July 4, 2018: Chiron Rx + Moon in Pisces sextile Pluto Rx in Capricorn

This reading is drawn from Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, Cards of Wellbeing, and the Mary-el Tarot.

Brigit | Don’t back down + 22. Freedom | Constellation of the Swan

Chiron Rx: VI – The Lovers

Moon sextile Pluto: 7 of Cups Rx

Best Advice: 5 of Swords

Today will be the capstone of a seemingly recurring message surrounding how your most “unhealed wounds” affect your choices, your relationships, and at the deepest level, your self and your overall wellbeing ♡♡

The energy is ripe for finding ways to released from the overwhelm this type of emotional stirring causes through reflection on what has held you in these painful places and what has made you feel alone during these times, choosing now to find new perspective and face the future with clearer eyes ♡♡

This is a time to embrace minor conflicts in favour of seeking the wisdom to be found in what continues to agitate and unsettle you, leading you to truly find a way to pick up the right pieces and finally feel like you’re moving forward ♡♡

We’re deep in reteograde season, Chiron being the 6th to join the retrograde parade, following Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto — if it feels like you’re wading through the muddy middle, that’s exactly aligned with the astrological climate! Keep loving and learning from a place of compassion, slow down, and know that a positive shift is hurtling in ♡♡

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