Venus conjunct Neptune – February 21, 2018

Blub blub blub — do you feel like you’re swimming in a deep pool today, one that feels like you’d rather just be at home sleeping, daydreaming, taking care of yourself instead of having to muddle along with everyone else, who are also just trying to keep swimming and would rather burrow somewhere else too! What a fantastic opportunity to connect with the Piscean energies of compassion and unconditional love — we’re feeling this way because Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and Neptune, planet of spirituality and creativity (as well as escapism!) are conjunct today. That means they’re sitting right next to each other, combining their energies to create an atmosphere of deep feelings, massive creative inspiration, but also some very real potential for misunderstandings with the people we love the most, as well as heaps of emotional overwhelm and desire to “swim away” from whatever problems we are currently experiencing.

venus conj neptune

The tarot card associated with Venus is III – The Empress, and the card for Neptune is XII – The Hanged Man, further indication that today is a good one to “go easy” where it comes to matters of the heart — there is immense potential to feel like “hanging the other person [or project, heh]” out to dry, but know that this watery moment will soon pass, and that it is a perfect opportunity for personal introspection, for exploring where these feelings are coming from, and in turn channeling that energy more productively into an activity that feels like it feeds your heart and your loving nature (for me, that’s reading my own cards and drawing!). To help guide you through this transit, I drew from The Housewives Tarot, Crystal Reading Cards, and Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned from a Little Golden Book. I laid out a crystal grid of red phantom quartz to help identify and release regressive patterns, a quartz geode to help “lift the veil” and connect with your Higher Self, chiastolite to find grounding through your chosen mode of spirituality, apatite to help you express yourself effectively from the heart, and amethyst to help you stay calm, release any anxiety you are feeling, and further establish Higher Self connection. I added a yellow fluorite at the end because the bands of colour in mine look exactly like the ones on the Crystal Reading Cards oracle card!

First, we’ll look at the Shadow cards, indicating the underlying theme of the Venus conjunct Neptune transit:

venus conj neptune sh

Shadow Cards: Dioptase | Heart Healing + Knight of Swords

This transit finds you processing a recent experience where cruelty was dealt — whether you were the dealer or the receiver, your heart is hurting, and Venus conjunct Neptune will stir up the emotions that will help you flow through this and settle into a better way of thinking about it. So far, 2018 has felt like a great big bandaid that you’ve been ripping off bit by bit — you’re getting at the real wound, and once it’s open, then even more productive healing processes can begin. For now, give yourself time to think through all that’s transpired, asking what direction will promote you getting better — you already know which direction will just cause more of the same, and it really is up to you whether or not that is something you can bear ❤

“Love gives us a voice, but it needs no words.” + Divine Temple | Source + 6 of Swords

Yes, this is a time for silence and reflection — trust that the relationships you know are working really are, and take any misunderstandings with a grain of salt. However, very important truths are being revealed at this time, ones that should not be ignored when they trigger your deepest intuition! If you are in a place where the silence is anything but comfortable, see this as an opportunity to really think about what would make you feel heard, seen, held. Today it could be that you need to look within for those needs to be met: as the saying goes, “happiness is an inside job,” and nobody knows better than you how to make you feel supported. At this time you are surrounded by divine support as well, being gently nudged in the right direction — unless the nudges feel anything but gentle, in which case that guidance is pushing a bit harder, needing you to pay attention! At present, your path may feel like a bed of nails, each step more painful than the last — goodness, you’re not wrong, and it gets so tiring to hear how “character-building” your current experiences are. But it’s true — you are being conditioned to receive something so much better than you can imagine, and all that you are muddling through now is basically demonstrating to you what is not working (and really cannot continue to) in favour of forcibly turning you in the direction that will. Today, try wrapping your mind around your ultimate ideal of where you want to be — Venus conjunct Neptune is a perfect formula for daydreaming and fantasizing, so feel free to really go for it! The Law of Attraction is very real — as you visualize, imagine to the fullest extent how it would look, feel, even taste, smell, and sound to be exactly where you want to be in your life! Major healing is underway, and as you know, you’re just at the stage where the past is scabbing over, preparing to drop off and free you to really begin the ultimate healing process.

Now, a message of hope moving forward — the Higher Self cards!

venus conj neptune hs

Higher Self Cards: Cuprite | Rites of Passage + Queen of Wands

I love when the Higher Self cards reflect the “body” of the reading — I always wait til the very end to turn them over for maximum effect! Indeed, you are going through a major character-building process, the type of trying experience that shows you exactly what you’re made of and forces you to answer the question of “what you’re going to do with it.” Yes, what you are experiencing will ultimately inspire you to nurture your passion, will find you with no other choice than to whip things into shape, to create the order that fulfills and inspires you! Both the Shadow/Higher Self Crystal cards are of clusters — I chuckled to hear “right now feels like a clusterf*ck” (I think I have a new swear-wordy spirit guide, I heard “cr*p” yesterday lol) — but really, really, trust that this is all stacking up into a much more useful energy, and everything will make more sense soon. It’s like an abstract sculpture that needs to be viewed from every angle before you start to feel like you “get it” — but even then, the secret is that meaning is always open to interpretation!

In the spirit of the Neptunian Hanged Man, pull back today if it all becomes too much — channel your inner Venus and love yourself through the confusion. Venus moves quickly, so today’s emotional currents will lessen before you know it ❤ Hang in there! Self-care!

This is an example of the $10 Super One-Card Reading in my Etsy shop! This reading is great for a quick overview of your situation at present. Thanks for reading!

Decks used:

Crystal Reading Cards. Rachelle Charman. Sterling Ethos, 2016.

Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned from a Little Golden Book. Diane Muldrow. New York: Golden Books, 2014.

The Housewives Tarot. Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum. Quirk Books, 2004.

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