New Moon 0’44 Leo July 23, 2017

Happy New Moon in Leo! This cycle we’ll be focusing on making new starts in terms of work habits and finding productive new ways to shine – and putting them in action! I’m seeing us all as The Fool, dancing forth and excited to get down to work like the person in the 8 of Pentacles! We can all launch forth knowing that our “vision” is protected, and that we’re working towards something that will feel like a full spiritual deliverance once it’s complete. Let your passion run wild, and have fun with it!

0 The Fool8 of Pentacles

For this reading I chose The Cosmic Tarot, the Moon Phases Oracle, and Chakra Wisdom Cards. I laid out a crystal grid using selenite and desert rose for Higher Self connection, opal and moonstone for understanding of the cycles beginning now, singing quartz for clear communication of your spiritual ideals, ruby zoisite for accessing heart-centeredness while unearthing new “gems” of ideas, and tiger’s eye for connecting with the confidently flexible, cat-like energy of Leo. The following reading is an example of what’s included with the $25 New and Full Moon Readings tier on my Patreon page, which also includes a 5-card Sun Sign change reading and a one-card Monthly Kick-Off reading!

2017-07-23 14.53.35

Oracle cards: RestPerfection

I’m loving how direct the oracle cards messages have been lately! Rest-Perfection: let your need for everything to be “perfect” lay to rest this month — what you do is beautiful, and you are so truly adored for simply being you. You don’t need to strive for perfection, your work is perfect just the way you do it!

Tarot Cards – Working with New Moon in Leo Energies

  1. What new start can you make in order to truly shine in your work? 2 of Cups: know that you are truly loved by the people in your life, and that they believe in what you’re doing — trust that and let love’s warmth propel you forward! What you’ve started has the potential to sweep you away like an old-time movie, and all you have to do it allow it!
  2. What intention will provide you the best structure in order to succeed in your goals? IX – The Hermit: knowing you have the support you need, prepare to really take the time you need “away” to develop what you’ve recently started, trusting that it will not threaten your personal relationships. Virgo Season (Aug 22 on) will be busy with people being drawn to the light you’re preparing to share!
  3. How can you have the most fun this lunar cycle? Queen of Wands reversed5 of Pentacles (jumper): by letting go of that “mother” voice in your head that would have you think you don’t ave the resources you need to create your vision – it’s true that you should be careful not to exceed your means, but at this stage in your creative process, know that nothing can stop you!

This New Moon in Leo, run with your dreams! They’re already in action. Intend to be authoritative with what makes you uncomfortable in order to come into more powerful alignment with your core truths. You are not alone, and you can easily receive the help you need to keep going, but you must ask for it! There is so much energy buzzing around that you may be feeling crazy, part of the reason you’re finding it hard to imagine asking for help, but keep your head up! Be mindful of not letting fear get in the way of noticing new opportunities. You’re on your way!

Cosmic Tarot. Norbert Lösche. Neuhausen, Switzerland: AGMueller, 1998.

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. Tori Hartman. Illustrated by Gretchen Raisch-Baskin. London, England: Watkins Media Ltd., 2014.

Moon Phases Oracle. Devin Strickler. Artwork by Lexie Marquez. First edition. Mystic Moons Tarot, 2015.

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