Why is Everything Breaking?!


Ever have those moments where you just have to throw your hands up and say “what on Earth is happening?” (often with significantly more colourful language) …well that’s been the past couple of days for me!

In addition to dropping just about everything I pick up immediately:

First it was my tasseomancy saucer (that was actually a few weeks ago, but feels significant as the true “beginning” of this particular change of events). It fell and broke in two perfect pieces, and my love flew in to my rescue and immediately glued them back together. This was a lesson in realizing that I have support when I need it!

Next, I had just gotten by newest bag of crystal babies — so exciting!! I chose them all very carefully and was interested to note that most of them are grounding/Root Chakra stones. I’m obsessed with howlite and chose two pieces, one heart-shaped, and the other a persistent little buddy who kept jumping out of the container as I was deciding. Well. I was sitting with them all on my lap and stood up, sending them all to the floor — and my jumper howlite broke! Into three pieces!! As I was reeling from that, my phone dinged, and it was our business mentor letting us know that they had to withdraw from the responsibility. Eerie, no? Howlite can be used to attract a guide or mentor…

And finally, after a weird morning where I forgot a doctor’s appointment and was super-late, thus having to open the store super-late as well (although I found out my kidneys look much better and no more stones for the moment, yay!), I was at work tidying and singing and dancing around when all of a sudden, my special mala caught on a chair and snapped, sending beads here, there, and everywhere!! Whatttttt!!!!!!! In my stunned state, just as what had happened was dawning on me, someone came in to ask if I had jumper cables because their car was dead. I didn’t have them, but was slammed with the lesson being presented: it can *always* be worse! I managed to find all the beads and look forward to reassembling the necklace <3<3

Long story short, if you have been experiencing similar challenges, know that we are all just being prepared for the cosmic shift that’s in the works! We’re approaching the last Mercury Retrograde of the year (hello trickster energy, communication and technological breakdowns), and Saturn is grinding through the last degrees of Sagittarius, preparing to enter Capricorn on December 19, marking the beginning of the first Saturn return for everyone born between February 1988 (hello!) and February 1991 (the second for people born between January 1959 and January 1962). Saturn Returns represent specific points in our lives where our challenges seem so great as to almost be unbearable — they are a massive call from the Universe to take responsibility, to assess what you have and what you’re doing with it, showing you what’s definitely not working so you will work harder to find what really does. Saturn Returns can be a breeze if you have your sh*t together, and a nightmare if you don’t! Don’t worry, none of us really have it together, but as long as Saturn sees us truly trying, we’ll come out better for it at the other side.

I’ve been expecting the types of challenges represented by my special things breaking, knowing that the last months of 2017 will be real doozies! This reminds me of a piece of wisdom my dad shared with me a long time ago that’s always stuck — when something intense is happening, stop and ask “where’s the Buddha?” meaning “where is the lesson here, what might I need to learn from this?” It’s a bit too simplistic for really huge problems, but for little things like your favourite trinket breaking, look for ways to gain perspective on your experience — like realizing at least it’s not your car being broken down; it’s nothing that could actually ruin your day, unless you let it ❤

Have you been experiencing similar things? Cases of the dropsies, things literally smashing to bits? Leave a comment, it’s so nice to know when we’re all feeling like we’re in the same boat!

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