One-Card Monthly Kick-off Reading: August 2017

Happy August! There’s one month left of summer, almost two really — it’s time to start making decisions about what we still want to get out of the rest of the summer, what we still want to seek out and experience! This one-card reading with The Animal Wisdom Tarot is an example of what’s included in the $5 One-Card Monthly Kick-Off Reading tier on my Patreon page. I laid out my Fossil Jasper pyramid, also known as Calligraphy Stone and Miriam Stone (heehee! That’s my name!), for its powerful “creative” energy, and for its strength in helping us recognize useful patterns in order to make the best use of our personal energy. For this reading I also considered the Shadow and Higher Self Cards (the cards at the bottom and top of the deck after shuffling, respectively).

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Shadow Card: Ace of Swords/Feathers (animal energy: Stork)

It’s been hard to maintain perspective on the amount of sunshine-time left of the summer, with the darkness of reality crushing in from all sides — and yet, you’ve done the tough job of deciding on something heavy to leave behind for good, and you’re ready to fly free and find that sunshine again! This dark night has been a gestational process, and soon you’ll be swooping forward, ready to bring forth something precious and new into the world. The dawn is coming, and you’re rising with it, bringing forth a fresh new perspective that you’re ready to share.

Tarot Card: Guardian of Feathers/King of Swords (animal energy: Eagle)

Truly, you’ve risen above the chatter and clatter, and your new wisdom has allowed you to relax and view things from a level, logical standpoint. There’s no doubt that you’re still ready to fly into action at a moment’s notice, talons bared, but you now have a better grip on when to fight and when to stop, stay still, and listen. This is serving you very well, allowing you to remain cool in even the hottest of heats — you are ready to relax and enjoy the view, ready to share and explore some more, ready to keep thinking towards the future. You are in control, and your noble course of action in overcoming recent challenges is earning you fantastic recognition! Keep speaking your ideas, and be open to starting new ventures, knowing you’re capable of thinking them through into reality.

Higher Self Card: Seeker of Shells/Page of Cups (animal energy: Polar Bear)

Now that your mind is settled, you’re ready to start forth on a new emotional journey — an artistic project, a relationship, the pursuit of a dream! You’ve “seen the light” and you’re following it, trusting your heart to guide you — while you’re cool in the heat, you can also stay toasty in frigid atmospheres when you tune in to your heart’s frequency. You know what I’m talking about — what comes to mind when you ask yourself, “what makes my soul sing?” If you’re not sure what that is yet, keep your eyes (and heart!) open, because messages drawn by that very energy are arriving now. You can’t miss it — it will feel like seeing the Northern Lights for the first time, the sensation of real-life magic!

This August, we will be working with “cycles:” understanding our rises and falls, our dark times and the times when we feel bright and ready to face the day. This month promises to hold unforseen wonders, if we get out there to see them! You’re feeling better than you have in a long time, so allow yourself to get out there and enjoy the rest of the summer! August 1 marks Lammas, the first harvest, when summer is in full swing with the most fruits and vegetables and flowers and all manner of wonderful things! You know not to overextend yourself so of course you can be selective, but now is the time to act on urges to try new things and to plan big for how to make the best use of your current position — August will be full of socializing and being presented with new ideas. Have fun with it! Take it slow and bask int he warmth and opportunity surrounding you.

The Animal Wisdom Tarot. Dawne Brunke. Artwork by Ola Liola. Cico Books, 2013.


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