New Moon in Aries: April 15, 2018

It’s the New Moon in Aries! Just as the Sun moving into Aries marked the beginning of a new astrological year, this New Moon marks the start of a New Year of Moon cycles. The New Moon is the “darkest” part of the month, where you feel most introspective, as well as most aware of what you are ready to let go of for good! This is a time for setting intentions and thinking towards where we want to be at the Full Moon. Happening at 20 degrees Aries, this New Moon will find you very much reflecting on your “calling” and what you hope to do with it.

This Three Voices reading is drawn from the Moon Phases Oracle, the Mary-el Tarot, and the Morgan-Greer Tarot. The New Moon is a great time for Shadow work, and these are some of my facourite decks for that type of reading — dark and serious, but also straightforward and magical ♡♡

I laid out a crystal grid of white opal for Higher Self connection, petrified wood for ancestral support, amegreen to unite your heart and your higher consciousness, moonstone to fully connect with the New Moon’s energy, yellow banded agate to remind you of the brightness of your purpose, carnelian for creativity and emotional understanding, black onyx for grounding and protection of your personal energy, and bloodstone for further grounding through the way you communicate your heart’s truth.

First, let’s look at the Shadow cards:

Shadow Cards: Song + 8 of Cups + King of Pentacles reversed
Yes, you can no longer ignore your heart’s pull towards something. You’re ready to leave the past behind, fully knowing that this will be a long but absolutely, positively rewarding process. It will require some major personal grounding, as soul-connected work can be very rocky, but you have what it takes to nurture this to fruitition ♡♡

Dusk + 2 of Swords + Queen of Cups reversed

You’re lowering the curtain on how things were, ready to feel your way through the decisions ahead of you. You’re well aware that this will be an intense emotional process, but you are ready to really find out what your soul is made of as you take action on your dreams! The recent weeks have found you pulled all the way down to the bottom of your personal depths, but as a result you have a clear picture of exactly what you’re made of, and you’re ready to take the best and use it to start creating, in such a way that finds you far more open to “receive” than ever before!

Now for the Higher Self Cards, a message of hope moving forward:

Higher Self Cards: Calling + Page of Swords + 5 of Cups

Wowee, following your calling is a running theme across all of this New Moon’s cards! Prepare to run with your new line of thinking, again knowing that it will involve picking your way through old emotional minefields as you explore what can now be released and what should now be pursued. What has been “spilled” doesn’t have to be regarded as a loss — it’s a part of you that you can proudly see as part of the experience that’s brought you to Now, finding you ready to share your story and bare your truth with more authenticity than ever before.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable now, especially where it comes to sharing how you really think, how you really feel, and what you really want from life! This New Moon, take it easy, recharge, contemplate all that’s transpired, and prepare for your personal launch into the rest of your life ♡♡

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