fight what’s happening* now. Others may attempt to engage you in conflict and old mental battles will absolutely crop up for review, but don’t “go there” where it comes to fighting back. Observe, keep your voice low and loving, and trust that you are in the exact space you need to be in order to continue reaccessing what fills you with hope. You are flowing towards a time of much-increased wellbeing — hang in there when the current is rough, knowing it will smooth out soon enough.

Card 2: What is ready to be released? 9 of Pentacles reversed

Truly, this is a time to really listen and learn from what makes you “uncomfortable.” It feels like you have been working so, so hard to improve the way you “nest is feathered,” and this Retrograde will show you quite loudly what separates you from feeling accomplished, independent, and like you’re “doing a good job.” Do notice when you’re feeling like sh*t, and consider how you will continue to work towards finding true comfort in your life once the Retrograde has passed. Trust that you *have* been putting the work in, and know that your monkey-mind will settle down and help you get in gear to transform absolutely everything that no longer works, especially in the realm of finances, home, and physical health in the months to come.

Card 3: What energy can be increased? IX – The Hermit

It is so strongly indicated that this Retrograde is a time for *non-action.* Give yourself permission to pull back into yourSelf, to go within to fully understand the patterns that have both helped and hindered your sense of progress up until this point. The patterns that have worked for you are ready to be illuminated and inspire you as you move forward, while the patterns that have held you back are ready to be healed for major good. Take this time to continue the research and projects you’ve already started, and to achieve really cool breakthroughs via writing, whether you’re writing a book or simply journaling to get to the bottom of the matters that are at the forefront of your mind. One way or another, this is a time to pull back from external activity and focus on protecting your energy and healing, healing, healing.

Card 4: Best Advice. X – The Wheel of Fortune reversed

Amazing! Hermit energy is doubly emphasised — this is not a time to expect change to be readily apparent; all the old crud that’s bothered you for so long will absolutely be popping up over and over, so see this time as a “test” and allow yourself to take each knock as it comes. When you do get agitated, be forgiving of yourself and vow to take a calmer approach the next time that issue crops up for review. Change *is* underway, but the real results and rewards will not become apparent until later in the month. This is a time to learn from your mistakes and to commit to choosing differently the next time the opportunity arises. Stay focused on weaving your own best future, and choose for Who You Want to Be, not who you once were.

To finish, let’s look at the Higher Self Cards, indicating a message of hope moving forward:

Higher Self Cards: XXVII – The Unseen + Scorpion + XII – The Hanged Man

Yes, trust, trust that the Universe is orchestrating your Best Outcome behind the scenes — nothing will feel clear at this point, and that’s very much okay! This Retrograde does promise to “sting” as it’s happening in Scorpio, directly involving themes of death, but also of transition and transformation — trust yourself to find the “antidote” to what’s been so poisonous in your life through pulling back, through wrapping yourself up in your ongoing creative efforts, and through gaining important perspective on what makes you feel closes off. Choose to suspend yourself in this space of not-knowing, and know that what you’re seeing from others at this time is really showing you how you can ground yourself more deeply in your own life purpose.

This Retrograde is all about seeing where you can gain structure in your own life. It will shake your foundations to show you where you need to reinforce and restabilize; this is a time for breaking away from regressive past patterns and choosing new ways to think about and take action on what has challenged you for so long. Relationships can feel strained at this time, especially where at this point in the year many of us are feeling darn drained of energy — remember *do not engage* when tempers flare, instead pulling back and pouring the energy you do have into thinking about your plans for strengthening your health and resources when Mercury goes direct!

Thanks for reading <3<3

Decks Used:

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle. Kim Krans. HarperElixir, 2018.

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Oracle. Kim Krans. HarperOne, 2019.

The Wild Unknown Tarot. Kim Krans. HarperOne, 2016.

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