Week Ahead: June 5-11, 2017

Queen of Swords

This past week felt like a big old test, and I hope you came through it feeling like you “passed!” You did, with flying colours, and now you’re as prepared as can be for the week ahead: there are reoccurring themes, some coming in different ways, others feeling like exactly the same thing over again — either way, last week you heard your inner truth loud and clear, and this week you’re holding on to it, learning to use it as a force for good, and as a shield for yourself and your loved ones. Work with the ways you found to take care of yourself then to keep doing so now! Tend to the new ways of thinking about things that served you well in working through last weeks’s challenges, and look at this week as another fertile learning experience!

XIV Temperance

Monday, June 5: XIV – Temperance

This week you’re feeling more fully settled into that “place of calm” we felt slipping away a bit last week — or you can be, if we maintain the lessons we learned about maintaining balance even in stormier circumstances. You know what needs to be released and have started taking major steps towards making that truly become a trial of the past! You’re feeling cleansed at the start of the week, rejuvenated by a pleasant weekend and ready to face the week ahead. Keep those roiling conflicts in mind, because they’re not done with yet, but you have a better mindset to manage them than you ever have before!

Ace of Wands R

Tuesday, June 6: Ace of Wands reversed

Dig deep for those reserves of “Temperance!” Today you may be a feeling a bit “extinguished,” as the full weight of all the ideas and projects you’ve been dreaming up and starting may start to feel overwhelming, vertigo-style! Don’t let this minor burn-out bring you to a full stop — your idea is a good one, this is just your body sensing the intensity to come and urging you to rest a bit to ride the wave of strange energy to come surrounding the full moon! You may feel a bit like “turtling” away today, so do, knowing you’ll be back on track soon!

9 of Swords

Wednesday, June 7: 9 of Swords reversed

Today, something exposed the root of one of your anxieties, throwing light on it in such a way that instead of it causing the usual response, instead you see a way out of the dilemma. You find yourself ready to make a choice in favour of your own self-care, even if it involves undoing something you put together very carefully in the past! This is another day for pulling up the covers and “checking out” if you need to. If you feel like you don’t know what to do today in spite of the revelation about your situation as a whole, just rest on it and know that you’ve already freed yourself in a small way by taking the time to stop!

3 of Swords

Thursday, June 8: 3 of Swords

Breaking free from old patterns is never easy, and it has to be a conscious choice in order to stick — nothing is as painful as opening up old wounds, but sometimes that’s what’s necessary in order to truly heal! Let the tears flow as they will today, as you come through yesterday’s funk to more storm clouds — whether they’re literal or more of the figurative type, this is a storm that bears a difficult lesson, albeit one that will help you look creatively at your next best direction.

4 of Swords

Friday, June 9: 4 of Swords reversed

Uh oh, Friday finds you still “learning the same lessons” as yesterday — although it may feel more like falling on the same swords! Know that today you have a better grip on things than you did yesterday, and baby steps are the key to finding your way through this particular wilderness. You may wish you could just hide away from it all, but keep pushing through: the direction you choose will find you solace soon enough ❤

3 of Cups

Saturday, June 10: 3 of Cups

Waking up on Saturday, it almost feels like the past several days never happened: the clouds have dissipated, the sun is shining, it’s warm and bright and you’re surrounded by people who make you feel good. You feel emotionally released at last: gone is the self-conscious pall of the past week, replaced with joyful abandon and a sense of celebration and fun. Thank goodness! This new tone is a needed transformation, and should be properly savoured!

King of Wands

Sunday, June 11: King of Wands reversed

After yesterday’s relaxation, today you’re ready to try getting back on track! Don’t be discouraged if you can’t act on any new developments you come up with — keep track of those ideas to tend to when they can be made better use of. You may be stunned at some point today to notice that your anger response is virtually nonexistent in a situation that would have had you explode in the past: this is huge, and something to be not only proud of, but motivated by!

Knight of Swords

The Higher Self card for this week is the Knight of Swords, reminding you that come what may this week, keep your ultimate goals in mind. Nothing can stop you from getting what you want! No matter what challenges try to throw you off course, you are fueled by the thought of achieving your passion, and you’re receiving new inspiration all the time. You may not feel quite as “in control” as you’d like, but that’s just because you’ve been assigned bigger spiritual challenges as a result of the massive spiritual growth spurt you’ve had recently. You’ve got this, and remember to see any perceived setbacks as the next rounds of “tests” — you’ve aced every one so far, no need to fear another!

Maintain as calm a perspective as you can this week: the middle of the week may feel like a bit of a vortex, pulling you in like nasty quicksand! Trust that it will end as soon as it began, and that you have the strength to tend to yourself as needed, just as you’ve always done before. In fact, this week’s tougher lessons are old ones, ones which need to be thought through but which can be thought of as trivial compared to what is real and good about your life as a whole. There’s balance to be found in simply persevering this week. Take care of yourself, and know that you’re working on getting everything exactly the way you want it — you’ll be glowing again in no time!

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Deck used:

Tarot Mucha. LWB: Lunaea Weatherstone. Artwork: Giulia F. Massaglia. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2014. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

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