Last Quarter in Virgo/Libra

2017-12-10 13.26.10

Ah, we’ve made it through the Waxing Gibbous Moon phase, where we made some important realizations about what we’re working through and how to make sense of it productively. We are in the Last Quarter, where we further process all that’s going on and how we feel about it — this is a time for “letting go” and crystallizing what we’ve learned about ourselves recently in a way that we can make use of once we’ve taken the time to rest and reflect on all that’s been going on. This has been an important Moon cycle, kicking off with a Super Moon and coinciding directly with the current Mercury Retrograde — important things are happening, and paying attention and giving ample time to people and projects will further help you absorb the “lessons” being learned at present.

This spread is based on The Numinous’ Last Quarter spread, focused on Letting Go. I drew from Connected and Free: The Alchemist’s Oracle, Creative Whack Pack, and Wrozba Z Kart Tarot. I laid out a crystal grid of selenite, desert rose, and my favourite amethyst cluster for energy clearing and Higher Self connection. I added raw emerald to welcome abundance and connect us with our bodies and intuition from a place of heart-centredness, moonstone for understanding of our personal cycles, more amethyst to dispel any anxiety we’re feeling, ruby zoisite to remind us that we’re all “diamonds in the rough,” and howlite to bring in not only Higher Self connection, but Higher Self protection, in the form of little intuitive nudges in the Right Direction.

Oracle cards: Storytelling + Give Yourself a Whack on the Side of the Head

The Creative Whack Pack is so funny — it can be so blunt! These cards tell me that we’re all still assuming that the road ahead is going to be “easy,” or like we’ve made enough progress and should be seeing result by now. Nope! There’s still a ways to go, with much more effort and fresh thinking required — this is only the beginning of the story, and write now we’ve opened on a clean page, where the tale of 2018 begins. Take some time to really think on how you want next year’s “story” to unfold, and what you can do to make that happen — at this point it need only be a shift in mindset, with appropriate action to follow when we’ve recharged our personal energy and are ready to rev things up once we’re past the New Moon.

Card 1: What to accept: King of Wands

You’re doing it! I feel like I say this every reading, but oh my, you have come so, so far. You’re set in your passion in such a way that you are inspiring others to seek their own, and you are admired for your vigour and determination to lead your own way. Trust in the personal power you have drummed up, and let its warmth at your back continue to push you forward through whatever challenges the rest of the year throws at you (it’s almost over! At this point, you’re in control — but be sure to use your power judiciously, and to be very much aware of keeping any anger that threatens to spill over directed in a way that is supportive of your progress, and of the people you are guiding as well.

Card 2: What to forgive: II – The High Priestess

We had a lot of “Scorpio action” going on recently — Jupiter is still there, and one characteristic of that placement is masses of secrets coming out, light being thrown on what was meant to be kept hidden, but also huge expansion of our personal passions. We are all working on our respective “stories,” sorting through what we want others to see and what we’d rather they not know about ourselves and our situations. Be gentle with yourself, but also with others at this time. If someone comes to you with something to share, no matter how minute it seems to you, be open and hear them out — they chose you to receive this information, so be prepared for the next page should you reject their reaching out. If you recently handled such an outreach “badly,” trust in the ways of the universe to sort things out, and keep focusing on being honest with yourself about how to you can be your Best You in the future.

Card 3: What to learn: 2 of Cups

Where is the love? You have it! If one thing seems to be going right, it’s this. Whether it’s your closest personal relationship or the radical self-care being prescribed all over the place, your heart is warm and open to receive. Things feel like they’re stacking up well emotionally, so hang on to this balance, this loving progress you’ve made, and trust this positive pattern to continue to flow. Thinking and acting from a place of love and care is the pivot point from which everything good is happening — continue to give of yourself, and know that that’s all you need to do to continue drawing in the love you so truly deserve.

Yes, we’re going deeper and deeper within as the Moon’s face gets darker, and what a conducive time for this to happen during Mercury Retrograde, which opens up our intuition and allows us to connect with our Inner Wisdom in a way that just doesn’t happen at other points in the planetary cycles. Listen to your thoughts, listen to your dreams, listen to your surroundings — this is a time when all sorts of messages are coming through, and that’s all you need to do — listen. You’re receiving all sorts of new ideas that you’ll be able to do so much with once you’ve given them time to percolate! Balance has been found at this time, and you can focus on the love and connections you do have now to carry you through to the beginning of that next chapter waiting on the horizon. So much is still unwritten — let that very much excite you!

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Decks used:

Connected and Free: The Alchemist’s Oracle. Lauren Aletta. Illustrated by Tegan Swyny. First Edition. Inner Hue, 2014.

Creative Whack Pack. Roger von Oech. Stamford, CT: U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 1989.

Wrozba Z Kart Tarot. Aleksandra Jasniak. Illustrated by Anna Galuszka. Krakow, Poland, 1998.

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