Week Ahead: June 19-25, 2017

4 of Pentacles

Happy Monday! How did the end of last week find you? There was a burst of clarity at the end of the week that allowed us to see things as they really are, which brings us to the Here and Now! The theme card for this week is the 4 of Pentacles reversed, suggesting that we may still be feeling the sting of getting taken down a few pegs earlier last week, but getting back into the realm of feeling like we know how to “hold it all together.” This week, asking for help will continue to be important, as there’s tons of “connecting” energy surrounding! If you feel like you’ve lost your grip, use that empty hand to reach for the comforting hand of another: we’re all in this together, and this week it’s important to remember that the support you need is there for you.

6 of Wands

Monday, June 19: 6 of Wands reversed

Yes, you’re getting there — can you feel it? Conflict-y energy is still lingering, but you’re seeing glimmers of recognition for the battles you fight so valiantly every single day. Keep your head up, even when your interpersonal balance feels laughably precarious: just the fact that you’re trying to keep your frustration in check is such a huge difference from the way you used to approach your problems. You are doing so well, and taking the time to examine your responses is building you up into a better leader than you ever thought you could be. Slowly but surely, you’re coming into your own — recognize your own progress and focus on the fact that you’ve made it through the hardest part of the struggle!

7 of Pentacles

Tuesday, June 20: 7 of Pentacles

Today you’re up and bopping, motivated from yesterday to get back to work on those minor details that you know will keep you from making excuses. When you think, “I can’t do that now — I have to do this first,” well, what a perfect time to do “this” so that you can do “that”! Getting down and dirty with the manageable tasks that keep things rolling will in turn help to solidify the grounding that allows us to build newer, better things for ourselves — but only once what we already have is in manageable order! This day is all about persevering where you know it will pay off later. You’re doing it!

XV The Devil

Wednesday, June 21: XV – The Devil reversed

Today, things really heat up, in such a way that you’re forced to look at the “addictive” patterns that hold you in the fire. An opportunity is presented where it feels like you found an open door when you thought you were locked in: something happens that makes you realize your actual power over this situation, in turn showing you the steps you need to take to get back to a place of calmness, coolness, collectedness. Today may find you feeling “laid bare” more than ever, but in such a way that it’s impossible to ignore what you’ve been trying to cover up in favour of taking the easier route, the one that felt smoother but has also been eating away at your outer layers, trying to get to your heart — the one place where you’re still able to hear the softer voice of your inner guidance, over the loud voice of the ego which will scream even louder once you set out towards those more peaceful pastures. The fact is, you’ve already been headed in this new direction for long enough that there’s really no turning back! You’re free, and it’s up to you to start beating your wings and take flight.


10 of Wands

Thursday, June 22: 10 of Wands

Yesterday’s push leaves you feeling exhausted, but with a distinct sense of completion, and of being closer to reaching your goals than you’ve felt in a while. Now it’s a matter of finding a way to get everything done differently: of rearranging your load so that it’s more manageable, which may have to include some delegation in order to get everything done. Today represents a “hard part” where reality is so clear that it’s hard to look at, but you’re so close that you can’t give up now! Feel good about how very much you’ve accomplished, and also that some fresh energy is ready to be breathed back in, but before you can notice new shiny things, you really do need to deal with the last of what once had you stuck, but has now presented itself as the final springboard ready to launch you into a new way of living that will help you be more in touch than ever with what truly ignites your zest for life.

XXI The World

Friday, June 23: XXI – The World reversed

“The World reversed.” Doesn’t that just sound lovely!! Today finds you still in yesterday’s energy of exhaustion, finding it a bit more of a struggle to keep your eyes on the path ahead, rather than the slope back down into where you came from! Keep in mind what pushed you away from there, the feelings of being judged, of being forced, of straining to stay standing in the face of every kind of pressure come to knock you down: things are coming into balance for you, and today’s type of crash is inevitable as we relax into the realization that things don’t have to be the way they were! Roll with whatever comes at you today, and picture yourself as a little embryo growing in its safe, self-contained egg, growing stronger and stronger until it’s ready to break out for good — when the conditions are just right. You’re getting there!

Knight of Cups

Saturday, June 24: Knight of Cups

You made it through yesterday, and today finds you back on track, feeling once again like your dreams are within your reach! Not only that, you’re moving towards them in a way that you feel good about. Any emotions that come up today are productive, and moving you even closer to what your heart wants! Today is rife with opportunities for others to lift you up as well, so be open to offers of fun and excitement. You’re stepping into new territory, where your emotions and intuition will be a valuable guide: ride with the sensations coming to you now, and allow yourself to be swept away! You can trust what you are feeling, and you can finally relax.

7 of Swords

Sunday, June 25: 7 of Swords reversed

The end of the week finds us comfortable with a truth that was revealed this week: whether you came clean about something you’d been keeping from another, whether someone revealed new information to you, or you just finally admitted something to yourself, this was an important step, and it opened you up to begin the healing process. Even if things still feel tangly, the hard parts are starting to fall away, and you have a better grip than ever on what you need to do to honour the most important truth of all: Your Own. You’re growing, and you are more connected than ever to understanding your own patterns, knowing better what to do the next time they try to repeat themselves!

8 of Pentacles

This week, the advice from our Higher Selves is the 8 of Pentacles: when you can, turn your back on everything else and focus on what you know you’re good at, what you truly love to do. Nothing can take this skill away from you, and using it is of great benefit to you. If you feel like getting away from everything this week, know that you have your work to focus on, and that for now it can be a totally welcome distraction. In this case, it’s one that will keep you in the real world even when you feel like you want to escape! You are a powerhouse and while you are dealing with huge, difficult themes, you are also making perfect progress in starting to chisel out something even better moving forward.

This week provides huge opportunity to “brighten your inner light,” to come to deep, soulful understanding of our own selves and our part in this often very confusing Universe. While you may be tempted to close off, keep in mind that there are people who need you very much, and who always benefit greatly from your unique perspective. Remember that you’re getting closer to achieving your dreams than you have ever been before! While you may feel frustrated at not being able to act as quickly on your new lines of thinking as you may like, at least you know now what’s keeping you from being recognized for all you do. This week it will be revealed where teamwork can help you double your productivity, in term helping you feel more secure. As always, but this week especially, self-care will get you through: when you can, retreat, rest, reflect, and know that you are being rejuvenated in preparation to receive something that has been in the works for ages, and soon will finally be complete.

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Deck used:

Tarot Mucha. LWB: Lunaea Weatherstone. Artwork: Giulia F. Massaglia. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2014. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

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