Uranus semi-sextile Chiron: July 29, 2017

This month, Uranus in Aries forms a semi-sextile with Chiron (retrograde) in Pisces on July 29. Uranus is the planet of innovation and fresh thinking, and Chiron is an asteroid that represents the pains that we must learn to live with in life: our unhealable wounds, those which are best soothed with spirituality and self-understanding. Chiron in deep, sensitive Pisces is a great place to do that kind of work, especially with Uranus in motivated, action-oriented Aries! A semi-sextile is formed when planets form a 30′ angle to each other, and is considered a very minor aspect — it’s like the half-way point to being presented with an opportunity! Uranus semi-sextile Chiron represents recognizing where real action can be taken in order to heal the “wounds” that are the last bits holding you back from realizing your full potential in some area of your life. The numerology of this aspect, which occurs at 28’31 in both signs, suggests achieving a work/life balance that allows a new creative project to take off will be the opportunity to come when Uranus and Chiron form a sextile. These are slow-moving bodies, so you have lots of time! 0 – The Fool is the tarot card associated with Uranus, and Chiron doesn’t technically have a tarot card, but The Mythic Tarot has him on The Hierophant. Appropriate considering Uranus in aspect to Chiron is about rethinking how we can make sense of the ideas we have received from others in order to find ways to know and trust that we are safe and protected in our current positions!

0 The FoolV The Hierophant

The following reading is a look at how to make the best use of the energy of Uranus semi-sextile Chiron. This one-card reading is an example of what’s included in the Angular Aspect Effect Readings tier on my Patreon page, which also included a one-card Monthly kick-off reading, a 5-card reading every time the Sun sign changes, and 3-card readings at the New and Full moons. For this reading I drew from The New Mythic Tarot, the Druid Plant Oracle, and Oracle of the Mermaids. I laid out a crystal grid using an abalone shell, an amethyst pendulum, black onyx and ruby zoisite for heart healing and protection, chevron amethyst for connection between your intuition and higher guidance, peachy carnelian and pink opal for nurturing creativity, quantum quattro for emotional healing and manifestation of new things, and agatized coral for understanding your patterns and finding power within.

2017-07-28 20.50.18

Oracle Cards: Imramma + Puffball reversed

This transit of Uranus semi-sextile Chiron will represent the realization that you are no longer “in the dark,” combined with the knowledge needed to take action to get you back into the light. You’re feeling very connected as it is, and this transit will find you seeing real movement on welcoming in the wonders that overcoming your fears has allowed, especially where it comes to other people coming out of the woodwork to help you on your way!

Tarot Card: King of Wands

Indeed, your personal magnetism is incredibly powerful now, and part of the lesson in this transit will be finding a humble balance while maintaining your attractive fire. You’re learning to let your accomplishments make you glow from within, happily sharing them but knowing that they’re hot enough to speak for themselves! You’ve done amazing things and now it’s a matter of finding ways to keep up this level of commitment to your cause. You are steadily expanding, and you are in control of your next direction — continue to be honest with yourself *and* your team, and keep planning carefully. It’s not time to get comfortable yet!

Uranus semi-sextile Chiron will be about healing your perceptions and receptions surrounding success, especially the success that you are currently earning and the trajectory it is taking now. You are putting in exactly what’s needed, so keep your tank full and be excited for the journey ahead! Bask in the admiration you’re receiving in your personal relationships, too 😉 You’ve been doing so well in identifying the parts of yourself that were outworn, and the endeavours that needed to be scrapped — all of that was making room for the influx of the fresh and new roiling up to you now, and which will continue to flow in for the forseeable future!

Decks used:

The Druid Plant Oracle. Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm. Illustrated by Will Worthington. London: Connections Book Publishing, 2007.

The New Mythic Tarot. Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene. Artwork by Giovanni Caselli. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2008.

Oracle of the Mermaids. Lucy Cavendish. Artwork by Selina Fenech. Victoria, Australia: Blue Angel Publishing, 2013.

Tarot Mucha. LWB: Lunaea Weatherstone. Artwork: Giulia F. Massaglia. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2014. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

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